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Saturday, February 11, 2006

A "Moderate" Muslim Speaks At Gates Of Vienna

Baron and Dymphna of Gates of Vienna have been visited by a "moderate Muslim recently named Eteraz. Dymphna seems to find the guy reasonable, but, of late, I have become suspicious of all the "moderate" Muslims who are all of the sudden popping up on our respective blogs.

Case in point, here's a statement from Eteraz which I think Dymphna's eyes may have slipped over:

I absolutely agree with you that there are destructive Muslims in Europe (and in other parts of the world including America). However, you seem to forget that at one point, there *were* Jews in Europe who were charging exorbitant interest and using their ability to extend interest in predatory activity.

This statement is part of a long ongoing dialogue with Eteraz. Dymphna concludes her post with this summation:

I reserve the right to pick and choose which Muslims make me paranoid. You’re not one of them.

I don't trust this guy at all. I think he has betrayed his true sensibilities with that statement. However, there may be more to this than I know. Hopefully, Dymphna will stop by and clarify for us.
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Feel Safer Now?

This is an older AP story linked at: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,141314,00.html
And it may be old news, but it goes into effect on Monday at six American ports, which are according to many reports already a bit shoddy.

UAE Joins U.S. Cargo Security Program
Monday, December 13, 2004

WASHINGTON — The United Arab Emirates is the first country in the Middle East to participate in a U.S. program intended to safeguard sea cargo from terrorists, U.S. customs officials said Sunday.

For the first time, U.S. customs inspectors will be stationed at the port of Dubai to screen sea cargo headed for America, the officials said.

It's part of a U.S. initiative begun in January 2002 amid heightened concerns about sea cargo security (search) after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 (search).

The program seeks to prevent cargo from being used by terrorists to smuggle themselves or weapons into the United States.

"The UAE has acknowledged the absolute importance of securing cargo against terrorists," said Robert Bonner, commissioner of U.S. Customs and Border Protection (search).

Adding the Dubai port to the program is seen as important because of the port's strategic position in Middle Eastern shipping and transport.

More than half of the Sept. 11 hijackers flew directly from Dubai to the United States in the final stages for the attack, according to a report on the attacks. Also, some of the money used by the terrorists was wired from Dubai banks.

(Story continues below)
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Check it out here.

Cross posted at Fu2rman and Friends
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Freedom of Food

It looks like Denmark may hopefully have another score point in freedom of speech - for food. Neander News (via Michelle Malkin) translates an article from Jyllands-Posten that discusses how schools in Copenhagen are trying to restore pork meat for students to dine on during lunch hours:
Students in the Copenhagen council schools shall no longer be denied the choice of pork when they buy their daily hot lunch in the school’s canteen.

Out of consideration to pupils with a moslem background there is presently only halal-butchered meat - and no pork at all - in the daily hot meals which are offered at a price of 15 kroner (appr. 2,35 US $) in the canteens of the 49 schools run by the council of Copenhagen.

A political majority in the council’s committee for children and youngsters now demand that porkchops and meatballs be introduced on the menu.

“We need to see more freedom of choice in the canteens. It’s fine with me that the ethnic minorities can have halal-meat but those who want pork should find it available. When it comes to food there are many minorities and they should all be accomodated”, says Jan Andreasen, spokesman on educational issues for the [ruling] Social Democrats.

He suggests that some days of the week there will be dishes of pork, vegetarian meals or fish. He makes it clear that he is not opposed to halal butchering which means that the throat of the animal is slit while it is still alive but unconscious.

Liberal and conservative politicians are in favor of pork and other non-halal dishes being on offer in the canteens every day.

“We suggest two or three different meals to choose among in order that both christians, jews and moslems are accomodated,” says Pia Allerslev, council member from Venstre, the liberal party of Denmark.

Conservative council leader Majbritt Mamsen would rather that no halal-meat at all was served. “It just is not right that my own and other children should eat food which has been processed in accordance with the rituals of a foreign religion. As a minimum we ought to be able to offer pork or other sorts of non-halal meat to the children of non-moslem background”, Majbritt Mamsen says.
Well as it so happens, if the children of non-Muslim backgrounds want to eat pork meat, that's their business, and Muslims needn't pay any attention. That's exactly what Muslims would be advised to start learning, that being to just ignore what bothers them.

See also this topic from Judith Apter Klinghoffer at History News Network for more.

Crossposted to Tel-Chai Nation.
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Infidel Babe Of The Week ...

Beyonce Knowles.

I don't think it would be possible to wrap this babes ass in a burqa. The damned thing would catch on fire.

As Von Schlichtningen says, Beyonce is

"horribly, horribly infidel. It would go against all human rights to show her to a Muslim.Please do not be that cruel!"

Ok, I will.

So, in, uhm, researching our new Infidel Babe of the Week, I found that what Von Schlicht says is absolutely true. She is horribly, horribly infidel.

In fact, she is so Infidel that, as you can see, she wears two crosses, yes, count them, two crosses, just to spite the Jihadis.

Now, that's what I call an Infidel Babe.
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An Index Of Cartoons About Islam

Here's an interesting index of cartoons about Islam, including the one you see here.
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Has Ahmadinejad Given Us The Smoking Gun We Need?

In talking to friends about Ahmadinejad, I am always careful to explain that he has never come right out and said that he will destroy Israel. He has said, Israel should be wiped off the map, and that it needs to be removed.

This is the first time Ahmadinejad has said that it will be removed. Has he now given us the smoking gun we need to destroy his regime, by any means necessary?

What do we need to have happen before we understand that we are confronted with a modern-day Hitler, and that we are in the position Europe was in in the late-30's, when Hitler could have been stopped?

If we don't act very soon, we will once again have the blood of tens of millions, if not hundreds of millions of people on our hands.

Go read the whole thing at CUANAS.
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On The Martyrdom Of A Priest

Cross-posted at Mystery Achievement.

The first three items in John L. Allen, Jr.'s latest Word From Rome deal with the murder of Fr. Andrea Santoro in the Turkish town of Trabzon this past week. The excerpts that follow both belie the notion peddled in many MSM outlets that the murder had anything to do with the Cartoon Intifada, and underline the reason why the Counter-Intifada must continue.
Among other things, what Santoro's death illustrates is just how thin the veneer of civility sometimes can be in the border zones of the world where Christians and Muslims rub shoulders. In that sense, the lessons of the killing may have little to do with the cartoon controversy, but a great deal to say about the future of Christianity in majority Muslim nations.

On the afternoon of Sunday, Feb. 5, a 16-year-old Turk entered St. Mary's Church in Trabzon and fired two bullets into Santoro's lungs and heart, shouting Allah akbar, meaning "Allah is great." He later said he had been agitated by the controversy surrounding the Danish cartoons.
I had the chance on Wednesday to speak with Bishop Luigi Padovese, a 58-year-old Capuchin from Milan who serves as the apostolic vicar in Anatolia, and who was Santoro's superior. Padovese was in Rome accompanying Santoro's body, and was set to return to Turkey after the funeral Mass Friday morning.
I asked Padovese what he believes the real motive was for Santoro's murder. He said he doesn't know what demons drove this young man, but said dismissing it as an isolated act is a mistake. Rising Islamic fundamentalism and anti-Christian prejudice, Padovese said, shaped the context in which the teen acted.

"It's the anti-Christian climate that has been produced in Turkey," Padovese said. "There's a strong current of religious extremism, and that climate can fuel this sort of hatred. It's passed along in families, in schools, in the newspapers."

Padovese said that every week the Turkish bishops' conference prepares a bulletin citing "denigrating comments" or "banalities" about Christianity that have appeared in the Turkish press.

"There's a false image of our presence that usually goes unchallenged," he said.

As one example of what Padovese has in mind, the Catholic news agency "Asia News" recently carried an essay by a Western academic who had been doing research in a small Black Sea Coast town last summer, near Trabzon. During that time he saw a local newspaper article titled, "A priest sighted." It reported that local children had seen a priest in the vicinity of the town, but chased him off, to the great applause of the locals.

The article quoted a local politician: "The priests who arrive in our area want to re-establish the Christian Greek-Orthodox state that was here before. There are spies among these priests, working for the West. They are trying to destroy our peace."
Padovese linked Santoro's death to the broader struggles of the small Christian population in Turkey, a country often lauded as a model of moderate, Western-style Islam, and currently a candidate for membership in the European Union.

"There were several million Christians in Turkey at the fall of the Ottoman Empire," he said. "How is it possible that in the arc of just 70 or 80 years we've become merely 60,000 or 70,000? The truth is that hundreds of thousands of Christians converted to Islam, taking Islamic names and hiding their identity, out of fear of persecution," he said.

"The Christian presence is still there, I know it's there," Padovese said. "Many of these people know that they are Christians, or come from Christian families, but cannot say so."

The same pressures, in different forms, affect Christians across the Middle East, which has helped produce a steady exodus among the estimated 20 million Christians in the region. Today there are more Palestinian Christians in Australia, for example, than in Palestine. The rapid decline of the Christian population has long been a source of concern in the Vatican.

Faced with these realities, some observers believe the pope has to do more to challenge anti-Christian prejudice.

In an interview in the Rome daily La Repubblica, for example, Italian Reforms Minister Roberto Calderoli called on the Pope to defend Christian rights.

"He has to do it and he has to do it quickly," said Calderoli, a member of the populist Northern League. "He must dialogue with the Muslim world to guarantee the reciprocity of rights and duties."
Father Santoro wasn't killed because of the cartoons published in a Danish newspaper that have for mysterious reasons taken five months to "spark outrage" among Muslims. He was killed because he was a Christian. And while he is, as Allen notes, the first Roman priest to be martyred in the 21st century, he is but the latest victim of a campaign by a putatively secularist Turkey to cleanse itself of the Christians who were once in its midst in far greater numbers.
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The Arrogance and the Sharia

In the wake of the muslim world's outrage over a few cartoons, I wonder how any group can throw such large stones from such an obviously glass house. The captors of current hostage Jill Carroll have now set her deadline for "death according to sharia" for February 26th. Drudge is posting a story about Iran's Ahmadinejad's latest blustering and threats to have Israel "wiped from the map" along with his usual arrogant comments comparing the muslim world to The West.

Why does the Western world stay so remarkably silent when it comes to sharia, islamic law, when by our own measures as well as the International Declaration of Human Rights, which sharia is quite in opposition to? Where is our outrage when teenage girls are stoned and hanged to death for infractions that we would consider absurd, as in the most recent cases in Iran? Why are these violations and threats regarding human rights worldwide passively ignored by the majority while the muslim world blusters on?

These issues should be on everyone's agenda, not just interest groups who get little coverage or bigger names such as Michael Savage who follows his radio accounts of them with bizarre rants about his restaurant experiences. Sharia, as well as other muslim doctrines such as al-taqiyya need to get as much publicity as possible, especially with so many Westerners willing to apply a double standard to islam.
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Sensitivity or Fear?

(All emphases by Always On Watch)

From Michael Kinsley's commentary, "The Ayotollah Joke Book," in the February 10, 2006 edition of the Washington Post:
"...A lively debate is going on about whether Islam really does forbid any portrayal of the prophet, however benign, or whether that is a recent innovation of some subset of the faithful with possible ulterior motives. This debate misses the point. Some Christians believe they are required to wear particular sorts of clothing. Some Jews and Muslims don't eat pork. They don't claim that their religion requires other people to wear special clothing or avoid eating pork....

"But the limits of free expression cannot be set by the sensitivities of people who don't believe in [a particular teaching]...."

From Charles Krauthammer's commentary, "Curse of the Moderates," in the February 2006 edition of the Washington Post:
"...A true Muslim moderate is one who protests desecrations of all faiths. Those who don't are not moderates but hypocrites, opportunists and agents for the rioters, merely using different means to advance the same goal: to impose upon the West, with its traditions of freedom of speech, a set of taboos that is exclusive to the Islamic faith. These are not defenders of religion but Muslim supremacists trying to force their dictates upon the liberal West....

"What is at issue is fear. The unspoken reason many newspapers do not want to republish is not sensitivity but simple fear. They know what happened to Theo van Gogh, who made a film about the Islamic treatment of women and got a knife through the chest with an Islamist manifesto attached.

"The worldwide riots and burnings are instruments of intimidation, reminders of van Gogh's fate. The Islamic 'moderates' are the mob's agents and interpreters, warning us not to do this again. And the Western 'moderates' are their terrified collaborators who say: Don't worry, we won't...."

From Andrew Sullivan's essay, "Your Taboo, Not Mine," in the February 13, 2006 edition of Time Magazine:

"...Muslim leaders say the cartoons are not just offensive. They're blasphemy--the mother of all offenses. That's because Islam forbids any visual depiction of the Prophet, even benign ones. Should non-Muslims respect this taboo? I see no reason why. You can respect a religion without honoring its taboos. I eat pork, and I'm not an anti-Semite. As a Catholic, I don't expect atheists to genuflect before an altar. If violating a taboo is necessary to illustrate a political point, then the call is an easy one. Freedom means learning to deal with being offended....

"Yes, there's no reason to offend people of any faith arbitrarily. We owe all faiths respect. But the Danish cartoons were not arbitrarily offensive. They were designed to reveal Islamic intolerance--and they have now done so, in abundance. The West's principles are clear enough. Tolerance? Yes. Faith? Absolutely. Freedom of speech? Nonnegotiable."

Catering to "Muslim sensitivities" over a bunch of satiric cartoons published in a free press, particularly if that catering stems from fear of reprisals, amounts to turning the clock back to the Middle Ages, when the establishment of religion as the rule of law was the norm. Furthermore, such catering comes too close for comfort to supporting the validity of anti-blasphemy laws. And sometimes blasphemy is in the eye of the beholder, which is to say, subjective. And subjectivity can be dangerous.
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Infidel Babe Of The Week

Norah Jones

Oh Norah, come away with me.
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Mecca Imam: Punish the Pundits, Launch the PR Taqiyya!

Imam of the Grand Mosque in Makkah Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais wants punishment, stiff punishment for anyone mocking the Prophet Mo. That includes all the infidels in Dar al Harb. Well sign me up.

Punish Mockers of the Prophet: Makkah Imam
P.K. Abdul Ghafour, Arab News

JEDDAH, 11 February 2006 — An influential imam of the Grand Mosque in Makkah yesterday called for the imposition of stiff punishment on those daring to mock the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Delivering his Friday sermon, Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais also emphasized the need to activate international resolutions that condemn and punish such crimes as defamation of religions and prophets.

“All Islamic countries have condemned this act of crime,” Al-Sudais told the faithful who packed the large mosque complex, referring to the blasphemous cartoons published by Western newspapers.

“We make a call from the podium of the Grand Mosque and the birthplace of Islam, on behalf of Muslims all over the world, that tough punishment should be imposed on those who make a mockery of the Prophet,” the imam said.


Oh, and get this, he wants a major PR campaign. Bring on the taqiyya!!


Sudais told Islamic scholars and intellectuals to do more to spread the message of the Prophet and his noble qualities and ideals. “We must seize this opportunity to spread the correct perspective of his noble life through publications and programs in various languages,” he added.

The imam called on wealthy Muslims to use their money to confront the smear campaigns against Islam.
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POV from Denmark

I really think things are getting bad here in Denmark now. First, the PM personally dissociate from the cartoons and said that he never would print those cartoons. There was no need for that. Now the responsible for the cartoons, Culture Editor Flemming Rose, has been forced on vaccation by Editor-in-Chief, Carsten Juste. That's something you saw in the USSR. I can't imagine that the fear is taking over now. Horrible. The case with the Danish Imams are going real slow too. Their image is destroyed completely, for a very long time, but still it politicans seams to hesistate to do something about them.

Sidenote: I've recently been hit by the cyberterror, that is happening against Denmark these weeks. One of my .dk sites was cracked and used to redirect to an ugly, pathetic, turkish site that condemns Denmark. Wasn't a big deal through, easy to recover and update as it was a very simple crack used. But my site had nothing to do with politics. This is just plain terror and discrimination.

Here's my opinion at certain countries outside Denmark:

USA: Seams to be doing the right thing, just to shut up, instead of risking to much trouble. I was very pleased with the few journalists that dared to quit their job in name of freedom of speech.

France: Chirac is...Chirac. But I've been very pleased about some of the French newspapers. They even bringed some great caricatures on their own.

UK: Same as USA, they have a lot to risk if they are too offensive. But their Foreign Minister has been acted very stupid.

Norway: Wimps. They gave up their freedom of speech right away.

Sweden: Same as Norway. Shut down a blog containing the original cartoons. But they also have very big problems with muslims extremists, though they won't admit it.

I've to admit that my focus mainly has been on Denmark and the Middle-East, through. Things are not going as they should here in Denmark. Terror and threats seams to work well. I guess it's first when terror hits in Denmark things really begins to happen.
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Infidels Burn Holy Koran, Rape Virgins, Insult Prophet - Giant Ten Foot Tall Spiders Eat Live Human Beings

A very special report (in the most very special manner of being very special) from Dag Nodhimmi and The Giant Spiders From Mars:

The Jews held a bonfire last evening in Vancouver, Canada, during which they had Christians throw the Holy Qur'an into the flames. Naked infidel women first rubbed the Holy Qur'an between their legs.

Men drank alcohol and cursed the Prophet (pbuh.)

The Jews did it. The Christians did it. This was shown on all the television stations in Canada.

There is a rumor making the rounds that unclean infidel men raped Muslim virgin women. The infidels raped Fatima and Aisha. Everyone saw this on television.

One glorious shahadi went to jannah when the Jews sent giant spiders to kill him as he tried to protect the honor of his sister.

This was all on television.

Yes, this was all on television.

All the infidels saw this. They hate the prophet. They curse Allah.

It was all on television.

The Jews had giant spiders that killed Muslim children. The giant spiders ate Muslim babies.

I saw all this on television. Giant spiders, ten meters high. I saw it on television.

I heard a rumor that the Jews invented television, because they thought that women's hair wasn't already sending off enough death rays.
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Friday, February 10, 2006

Sometimes You Just Gotta Love Your Enemy

The Cartoon Jihad is painful for me to watch, personally, because I am having my belief in the basic humanity of all peoples severely tested. It is a trial by fire. The only things that will keep me in line are remembering that these people are God's children, and prayer.

But, the good thing about the Cartoon Jihad is our enemies are crawling out of the woodwork and telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth:

CAIRO, Egypt - Thousands of worshippers emerging from Friday prayers demonstrated against drawings of the Prophet Muhammad in the Mideast, Asia and Africa, clashing with police in some cities despite religious leaders' attempts to keep marches peaceful.

In Kenya, police shot and wounded one person among about 200 demonstrators trying to march to the residence of Denmark's ambassador.

About 60 protesters in the Iranian capital, Tehran, threw firebombs at the French Embassy, shattering nearly every window on its street facade, even after a cleric at a prominent Iranian mosque urged people not to attack diplomatic missions. "Down! Down with France! Down! Down with Israel," the crowd chanted.

One firebomb exploded in the embassy and started a small blaze that was quickly extinguished. Asia saw its biggest demonstrations yet, and most there — like across much of the world — were peaceful.

Eleven people have been killed in the protests, all of them during three days of riots this week in Afghanistan. A 12th person died Friday in Nairobi, the Kenyan capital, when he was hit by an ambulance rushing away the wounded protester.

Protests appeared to ease in the Mideast in recent days, with no major rallies Thursday, though the caricatures were brought up in Iran, Lebanon and Iraq as Shiite Muslims marked their holy day of Ashoura. But Friday prayers — a frequent launching ground for political demonstrations — brought a new wave of protests in Egypt, Jordan, the Palestinian territories and Morocco.

In Jordan, organizers and clerics were able to keep order. Around 2,000 followers of the Muslim Brotherhood marched peacefully through the capital Amman, after cleric Abdul-Rahman Ibdah told them in his sermon not to "imitate the rioters in other countries (who) harmed Islam."

Egypt saw its most widespread protests yet, with thousands protesting in 21 of its 26 provinces, including in Cairo and the second-largest city, Alexandria. Many were organized by the opposition Muslim Brotherhood, which has called for marches to continue — but peacefully.

The group's deputy head, Khairat el-Shater, appealed to Muslims beforehand "not to let their furor drag them into attacking properties ... or to turn into a clash between civilizations." But violence erupted when police tried to stop demonstrations.

In the northern Delta city of Mahalla el-Kubra, where some 15,000 people marched, security forces fired tear gas and water cannon when demonstrators refused to disperse. Protesters pelted them with rocks and attacked shops and cars. At least 20 people were arrested.

About 1,000 people protested outside Cairo's Al-Azhar Mosque, some chanting, "Osama bin Laden, explode Copenhagen," and burning a Danish flag. Some threw shoes at police trying to bar their way, and security forces beat protesters with sticks.

Protests by Palestinians were smaller than in recent days, but vehement. Gunmen fired in the air as thousands marched in Gaza, while about 2,000 women, young boys and older men marched around the Dome of the Rock shrine in Jerusalem, chanting "Bin Laden, strike again" and burning a Danish flag.

In Pakistan, rallies erupted around the country after prayers with some protesters burning foreign-made cheese and breaking windows while others clashed with police. About 2,000 protesters briefly clashed with police in the northwestern Pakistani city of Peshawar. The crowd attacked shops before they were charged by police.

Thousands also demonstrated in Malaysia, Bangladesh, India and Sri Lanka, while smaller rallies were held in Indonesia and the Philippines.

Like I always say, you gotta love your enemies, when they tell you the truth.

Honestly, can anyone see a way out of this without just endlessly ratcheting up the heat? The protests benefit the Western world because they give us a lesson in the reality of Islamofascism. But, they don't benefit us if they simply make radicalism look more and more enticing to the people of the Islamic world.

So, how much is too much? How will we know if our people have learned their lesson yet?
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It Would Have Been Better To Have Never Published At All: British Magazine Retreats In Abject Fear

British political magazine, The Liberal, published and then, quickly un-published one of the Mohammed cartoons:

Politics magazine the Liberal has followed the Spectator in publishing then hastily withdrawing from its website one of the controversial Danish cartoons featuring the prophet Muhammad.

The independent title, which played a prominent role in the campaign to oust former Liberal Democrat leader Charles Kennedy by organising a petition, yesterday published a cartoon on its website alongside an editorial calling for free speech.

Senior police officers at Scotland Yard warned the magazine its staff could not be guaranteed protection from possible protests, after which the cartoon was pulled from the Liberal’s website and replaced by a large white square with the word “censored” placed over it.

Following the withdrawal of the cartoon, Ben Ramm, the magazine’s editor, announced on the website: “Despite our wishes and convictions, for reasons of safety the magazine will no longer carry the cartoon itself.”

In an earlier online editorial accompanying the publication of the cartoon, Mr Ramm had taken a strong line in support of free speech. “[The Liberal] will not be coerced into self-censorship by the threat of violence from those who use a platform of free speech to call for the destruction of the very system that enfranchises them,” he wrote.

George Orwell said, "People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf."

I guess maybe The Liberals of our world might start understanding why we need a big fucking military, with a bunch of burly, unsensitive testosterone machines schlepping all over the world threatening to kill people.

To stand up and say you are ready to defend free speech, and then to sit right back down when you are told to shut your mouth is quite an example there, Mr. Ramm. Thanks for the help.

UPDATE: Von Schlict writes,

I applaud Mr. Ramm. At least he tried.

Were I told by the police that the safety of my co-workers and the safety of my family could not be assured - I would think twise as well.

Living in hiding as Mr. Rushdie is not easy.

I think Von Schlict has a point here. Maybe I have gone too far in my criticism. What does everybody think? Should I amend the post?
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Londonistan. The Mos Eisley Of Muslim Fanatics

If you thought that the absence of rabid cleric Mullah Omar Bakri Muhhammed has downed the deluge of vitriolic utterances against all things western in England, well then think again.

Anjem Choudray who has been described as a henchman of the 45 year old Syrian born Mullah Bakri has sparked off a new controversy by declaring that England belongs to Allah and he would spread Allahs teachings all over the world.

Who said that you own Britain anyway? You belong to Allah. Britain belongs to Allah, the whole world belongs to Allah. There isnt anywhere on the earth that I wont propagate Gods law, The Sun quoted Choudray as saying on BBC2s Newsnight.

Forty-two-year old Choudray, who is also a lawyer, further said that the placards displayed at a demo in London against the controversial caricatures of the Prophet Mohammed were approved by cops.

They had all been checked by police before the demonstration, he said, even as the Met Police denied of any knowledge of placards being checked in advance of the demonstration.

Bakri left UK on his own accord and the British government banned him from returning back as his presence was deemed not conducive to the public good.

Bakri had reportedly urged the faithful to wage Jihad against England and turn it into an Islamic state. He had asked the faithful to sacrifice their lives and in a statement on an Islamic website, urged them to destroy big buildings. He had also glorified the killing of non-Muslims.

Choudray worked with Bakri before the latter left England.

Want to declare a coup? Just hide behind the death cult of Islam.
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posted by J at permanent link# 2 Comments

This is HUGE!!! Cartoons Published in Egyption Newspaper in October 2005 - NO OUTRAGE!

Please follow the link to this story here.

"The two Egyptian editors, Ahmed Abel Maksound and Youssera Zaharan, from Al Fager newspaper. And from their names I could tell you that they are Muslims and there is no news on arresting them as the case in Jordan few days ago."
Kudos to Freedom for Egyptions for an excellent piece in pursuing this story!!

You are the best Freedom for Egyptions!!

Cross posted at Fu2rman and Friends.
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posted by JMJ at permanent link# 4 Comments

Swedish Government Is Shutting Down Blogs That Post Mohammed Cartoons

It's the Dawn of Dhimmitude and the Twilight of Free Speech. Are we going to allow everything to go dark?:

According to Dagens Nyheter, the Swedish security services (Säpo), in collusion with Foreign Minister Leila Freivalds, have forced the website SD-Kuriren offline for publishing the Jyllands-Posten cartoons (SD-Kuriren is the house organ of the hard-right Swedish Democrats).

“We think that this was the best decision after we were contacted by the Foreign Ministry and Säpo,” Anna Larsson, vice president of hosting compant Levonline, told DN. Freivalds told DN that “it is terrible that a small group of extremists are exposing Swedes to danger [by reprinting the cartoons].”

Yes, people who publish cartoons are "extremists." I don't even have words for this today.

Michelle Malkin has a roundup of other Dhimmified countries who are doing similar things.
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Reaction of D.C. Area Muslims

From the February 5, 2006 Washington Post:
Area Muslims React With Tempered Anger
Some Say Depiction Overstepped Liberties

"...I've been getting a lot of e-mails about it, and I'm distributing them all,' said Omary, a Damascus native who sells real estate in Northern Virginia. 'There is a limit to freedom. There are 1.2 billion Muslims in the world. Let's have some respect.'

"A few miles away at the All Dulles Area Muslim Society mosque in Sterling, Zaki Al Barzinji, 16, was equally upset.

"'Just because you can say something doesn't mean you should say something,' the teenager said. 'If somebody showed a picture of the pope with a bomb on his head, that would cause a great public outcry. Nobody would be talking about freedom of speech.'"
A picture of the Pope with a bomb on his head would not result in the burning of embassies, placards proclaiming "Behead those who insult Christianity," and babies promoting fundamentalist religious law. You can bet on it.
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Danes Seem to Finally be Aware of al-Taqiyya

Thankfully, the light continues to be shed on certain practices:

Anders Fogh Rasmussen, the Danish Prime Minister, has already angrily accused the imams of “double speak” in telling Arab media not to buy Danish goods, while insisting in the Danish media that they do not support the boycott.

Mr Rasmussen said: “Some people are speaking with two tongues. The Government watches the news circulated in Arabic countries very carefully so we can catch these false stories and correct them immediately.”

The centre-right Government said yesterday that it would exclude the imams from talks on integrating ethnic minorities. Rikke Hvilshoj, the Integration Minister, said: “I think we have a clear picture today that it’s not the imams we should be placing our trust in if we want integration in Denmark to work.”

For whole article,


Episode (I've Lost Count) : A New Hope? Perhaps.
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Syrian Paper Blames Israel for Bird Flu, Death of Arafat

Well, I wrote this post before I saw that Thomas the Wraith had posted the story, so I'll just post my analysis instead as well, if you all don't mind!! I am, of course, a virology nerd! Sorry T the W, wasn't trying to re-scoop you!


This absurd report could perhaps shed some light on just how widespread the H5N1 variant strain of avain influenza is in the more state-controlled and less cooperative Middle Eastern countries, as scientists are almost certain of the spread in at least domestic fowl in most of the Middle East.

In other bird flu news, a new human cluster has appeared in the south if Iraq with one human fatality so far, adding to the previous cluster of human cases in the northern Kurdish area of the country, indicating that domestic fowl throughout Iraq have been infected. Given the spread to surrounding countries, it is almost certain that Iran's birds have also been infected, though cooperation with such health agencies as the WHO and the OIE are unlikely to come from the current regime.

The virus has also appeared now in both birds and humans in Nigeria, suggesting infection along the flyway from the Middle East across Africa to this West African nation, so only time will tell what we will see across that continent as this story develops. Nigeria lies along two migratory bird flyways which lead to Western Europe and North America.

Major Hat Tip to the ever-valiant geneticist Dr. Henry Niman, who helps all of us to understand the mutations, news, and implications of these events as well as keeping the data straight for those of us less organized virology freaks!
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Islamophobia is Wrong

And the cartoons depicting Mohammed with a bomb on his head in no way reflect the state of Islam today. At all.

Taleban say 100 enlist for suicide attacks over cartoons

I'm sure the Independent, or The Guardian, or perhaps The New York Times would be tripping over themselves to explain how this is a just and fully justified reaction against Islamophobia of the West...

Fucking hell. How backwards are the Taleban? I think 7th century is way too futuristic to these fools.
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France Secretly Improves Its Nuclear Arsenal

From The Guardian:

France has secretly modified its nuclear arsenal to increase the strike range and accuracy of its weapons. The move comes weeks after President Jacques Chirac warned that states which threatened the country could face the "ultimate warning" of a nuclear retaliation.

A military source quoted yesterday by the Libération newspaper claimed France had tinkered with its nuclear weapons to improve their strike capability and make this threat more credible.

The source said there had been two major changes: the bombs can now be fired at high altitude to create an "electromagnetic impulsion" to destroy the enemy's computer and communications systems; and the number of nuclear warheads has been reduced to increase the missiles' range and precision.

During his surprise speech, which was made in January, President Chirac said: "The number of nuclear warheads has been reduced in certain of the missiles in our submarines".

Military experts said this was not a step towards disarmament, but a move to improve the performance of the weapons. Until now each submarine carried 16 French-made M45 missiles, each fitted with six nuclear warheads. After being fired, each warhead would separate to hit a different target, in effect giving each submarine 96 nuclear bombs.

In reducing the number of warheads, down to one per missile in some cases, the weapon is lighter and has a longer range. It can also be targeted more accurately.

Libération speculates that while potential targets are "secret", it is clear they include the Middle East or Asia, and that its military contacts suggest the changes are aimed at adding "flexibility" to France's nuclear deterrent.

"These evolutions are aimed at better taking into account the psychology of the enemy," defence minister Michèle Alliot-Marie said after President Chirac's warning in January.

In a speech to MPs, she added: "A potential enemy may think that France, given its principles, might hesitate to use the entire force of its nuclear arsenal against civilian populations.

"Our country has modified its capacity for action and from now on has the possibility to target the control centres of an eventual enemy."

French government sources said the president's speech, given at a nuclear submarine base in Brittany, was not targeted specifically at Iran - despite Tehran's decision to continue its nuclear programme - or at individual terrorist organisations, but at countries that posed a direct threat to France itself.

The paper says according to its information "ultimate warning" could take two new forms.

The most demonstrative would be to fire a relatively weak warhead into a deserted zone far from centres of power and habitation. The more radical option would be to explode a bomb at an extremely high altitude with the aim of creating a brief but enormously strong electromagnetic field which would disable or destroy all non-protected electronic systems in the area.

There sure has been a lot of talk of using nuclear weapons lately. Now, what would that be in response to?
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Syria: Israel behind bird flu

Syria: Israel behind bird flu
The state-run Syrian daily al-Thawra lately hinted that Israel developed the bird flu virus to harm the genes of its Arab neighbors.
An article published by the newspaper argues that Israel spread the virus in the Far East to mislead the world.
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The Hysterics of Both Islam and Liberalism

A funny feeling that I have been told to submit to another "religion" forced me to write this one. Read it all on
  • What Would Charles Martel Do?
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    KFI - More Hypocritical Talk Radio

    About a week back, I did a post honoring KFI AM Los Angeles radio talk-show host Bill Handle with the IBA Golden Balls Award.

    What a mistake. The guy caved, as we detailed here yesterday. Still, though, friggin' KFI are billing themselves as champions of Free Speech in an ongoing series of spots.

    Have they no shame?

    As Howard Stern's father always said, "Shut up! Sit down!"

    Here in an article from Ontario Empoblog we get the scoop on KFI's astounding hypocrisy:

    If you were listening to KFI yesterday afternoon, you heard their promos. In essence, there promos can be paraphrased as follows:

    KFI defends the First Amendment.
    The First Amendment includes listening to unpopular views.

    Meanwhile, KFI on-air talent loves to point out how many other journalistic outlets DO back down. John Kobylt and John Ziegler in particular engage in this game. Here are some of the points that they've made recently regarding the Danish cartoon issue:

    Forget about looking to the Los Angeles Times for true coverage about the Danish cartoon affair. In fact, forget about looking to most U.S. newspapers for true coverage about the Danish cartoon affair. Even though the Danish cartoons are a legitimate news item, most papers here refuse to print them. Other than the blogosphere, talk radio in general and KFI in particular are the only source of legitimate information about the Danish cartoon issue.

    Oh really? Perhaps the afternoon and evening staff of KFI should cover this story (emphasis mine):

    Which mainstream media outlet reprimanded one of its on-air personalities for engaging in First Amendment expression?

    Which mainstream media organization issued the following statement from its regional vice president? "We would like to offer a sincere apology...for recent comments airing on our station....

    [The station] does not condone making light of the deaths of people engaged in religious observances....On this particular program, we crossed the line in reporting the...incident in an insensitive manner. We have discussed the content and timing of this 'bit' extensively with [the on-air personality] and his crew and are confident that everyone now understands the gravity of the situation."

    Well, if you've been paying attention to this blog [1] [2] and other sources, you know that it's Clear Channel's KFI itself - the self-proclaimed champion of the First Amendment - that is reprimanding its staff for being "insensitive."

    Go read the whole thing.

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    Thursday, February 09, 2006

    The Cartoon Jihad: A Tipping Point For Islam's Reputation?

    A must-read from Jim Geraghty, from NRO:

    A significant chunk of the American public, including a number of prominent thinkers on the right, have concluded that the problem with Islam… is Islam.

    Fred Barnes:

    It tells us a lot it tells us our enemy is not just al-Qaeda. That there's Muslims all over the world are certainly enemies of western civilization. Look at what the showing of these cartoons which I originally thought was a mistake. They shouldn't have run them. Now I think we've learned a lot from this. We see Muslims contempt for democracy, for freedom of speech, for freedom of the press and particularly for freedom of religion…

    ...from the size of these demonstrations, these are not jihadists, these are not people that are trying to get into Iraq so they can blow up a Shiite mosque or something or kill American soldiers, I think this is mainstream Islam in Britain and Denmark and all over Europe and then we see these — some of them are supposedly friendly Arab governments like Egypt and other places promoting this. This is not a fringe protest against Western civilization.

    Michael Medved:

    The whole idea that you have some right, that it is somehow appropriate to, and will actually cause glory for your religion for you to be attacking Embassies and killing people and burning flags and rioting over some cartoons that you will never see, except they were put in your world by provocateurs, cartoons from Northern Europe. That is a unique perspective with Islam, and shows that it has really become for many, many Muslims, unfortunately, a death cult, not a religion of life

    I think there is a huge percentage of the Muslim population, probably bigger than 50%, that is susceptible to radicalization. I saw a headline today in the Seattle Times that was hilarious in its own dark way. Its headline said officials fear upsurge in Iraq violence on eve of Shiite feast. And the whole idea that there's only one religion in the world where people assume that people coming out of services on Friday afternoon are going to riot and kill, where people associate religious celebrations with violence. That used to be true of other religions.

    Blanton, a RedState contributor:

    Rich Lowry ponders a post-Bush foreign policy and suspects we might soon see the emergence of a "to hell with them" hawk, who has no problem invading and destroying the enemy, but who does not want to stay behind and win the hearts and minds of the conquered.

    I'd be lying if I denied thinking this sometimes. We are having great success in Iraq. And, should we wipe out the Iranian regime, I think we'd find the large Iranian middle class quite friendly to us.

    But I think it is becoming more and more clear that the general rule of democracies not fighting one another just night not apply to the Middle East, though I suppose one could credibly argue that we have yet to see a genuine democracy in the Middle East other than Turkey, which does fit the rule.

    The longer this cartoon controversy goes on, however, I'm more and more in the "nuke Mecca and be done with it" camp, and I regret getting closer to that position — but I find the hordes of angry Islamists willing to be swept up into a fury over cartoons to be appalling and, most likely, a harbinger of worse things to come.
    Elsewhere RedState notes, “For some perspective, these are not isolated, small protests. They involve tens of thousands of Muslims around the globe. A single Palestinian protest was said to have involved over 10,000 demonstrators and several have involved more than 5,000. They spread from Indonesia, to the Middle East, to Europe.”

    These are not the reactions of bigots or haters. These are the reactions of men and women whose patience is exhausted.

    It’s not just Michael Graham, Daniel Pipes, Robert Spencer and the gang at Little Green Footballs anymore.
    Maybe when you see a thug in training carrying a sign saying “Islam will dominate” at Ground Zero in Manhattan, it’s the straw that breaks the camel’s back. As a Red State contibutor said, “Not there. Not ever.”
    I know, from my experiences, that there are significant numbers of Muslims who have no beef with the West, who want to live the American dream, who can practice their faith and coexist with other religions. I’ve documented their efforts to take back their faith from the bin Ladens of the world. But apparently they are too quiet.

    I wonder how many Muslims understand how the actions of the embassy-torching maniacs define their faith to so many. I wonder how many don’t know, how many don’t care, and how many do know and care but are too scared of the consequences to stand against the violence committed in their name.

    I’m trying to articulate my positive experiences with Muslims over here to my readers, but it’s not as powerful and penetrating an image as screaming lunatics burning down embassies and threatening to behead anyone who they believe has insulted them. And frankly, I’m not all that wowed with the reaction of moderate Muslims. I’m not sure how much further I want to stick my neck out defending a faith community that won’t loudly and firmly police or rebuke its own members.

    It’s depressing, but maybe we've got to go through this... delaying a clash might be just postponing the inevitable...
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    Who Is Xenophobic? The West, Or Islam?

    The Astute Blogger kicks ass. Discussing people who say the West is intolerant, and that we declared war on Islam:


    This war was declared by the INTOLERANT islamofascists ON THE WEST, and not the other way around. WE ARE JUST FRIGGIN FIGHTING BACK!

    Religious freedom for all religions is guaranteed in the West, and NOT in all Islamic nations. Harassment of other faiths is routine in Islamic nations; in fact, it is against the law to practice another faith in Saudi Arabia. The islamofascists are the ones trying to enforce their fanatical religious beliefs on us, and not the other way around.

    The West would be happy to have Muslims praying 5 times a day in mosques all over our nations if we didn't have to worry that the mosques were really jihadoterrorist clubs planning terror against us!

    Today, much of the West is fed up with jihadoterror and the outrageous hypocrisy of apologists for jihadoterror. Our tolerance got us into this mess: For way too long we tolerated the intolerance of Muslims. We are sick and tired of hypocrites like Gerges and Abu Laban (one of the 2 Danish imams who trumped up this whole Cartoon Intifada) who berate the West for intolerance while accepting it in Muslim nations - and in Islam itself.

    Most Muslims NEVER condemned a single beheading or kidnapping which was done in the name of Islam; when jihadoterrorists beheaded someone on behalf of their faith, or MURDER DOZENS AT WEDDINGS OR FUNERALS, we never heard these apologists say that the jihadoterrorists had slandered Islam. But then, when NON-Muslims publish a few mild CARTOONS, Muslims go on a friggin rampage! Over friggin CARTOONS! And the apologists blame us!

    People in the West can ONLY conclude that the rampaging Muslims are absofrigginlutley INSANE - or are jihadoterrorists! And professors who wear suits and appear on CNN should say so, and not argue that we in the West are not tolerant enough, or understanding enough, or that we haven't reached out enough!

    LOOKIT: the enemy is attacking us - using violence and intimidation against us because of THEIR xenophobia, not ours.

    Then again, we should expect this kind of horrifying behavior towards us by some muslims (and also we should expect the amoral defenses of it by other Muslims). After all, we are mere "kafirs", and they are people whose religion says it's sometimes necessary to murder your own daughter to restore "honor" to your family.

    Sho 'nuff.
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    Sales Good for Cartoons!

    European newspapers that printed the cartoons were reward with substantial increase in sales. Ah, virtue is its own reward but the bonus is sweet. By the way, I’ve seen an increase in traffic from search engines when people search for the cartoons. I also suspect that the links from this site and others have finally gotten me to the top of some google searches. For example, I come in at #2 out of 640,000 on a search of burn the Koran. But I'm not in hiding yet ...

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    EU And UN Move To Give Away Free Speech

    Both the EU and the UN are considering banning "religious defamation."

    Here's the info about the EU:

    LONDON (Reuters) - The European Union may try to draw up a media code of conduct to avoid a repeat of the furor caused by the publication across Europe of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad, an EU commissioner said on Thursday.

    In an interview with Britain’s Daily Telegraph, EU Justice and Security Commissioner Franco Frattini said the charter would encourage the media to show “prudence” when covering religion.

    “The press will give the Muslim world the message: We are aware of the consequences of exercising the right of free expression,” he told the newspaper. “We can and we are ready to self-regulate that right.”

    And here's the scoop on the UN:

    U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan scolded the media on Thursday for continuing to publish cartoons lampooning the Prophet Mohammad and defended an attempt by Islamic nations to have a new U.N. human-rights council address religious defamation.

    Atlas comments:

    Is this dhimmi living in Dar Al-Islam insisting we live there too? I have never heard Kofi Enema ever speak to the Jew hating cartoons or editorials or Christian bashing that goes on daily in the Muslim world. This hypocrite has GOT TO GO.

    People, our leaders are talking about giving away our Freedom of Speech. This will include all sorts of expression.

    Think about this: Writing is the way we order our thoughts. When we write we are able to construct larger ideas than we can when we just let thoughts meander in our heads. Almost anytime anyone wants to create anything, they begin by putting their thoughts down on paper.

    The Freedom of Speech is not just about cartoons, it is about being able to think clearly.

    We can not allow our leaders to do this to us.

    Considering that religion can be among the most oppressive forces on Earth, religion above all needs to be critized. We have to have the right to criticize religion. We can not relinquish this.
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    PLO releases 39 Islamic Jihad terrorists from jail

    From the leftist Jerusalem Post (via IRIS Blog):
    The Palestinian Authority released 39 Islamic Jihad terrorists from a Jericho prison on Thursday.

    Palestinian sources said that PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas, and PA Foreign Minister Nasser al-Kidwa ordered their release.

    Some 20 Aksa Martyr's Brigades and PFLP terrorists remain in the prison, including those responsible for the murder of former Israeli Cabinet Minister Rehavam Zeevi.
    It wouldn't surprise me if even they'd been released, along with the other murderers whom they freed.

    Not only that, but, as IRIS notes, for a prison that was said to be under US/UK surveillance (a reporter who visited found none present), it was virtually abandoned, to the point of where even a "revolving door" did not exist.

    And it wouldn't be surprising if the PLO released them so that they could join up with them in their return to full-time terror. As Haaretz reports, (also via IRIS Blog) Fatah's been resuming their terror activities. It's quite possible that the Islamic Jihad terrorists could join them, and probably already have.

    Cross-posted to Tel-Chai Nation.
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    With Friends Like These…

    Here’s the latest news from Yemen:

    U.S. Navy ships are helping patrol the international waters off Yemen to try to recapture al Qaeda prison escapees if they try to flee by sea, the Pentagon said in a statement on Thursday.

    You’ll recall that this massive military effort is necessary because of a jailbreak in Sanaa last Friday. That was when the mastermind of the Cole bombing and 22 other terrorists tunnelled their way to freedom. According to this UPI story,

    Yemeni security officials said Saturday the authorities were searching for twenty-three al-Qaida prisoners who escaped from a detention center in Sanaa.

    An official security source said the ministry of defense ordered an immediate investigation into the incident to discover who helped the prisoners escape from the high-security jail supervised by the Yemeni intelligence service.

    And the effect this debacle? CNN reports that:

    If the fugitives are not caught in the next month, the United States may have to reconsider its presence in Yemen, which includes an embassy and small military contingent in Sanaa, according to the senior sources.

    The longer they remain at large, the greater the security risk to Americans inside Yemen, the sources said.

    In my post on Tuesday I recommended that we reconsider our strategic alliances with “moderate” Islamic regimes.

    I haven’t changed my mind yet.

    Consider these facts:

    • 23 dangerous high profile al-Qaeda prisoners escaped.
    • They dug a tunnel out of a high-security prison.
    • Yemen acknowledges that prison officials may have been involved.
    • Yemen’s intelligence service was in charge of the prison.
    • Americans may no longer be safe in Yemen.

    As a result of all this, an expensive and resource-consuming operation has to be mounted by the US Navy, when there are other important strategic tasks it could be performing.

    And these people are our allies.

    Oh, I’m sure they’re “reliable partners in the war against terror.” I’m certain they throw us an intelligence bone from time to time, and corral some terrorist flunkies to take the fall for Al Qaeda when required.

    But it’s hard for me to believe that we’re really getting an adequate bang for our buck.
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    A new blogger joins the infidel realm

    Let's extend a huge infidel welcome to the newest member of the Pedestrian Infidel team, "European Kafir" (see her first post here). European Kafir comes to us from the high Alps of Switzerland, and is distressed at the steady encroachment of Islam into her homeland (and Europe in general). This middle age, middle class woman is determined to save her way of life, and Europe's way of life, before it's too late. It's a very encouraging sign, that embattled old Europe is at last waking up to the wolf at the door that is Islam.

    We're very happy to have Kafir with us. With her addition, we now have worldwide coverage with our four team members: John Sobieski--US ... Anti-Jihadist--Malaysia ... Avenging Apostate--UAE ... and now European Kafir in Switzerland.

    Cross posted at Pedestrian Infidel.
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    Whither Goest Free Speech?

    Cox and Forkum
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    Denmark Takes Note Of Muslim Taqiyya

    Denmark has noticed that many Imams speak with forked-tongue, saying one thing in Danish media, and another thing in Arab media. Thus, they have eliminated many of these double-speaking Imams from the political dialogue.

    The Danes should be examples for us all in the West:

    Political criticism of local imams in recent days has led the integration minister to exclude the muslim clerics from discussions of the integration of Muslims into Danish society.

    Some imams have reportedly offered statements to media in Muslim countries that harmed Danish interests in the on-going row over the Mohammed cartoons, the integration minister, Rikke Hvilshøj, said on Monday.

    'I think we have a clear picture today that imams are not the ones we should look to if we want integration in Denmark to work,' Hvilshøj told daily newspaper Berlingske Tidende...

    One incident involved imam Abu Laban telling television station al-Jazeera that he was happy about the Muslim boycott. Later the same day, he said to Danish television station TV2 that he would urge Muslims to stop the boycott immediately.

    Michelle Malkin notes:

    The Danish prime minister, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, also disinvited a group of radical imams for an anti-terror conference at his Marienborg residence in September. The conference sought to find ways of preventing Islam from being used in the name of terror attacks.
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    More Protest Photos

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    posted by Krishna109 at permanent link# 7 Comments

    Spain Strengthens Her Alliance With The Islamic World - Can Anyone Say Andalucia?

    Well, guys, I have some more information about the British answer to the demonstration of Muslim radicals in London, about the cartoons. It’s here -do not worry: the main part of it, it’s in English, the part in Spanish is the translation-

    And today we have learnt President Rodríguez is going to receive Muslims protesting about cartoons. They also want to deep the cooperation that Spain has with the Islamic community, and have just assured that the relationship with Spain is very fluid. The President of the Islamic Committee has also added that they supported the Civilizations’ alliance of Rodriguez. [link is in Spanish]

    Two days ago President Rodríguez published an article with Erdogan, Prime Minister of Turkey:

    Spanish Socialist prime minister Jose Luis Rodríguez Zapatero yesterday published a letter to the International Herald Tribune, in which he made "a call for respect and calm," while "morally and politically rejecting" the publication of the controversial cartoons depicting Mohammed. Zapatero called for an "Alliance of Civilizations" to "stop hate," and weakly defended the freedom of expression by saying, "There are no rights without responsibility and respect for different sensitivities." Zapatero’s letter was also signed by Turkish prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

    In the letter, Zapatero and Erdogan said, "Initiatives and instruments to put an end to this spiral of hate and obfuscation that threatens international peace and security are needed." Along with Iranian prime minister Khatami, Zapatero and Erdogan are two of the sponsors of the "Alliance of Civilizations" project, proposed by Zapatero at the UN in 2004. After the "unfortunate events" of the last several days, the two leaders reaffirmed their commitment "to the search for more support for this goal. Spain and Turkey have traditionally represented two decisive points in the East and the West. We are sure that contacts among different cultures can be enormously enriching, though at the same time they can set off destructive controversies." [...]

    So in Spain they are questioning this approach to the problem by Spanish Prime Minister:

    Spain’s current Prime Minister frequently forgets history -or at least the bits he thinks unimportant or that don’t advance his political agenda. He skips blithely over such historic moments for our nation and Western civilization as the battle of Lepanto, Spain’s great defeat of the Turks. Instead he pursues Erdogan, the Turkish Islamic leader to win support for his Alliance of Civilizations initiative. Curiously, Erdogan’s support depends on Zapatero defending Turkey’s entry to the European Union right when many Europeans, the French included, are clearly opposed to it.

    Now, Zapatero offers up an article co-written with Erdogan about the violent events taking place in the Muslim world in protest against cartoons of Mohammed published many months ago. The two agree on a basic but very debatable point: the blame for this explosive situation lies with the publishing of the cartoons, not with the violent response to them. Zapatero puts the cartoonist at the same level as some excited fanatic who attacks and burns European diplomatic posts.

    Zapatero’s cynicism brings him to ask everyone to respect Muslims’ religious feeling, forgetting his own total lack of respect for Catholics here in Spain. He has been harassing Catholics since he came to power, challenging the Church and provoking divisions on complex matters for religious minded citizens. [...]

    The Spanish Prime Minister’s schizophrenia is made obvious by asking a simple question: would he say the same thing if some Christian group in Spain had attacked PSOE’s headquarters protesting gay marriage? We would love to hear his answer to this.

    And here the difference with Aznar:

    Former prime minister Jose Maria Aznar yesterday harshly criticized the Iranian regime and called for a firm response from Europe to the wave of violence committed by extreme Islamists during a dinner with journalists in Washington, DC. He said that if Western countries apologize for the publication of caricatures of Mohammed, it will endanger the firmness of the democracies on subjects such as nuclear negotiations.

    "If we apologize for some cartoons, how will they take us seriously when we negotiate about nuclear arms?" said Aznar. He related the situation caused by the publication of the cartoons to the negotiations underway to stop the Iranian regime from continuing with its nuclear program. Aznar said, "You are not more tolerant or sensitive because you give in," and added, "In general, essentially in Europe, there has been a doubtful reaction due to fear, and the reactions their have been to the extremists’ violent actions have been fairly lukewarm exceptions."

    He declared, "Tolerance is respect for the law, that there are no privileges before the law. The difference between Western democratic regimes and Islamist theocracies is the existence of tolerance, which is due to freedom of opinion. Fear has circulated widely...it is the beginning of the end of respect for the law and freedom of opinion. If you don’t agree, you go to court. What you can’t do is attack embassies instead of respecting freedom of opinion and the law. The measuring stick under the rule of law must be this and nothing else, because if not it would mean justifying anything because somebody feels offended. The cartoon of Mohammed is a juvenile prank."


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    Wednesday, February 08, 2006

    Has the Mainstream Media Been Misleading Us?

    (Updated 2/9/06):

    An Egyptian weblog (Egyptian Sandmonkey) reports that Al Faqr, an Egyptian newspaper, published the Mohammed cartoons last October, at the height of Ramadan.

    There were no protests! (This would seem quite strange, if, as most of the American media would have us believe, showing images of Mohammed is so completely forbidden by Islam).

    One can't help wondering why most of the media is publishing this misleading information (i.e.the falsehood that images of Mohammed are, and have always been, totally forbidden-- and that making them is such a grave insult to all Moslems).

    Either the media is deliberately distorting the truth by following the dictates of "political correctness" (and letting themselves be conned by Islamic spokesmen) -- or it is a result of a lack of adequate fact checking (not the first time that this has happened in recent months). Regardless of the reason, the media reporting is misleading, and actually supporting the goals of the radical imams.

    In any case, the public was mislead. Its no wonder that, more and more, people are looking to weblogs for news, and turning away from mainstream newspapers & TV.

    Along with misleading reporting from the media, further evidence of some rather deceptive behaviour by radical Danish imams is emerging:

    Hyscience weblog reports:

    As Egyptian Sandmonkey suggests, and as evidenced by information in our previous post (and accompanying links) and elsewhere, the violent outrage exhibited by Muslims worldwide has been orchestrated initially by Danish jihadist imams who presented themselves as moderates to the non-Islamic world, while preaching and instigating jihad and violence to the Muslim world. The violent Muslim reaction was subsequently fueled by Arab islamic governments for their own political purposes.

    In other words, we've been had, and the American media bought it all - hook, "lying," and sinker!!! (more here)

    See also: "Forbidden" Images of Mohammed - Merely a Big Hoax?

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    posted by Krishna109 at permanent link# 1 Comments

    Chirac Condemns Media Over Cartoons

    No, no, no, this is not what I say. I mean, we did not say what you think we meant. I mean, we do not mean anything.

    There was a certain, how you say, intention of nuance.

    Oh, how do I explain zee Deconstructionism to a bunch of racaille.

    I give up.

    Oh yeah, he'll use nukes against ANY terrorist attack, but he won't allow his countrymen to use cartoons to protect their Freedom of Speech:

    French President Jacques Chirac has condemned as "overt provocation" decisions to reprint cartoons satirising the Prophet Muhammad.

    As another French publication printed the cartoons, Mr Chirac said any subject matter that could hurt other people's convictions should be avoided.

    But Denmark's PM said it was not for the government to censor the media.

    Well, at least the Danes are standing strong. Man, they must be tough people.

    Meanwhile, Los Angeles talk radio host Bill Handle, of KFI AM 640, has apologized because of pressure from CAIR.
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    Some Things Never Change

    The following is a post-election music video recently released on the official Hamas website. [Liberals beware! The following video contains hatred of Jews, calls for Islamic "holy" war and support for terrorism. Watching the clip may lead to hysteric denial]

    Transcript :

    The invaders fled [Gaza]
    The army of the Jews was defeated
    The home and the homeland is returning through [Palestinian] blood
    Not through negotiations, surrender, or promises

    Allah the Great, be pleased by the sound of thunder...!
    We will never accept the enemies in the land of our fathers...

    The invaders fled [Gaza]
    The army of the Jews was defeated
    The home and the homeland is returning through [Palestinian] blood
    Not through negotiations, surrender, or promises...

    Let the enemies leave the entire land!
    And take their holy books, which are all black!
    Our flag was raised and spread out, O Jihad...!

    The invaders fled [Gaza]
    The army of the Jews was defeated
    The home and the homeland is returning through blood
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    The Cartoon Jihad Today

    I saw on Yahoo this morning that Chirac had condemned the publishers and creators of Mohammed cartoons. But, by the time I had a chance to grab it for this post, the story had been taken down.

    Maybe it was a mistake.

    Drudge has a story up that Islamic groups are calling for an end to violence. Should we believe them? Are these the long searched for moderate Muslims finally poking their head out above the fray?

    God, I hope so.

    Let me be clear, it isn't that I don't believe there are Muslims who are moderate. It's just that I don't believe we've ever seen evidence of a large Muslim political organization that is moderate.

    Once again, the French people are showing balls. A French Magazine is the latest to publish the catoons. ON THE COVER.

    And finally, here's the latest from George Bush on the cartoons:

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President George W. Bush on Wednesday said governments around the world should protect the lives and property of diplomats against the violence that has erupted over published cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad.

    Bush said he and Jordan's King Abdullah discussed the Muslim reaction to the cartoons that he called "a topic that requires a lot of discussion and a lot of sensitive thought."

    "We believe in a free press, and also recognize that with freedom comes responsibilities. With freedom comes the responsibility to be thoughtful about others," Bush said.

    But, he added: "We reject violence as a way to express discontent with what may be printed in a free press."

    He's right, Freedom does come with responsibility. And, right now, at this point in history, it is our responsibility to protect our Freedom by publishing more and more and more cartoons.

    The world needs a lesson is Free Speech.
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    The Left Cowers

    Ban the Burqa!
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    Incitement at Ground Zero

    Yes, you read that right. The United American Committee (via Jihad Watch) found the vermin in the picture below inciting against the West at none other than Ground Zero on February 1, while the UAC was holding a Rally Against Islamofascism:

    Like Robert, I too hope that the authorities in NYC have dealt with those scum, who belong in prison for their open incitement against the US and other democracies. What's especially offensive is that they ran their incitement right at the very spot where their fellow Islamofascist jihadi terrorists committed mass murder almost five years ago.
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    The Islamic Family Circus

    Ban the Burqa!
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    Who's the pig?

    By now, most people know of the "fake cartoons" the Danish imams used to incite anger in the ME during their tour there in December, 2005. Now Neander News has found out where one of them is from (hat tip: Mike H., comment no. 2):

    Do these two photos look similiar?

    They should because they are the same! No, not a satire of Mohammed nor any other sacred Islamic figure but a photo of Jacques Barrot, a pig squealing contestant at the French Pig-Squealing Championships in Trie-sur-Baise’s annual festival. NeanderNews discovered this photo, taken by
    Bob Edme of AP, posted on an August 15, 2005 AP story seen here on MSNBC’s website.

    From Viking Observer.

    Jyllands-Posten correct it to be a local motor mechanic named Jacques Marrot.

    Here's some of the material used by the Danish imams to get a better story and stir up the arab world a little more:

    Above text tells The pedophile "prophet" Mohammed

    Above text tells This is why Muslims pray

    Both exposed by the Danish troublemaker newspaper, Ekstra Bladet. More at Michelle Malkin's blog.
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    Support Denmark, don't buy Arla Foods

    All of you who want to support Denmark by buying Danish goods, do not support Arla Foods (dairy products). They have been the wimpest of all the affected danish companies. They cried out loud how much money the now lose and that the Danish goverment had to do something to re-establish the connection to the arab states, so they could sell their goods again. Not any suggestion but just said that the goverment had to do something. Novo Nordisk (insulin and special kinds of medicine/vaccines) is cool about this, as are most of the others affected companies.

    Arla probably also agreed not to trade with Israel. I can't imagine Novo Nordisk not to trade with Israel, but I guess maybe some of the others of the affected companies somehow had a agreement with the arab states not to trade with Israel.

    Personally, I really dislike Arlas monopoly in Denmark. They are expensive, not any good products and have a great share of the market. Like Microsoft. :)

    There's a informative post about Arla at The Future Uncertain. More about the Arab boycot of companies dealing with Israel at Wikipedia.
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    Four Valiant Journalists

    Four reporters/editors of “The New York Press” resign after management refused to allow them to publish the cartoons in an article which takes on the mainstream press for its cowardliness. The article was called "Where's Muhammad?" I just heard this on the local news so I don’t have any links.

    The New York Press may only be a small-circulation free newspaper but I like the display of integrity on any scale. Bravo!

    Update: NYP link, NYO link (hat tip spirit093), blogs: 1, 2, ...
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    Olympic Freestyle Suicide Bombing

    Friday is a big day. First, it's the opening ceremonies of the Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy. It's also the Muslim day of prayer, the second Friday since the Cartoon Jihad began. Italy contains more than 800,000 Muslims. Without a doubt the Friday "prayers" around the world will incite Muslims to "protest" against the cartoons, Denmark, Norway and perhaps Austria.

    Who thinks the Olympics, which lasts 16 days, will pass without violence? I doubt militant Odin worshippers will cause any trouble. But the Olympics are starting at the height of a wave of anti-European, anti-Western violence that has seen arson and calls to massacre and murder. And what is more Western than the Olympics?

    I know, I know. It's always a small fringe, a tiny minority, etc. But 1% of Italian Muslims in 8,000. One percent of that is 80. It took a handful of men to bomb London on 7/7. It took a dozen to bomb Madrid on 3/11. Only 19 operatives carried out 9/11. Even discounting foreign element, 1% of 1% is more than enough.

    On the up side we got through the Summer Olympics in Athens without an incident. Maybe we can get lucky again. But who wants to count on luck?
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