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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Those Radical Right Wingers

That's okay, because I am a Radical for Capitalism. I hope this doesn't mean a visit from the DHS for thoughtcrime.

Cartoon shamelessly lifted from Americans for Limited Government.

Update: How the once mighty Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs has devolved into complete irrelevance:

It’s probably pretty obvious that I’m ambivalent about these protests, because I think they’ve been coopted to a large extent by Ron Paul nuts and other fringe groups. I know there are also a lot of decent people participating, but unfortunately almost nobody seems to be interested in denouncing and keeping out the kooks, and that’s a real shame. Instead, people who try to sound a warning are being attacked and smeared.

This is not a recipe for success. [Yeah, right.]

Note, that Johnson provides no evidence to support his paranoid delusions of "Ron Paul nuts and other fringe groups" behind every Tea Party and under every bed.

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