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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Taking the Cake

The BBC headline reads "French Barbarian" killer jailed. This article takes the PC ugliness cake. The first paragraph reads

The leader of a Paris gang has been sentenced to life in prison in France for the torture and murder of a Jewish man, Ilam Halimi, in 2006.

That the Barbarian was Islamic is not mentioned anywhere. Rather he is a 'barbarian.' How random. The only reference to religious characteristics is a repeat of the tortures' claim that Halimi was tortured because "Jews are loaded." So the article covers for the type of Islam coming from the Ivory Coast and spreads Jewish stereotypes out of the Protocols.

The use of the word "gang" is also a coverup. 29 people are charged with being involved. Up to fifty people in the building in which , from all walks of life, knew about this torture. It was not a gang activity; it was a neighborhood community project. Anti-semitism runs deep in the Islamic culture. Many in the Islamic Ivory Coast community have very diverse morals. Cultural diversity is real. It is not racist to note that. It is culturist. Instead, in a PC multicultural move, the BBC called this the work of a gang.

Thanks to the BBC for perpetuating the multicultural lie that cultural diversity is only always cute. The BBC assured us that this crime nothing to do with the type of Islamic culture coming from the Ivory Coast to France. It was the work of barbarian gang. And, on the way, they reprint slander against Jews. To their credit, in not mentioning Islam, they did not call anyone who mentioned it a racist. But, BBC for this article you still take the freakin' PC multicultural cover-up cake.

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