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Saturday, September 12, 2009

912 March on Washington:

Will the thugs come out and play?

As people have been awakened to the reality of the radical transformation of their country, tensions have been building and tempers flaring on both sides. Contrary to what many talking heads would have us to believe, protests against the latest massive government takeovers and encroachments actually began while Bush was still in office, and the message has been consistent and clear: that the Federal government must be returned to its Constitutionally restricted functions and only be allowed those functions granted by the enumerated powers therein.

The current wave of public outcry and protest against more government intrusion is wholly consistent with the principles of republican government and a people bent on preserving their self-determination without undue interference from the State, yet this Administration and Congress is determined to follow in the footsteps of all of their predecessors: demonize the opposition, discredit and silence dissent. The facts speak for themselves.

The Obama Administration and Congress have been laying out their case that everyone who opposes their agenda - and especially those who actively protest the actions they are taking to finally transform this country from a representative republic to a command-and-control bureaucratically administered state - as enemies of the state, as traitors, as dangerous extremists, as domestic terrorists. Their true attitude toward those who oppose their agenda was no where more poignantly seen than in the enraged glare cast by Speaker Pelosi at Rep. Joe Wilson when he shouted "you lie!" at the President during his address to Congress. Her look of utter contempt was unmistakable, and it was not merely contempt toward Mr. Wilson's remark - it is contempt for what Mr. Wilson believes in and stands for.

They have done their best to discredit and demonize their opposition, to portray us as crazy, ignorant of history, un-patriotic and un-American, as violence-prone and itching for a fight, and many news outlets have been more than willing to comply with the propagation of this fallacious message. The irony here is that they seem to be projecting their own feelings onto us. If nothing else, we know our history – and our Constitution. To be sure, while there have been some kooks that have shown up at various protests and town halls on both sides of the issue, the only act of violence was perpetrated by an Obamacare supporter against a protester when he bit off the protester’s finger.

The fact is that we are ready to have civil discourse and calmly, methodically and logically present our case in support of our contention that this hijacking of our country is illicit and unconstitutional. Obama’s media minions respond with sexual innuendo and gutter references to “tea-bagging” and unsubstantiated claims that our issue is with the color of his skin and not his Marxist ideology. They claim we use the word “socialist” as a code for racist nomenclature. People who would sink to such depths to avoid a civil debate because they know we are right are not merely hypocritical, but amoral and utterly contemptible. But, that’s what despotic thugs do, because in order to attain their dubious goals they have to make someone a scapegoat.

The question for today is how the protesters will be received when they begin their march on Washington. That tensions will be high is obvious, but one wonders if their right to peacefully assemble will be respected or trampled. One wonders how numerous and how antagonistic will be the counter-protesters from Organizing for America, ACORN and SEIU.

One wonders how many moles these organizations will have embedded throughout the throngs of patriots opposing further erosion of their Constitutional rights, and what their ultimate mission and function will be. One prays that there will be no violence, but the lessons of history demonstrate that such an undesirable result of a mass protest is a distinct possibility – especially when is opposition to socialist despotism. Inciting violence - thereby staging a crisis - would certainly play into the hands and serve the interests of the pro-socialist camp, and could be used by the proponents of this socialist revolution to further discredit well-meaning patriots exercising and defending their rights against what they rightly perceive as a prelude to tyranny. Let us not forget the words of the White House Chief of Staff: “Never let a crisis go to waste, because you can get things done that you otherwise couldn’t.” Like crushing dissent and opposition?


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Blogger maccusgermanis said...

'' CNN estimates the crowd at (inaudible) thousands.''. ''There are more people here than watch CNN.''.

Saturday, September 12, 2009 5:38:00 pm  
Blogger LL said...

The MSM are clearly understating the number of people present at the protest. I think ACORN and SEIU will stay away.

Saturday, September 12, 2009 6:39:00 pm  

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