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Friday, April 23, 2010

Ralph Peters: Obama is the first anti-Israeli president


Israel and the United States expect a sharp decline in their defense and intelligence relations in 2010.

Officials from both countries said Jerusalem and Washington face what appear to be irreconcilable differences on such issues as Iran, the Palestinian Authority and Syria. They said the administration of President Barack Obama plans to move unilaterally on these issues and pressure Israel to follow U.S. policy.

"There will be sustained U.S. pressure on Israel throughout the year and it will affect every area of relations," an official who did not want even his nationality cited said.

"This is our first anti-Israeli president," U.S. Army [Ret.] Lt. Col. Ralph Peters, a leading strategic analyst, said. "It's bewildering and astonishing."

In an interview with the U.S. television network Fox News, Peters, a leading critic of Obama, said the president has been pursuing a vendetta against Israel. He said this marked a clear departure from previous U.S. policy and reflected decades of Obama listening to anti-Israeli lectures and sermons, particularly by his preacher, the Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

"This is something about a chip on the president's shoulder," Peters said. "I think that the president has gotten that by osmosis."

Officials said Israel was not expected to agree to 11 demands by Obama, which included a freeze of Jewish construction in Jerusalem and the launch of final status proximity negotiations with the Palestinian Authority. They said Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has not received a mandate from his Cabinet to agree to the U.S. demands.


In fact, yesterday Netanyahu formally rejected the freeze on building in Jerusalem. But what is REALLY GOING ON beneath the surface is what is most disturbing, for the words, tone and change of path are now being backed up by real actions which WILL CHANGE the entire nature of our relationship with Israel, and may lead to strategic changes in the middle east with very far reaching consequences, and it is precisely what I have been warning about. Not only have the Israelis rejected Obama, they have done so knowing his other actions regarding their military and national security. What does that suggest?

And it is all avoidable.

Any attack by Israel will be considered by Iran to be an attack by the USA on the Islamic Revolution, and the result will be the same. In this case our main ally's determination to survive wed's her to our interest because of the racist, quranic enmity of a millennium and a half of pogroms and genocidal actions and speech culminating in the mullahs oft quotes heart's desires.

The only chance to avoid a regional war of immense consequence has NOTHING TO DO WITH SETTLEMENTS. It is around the slim chance that Iran might be deterred from finishing their project as a result of being certain that America AND Israel are indivisible on this subject, and that the penultimate moment of U-235 purification will not be enough to make a bomb, but a storm of weapons on their heads threatening their rule and the existence of the IRGC.

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