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Friday, July 02, 2010

Parable of the Geese

                          Painting by Faigee Niebow

1. Hear now, ye seekers, the parable of the geese.

2. In the twilight of seasons, in the North, ere winter cometh, they take flight, and no man guideth them to their appointed nests in the South.

3. And when they take flight, they darken the sky, and fill it with noise. And by that we know they are moving to and fro. And that winter cometh soon, or that spring is well upon us.

4. But geese, when they have all their cares meted out to them by foolish men with only the best of intentions, lose their desire to fly to their proper nests, and finding some convenient pond, there upon they settle, and grow fat, and make demands of the birds who are native to the pond, and befoul their waters and take their provender, and hatch younglings, who stay and cause the other birds to flee.

5. Look well to your own pond, therefore, that the geese take not which is yours and leave you with neither nest nor sustenance.

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