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Saturday, September 04, 2010

From Jihad Watch:

Note first of all the conflation of "anti-Muslim rhetoric" with actual crimes like the stabbing of the taxi driver and the fire at the mosque in Tennessee, despite the fact that those who are speaking out against the jihad and Islamic supremacism have consistently disavowed and opposed violence and vigilantism. Note also the mention of the stupid and wrong Qur'an burning in Florida. This illustrates what I have noted here many times: Islamic supremacists want and need hate crimes against Muslims, as they will attempt to use them to shut down all legitimate opposition to the jihad and Islamic supremacism, and to tar all their opponents as advocates of violence and hatred.

It is likely that this appeal, although the DOJ made no official comment, fell on fertile ground in the Obama Justice Department, given Obama's long-standing tendency to appoint foes of the freedom of speech to influential positions: Kagan, Sotomayor, Koh, Sunstein, Genachowski, etc. etc. etc.
"Anti-Muslim Rhetoric: Free Speech or Hate Speech? Faith Coalition Calls on DOJ to Take Public Stance Against Anti-Muslim Rhetoric," by John R. Parkinson for ABC News, August 31:
WASHINGTON, Aug. 31, 2010 -- A coalition of faith groups met with Justice Department officials Monday to encourage the Obama administration to take a more public stance against anti-Muslim hate speech and hate crimes. Farhana Khera, president and executive director of Muslim Advocates, said the community leaders requested the meeting due to an "alarming rise in anti-Muslim hate" that has become commonplace as the debate over the so-called "Ground Zero mosque" in New York City continues.
"Unfortunately, this very escalating trend of hate speech in the country has now transformed into actual acts of violence and the attorney general, as the nation's chief law enforcement officer, has an obligation to really enforce the laws, including the hate crime laws and holding those that engage in hate crimes responsible," Khera said.
Last week in New York City, a taxi cab driver was repeatedly stabbed allegedly by a passenger who asked him, "Are you a Muslim?" before the attack.
On Saturday, a fire was discovered at the construction site for a mosque and community center in Murfreesboro, Tenn., that has been a topic of controversy in the city. Police said the fire is being investigated as a possible arson and hate crime.
And a church in Gainesville, Fla., has announced it plans to burn copies of the Quran on Sept. 11, to mark the anniversary of the 2001 terror attacks.
"We are a thriving democracy, we appreciate free speech, but when it crosses the line into violence, that's against the law," she said. "And the [Justice] Department, the federal government, the nation's chief law enforcement officer is going to prosecute and hold them responsible to the fullest extent of the law....
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Pakistani Taliban Says It’s Planning Terror Attacks on America, Europe

From Weasel Zippers:

(Telegraph)- A senior commander in the Pakistan Taliban last night announced it was planning terror strikes against targets in the US and Europe similar to the Times Square bomb plot.

Qari Hussain Mehsud, who commands suicide squads for the Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), said he was proud that the US had added his organisation to its international terrorism blacklist on Wednesday.

And he and promised a fresh wave of attacks that would resemble the attempted Times Square bombing earlier this year.
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Double standard: Muslims permitted to hand out literature at fair, Christians were jailed

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Obama has figured out how to get the US people to back abandoning Afghanistan

Emblem of Afghanistan

Image via Wikipedia


Bailout in the Works for Afghanistan's Biggest Bank as Panic Continues

KABUL, Afghanistan -- In a bid to fend off the threat of a nationwide financial crisis, the Afghan and United States governments hammered together a deal to bail out Afghanistan's largest bank on Saturday after lines of frantic depositors mobbed the bank for a third day.

Details of the deal were still being worked out on Saturday by the Central Bank of Afghanistan with assistance from the United States Treasury Department, Afghan and American officials said. But American officials said no United States funds were involved in the bailout.


horses_ass-uncle sam.jpg

planned injection of cash into the beleaguered Kabul Bank is meant to slow the run on the bank by its customers, who have withdrawn more than $200 million in the past few days amid fears of a wider economic collapse.

But on Saturday, thousands of nervous Afghan depositors, unaware of the bailout and unconvinced of the bank's solvency, stormed the bank's central branch in Kabul to withdraw their savings.

Hundreds of men pushed and shoved their way to the front, while others waited behind them for hours in the saunalike atmosphere of the lobby, the crowds making it impossible to discern where the lines ended and began. Furious customers shouted angry complaints. An elderly woman in a black dress cried out in distress.

But the teller drawers were largely empty and most customers left empty-handed. "What should I give you when I have nothing to give?" a teller told one agitated customer.

Similar scenes were reported at branches in other cities.

As the pope said to Michaelangelo ..gazing at Obama we can only wonder..'WHEN WILL YOU MAKE AN END?'
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This year, the commemoration follows a stunning summer in which opposition to a planned Islamic community center near the World Trade Center site escalated into a national uproar over Islam, extremism and religious freedom.

It's about damn time Muslims were concerned. 9/11 was 9 years ago and NOW, only after Americans have finally started to rise up and call bullshit over the mosque in particular and Islam in general. Only now are they starting to say "I don't want to take over this country."

Prove it. Your silence and inaction for 9 years shows you're only concerned for yourselves, not America, not the country you've chosen to live in. Rise up and join the fight against the mosque, against those advocating jihad. Because as far as I'm concerned right now it's way too little way too late.

And you ought to be concerned. If one of your own even shows the haft of a knife or the hint of a ripcord it won't end well for him. And when a successful attack sends your miscreants to what they think will be paradise for those remainng here in America it will be hell on earth. Our government might try to appease but Americans, REAL Americans, will not.

So sweat, you bastards. Sweat and worry and look over your fucking shoulders just like Americans (at least any with a bit of a clue) have been doing every day for the last 9 years waiting for more of your brothers to take themselves and our countrymen out in a blaze of hate filled Islamic Rage.

Sweat and decide and proclaim and prove your loyalty.

Time is running out.


For US Muslims, a 9/11 Anniversary Like No Other
Saturday, 04 Sep 2010

American Muslims are boosting security at mosques, seeking help from leaders of other faiths and airing ads underscoring their loyalty to the United States — all ahead of a 9/11 anniversary they fear could bring more trouble for their communities.

Their goal is not only to protect Muslims, but also to prevent them from retaliating if provoked. One Sept. 11 protest in New York against the proposed mosque near ground zero is expected to feature Geert Wilders, the aggressively anti-Islam Dutch lawmaker. The same day in Gainesville, Fla., the Dove World Outreach Center plans to burn copies of the Quran.

"We can expect crazy people out there will do things, but we don't want to create a hysteria," among Muslims, said Victor Begg of the Council of Islamic Organizations of Michigan. "Americans, in general, they support pluralism. It's just that there's a lot of misinformation out there that has created confusion."

On Tuesday, the Islamic Society of North America will hold a summit of Christian, Muslim and Jewish leaders in Washington "to address the growing tide of fear and intolerance" in the furor over the planned New York mosque.

Islamic centers in many cities are intensifying surveillance and keeping closer contact with law enforcement. Adding to Muslim concern is a fluke of the lunar calendar: Eid al-Fitr, a joyous holiday marking the end of Ramadan, will fall around Sept. 11 this year. Muslim leaders fear festivities could be misinterpreted as celebrating the 2001 terror strikes.

"We're telling everyone to keep their eyes open and report anything suspicious to authorities and call us," said Ramzy Kilic of the Tampa, Fla., chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations.

Other efforts around 9/11 aim to fight bigotry. Muslims will clean parks, feed the homeless, and give toys to sick children as part of Muslim Serve, a national campaign to demonstrate Islamic commitment to serving humanity.

Separately, groups are distributing ads to combat persistent suspicions about Islam. One spot, called "My Faith, My Voice," features American Muslims saying, "I don't want to take over this country."

Sept. 11 anniversaries have always been challenging for U.S. Muslims, who have been under scrutiny since the attacks. This year, the commemoration follows a stunning summer in which opposition to a planned Islamic community center near the World Trade Center site escalated into a national uproar over Islam, extremism and religious freedom.

Islamic centers as far away as Tennessee and California faced protests and vandalism. In western New York, police said a group of teenagers recently yelled obscenities, set off a car alarm and fired a shotgun during two nights of drive-by harassment at a small-town mosque near Lake Ontario.

Usama Shami, board chairman for the Islamic Community Center of Phoenix, said a new mosque the congregation has been building for years drew little attention until recently, when some resistance emerged in the neighborhood and from some in city government. Recently, vandals broke into the new building, spilled paint on the floor and broke expensive windows.

Shami believes the ground zero dispute is partly to blame for the trouble, along with passions unleashed by Arizona's strict new law that would require police to question people about their immigration status if there is reason to suspect they are in the country illegally.

"All of these issues came at the same time," Shami said. "When things like that happen, I think they bring out the worst in some people."

On Sept. 11 in Chicago, Zeenat Rahman, a 34-year-old native of the city, will visit a local nursing home with Muslim and non-Muslim friends to spend time with residents and help serve a meal.

"This is when people are going to look at our community, and when they do, what are they going to see?" said Rahman, a policy director for the Interfaith Youth Core, which promotes pluralism. "Sometimes, saying `Islam means peace,' feels a little defensive and apologetic, whereas service is really core to our faith."

Unity Productions Foundation, a Washington-area group that specializes in films about Islam and Muslim Americans, will hold an interfaith talk on Sept. 11 at the Washington Jewish Community Center.

Speakers include Monem Salam, the subject of a Unity Productions film titled, "On a Wing and a Prayer: An American Muslim Learns to Fly." Unity recently launched groundzerodialogue.org, where visitors can view films and use them for community discussion about Islam in the U.S.

Salam, 38, of Bellingham, Wash., usually spends the Eid weekend with his wife and three young children, but said he persuaded his wife he had to participate in the event.

"I have to leave them and go across the country to answer questions about Islam," said Salam, a portfolio manager who was 4 years old when his family left Pakistan for the U.S. "It's unfortunate. It's the time that we live in."


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The Culturist Foreign Agents Registration Act and the Ground Zero Mosque

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Videos: Vietnam Vet Takes On Harrassing Punk

Watch the two videos HERE at My Daily Trek.

Mr. AOW is a Vietnam-era veteran. I can imagine Mr. AOW, in the years before his stroke, doing much the same to anyone getting in his face.

Mr. AOW was a military policeman. Heh. No criminal record or penitentiary time for Mr. AOW, I have to say. And he sure as hell doesn't feel the same way about Obama as the veteran states in the second video.

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U.S. Islamic Group Asks Army to Deny Soldier’s Request for Conscientious Objector Status, Says He’s a “Traitor” and a “Coward”

From Weasel Zippers:

(Fox News)- An American Muslim organization is asking the U.S. Army to deny a Muslim soldier’s request for conscientious objector status, accusing him of treason and urging the military to punish him to the full extent of the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

Pfc. Naser Abdo, a 20-year-old infantryman who joined the Army one year ago, filed for conscientious objector status in June, saying his faith and the military don’t mix. ”As a Muslim, we stand against injustice, we stand against discrimination, and I feel it’s my duty as an individual to do this,” Abdo told FoxNews.com.
The Army has deferred his scheduled deployment to Afghanistan.

But the American Islamic Forum for Democracy (AIFD) says Abdo’s claim is “patently false.”

“Muslims serve with distinction throughout the United States Military and AIFD sees Abdo’s traitorous public assertions as a slap in the face to all American Muslims especially those Muslims who fight in our armed forces for the liberty and freedom guaranteed by the American Constitution,” the group said in a statement it issued on Friday.

Said Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser, president of AIFD: “Abdo’s actions are an affront to every American Muslim who has proudly donned a U.S. military uniform. His assertions are not built on Islamic teachings but on a feeble adherence to the global political ideology of Islamism that threatens our security and radicalizes our Muslim youth.”
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Obama claimed that the "first" iftar dinner in the White House was hosted by Thomas Jefferson

From Right Wing News:

Remember that iftar dinner the president sponsored? The dinner that got him in trouble because he came out in strong support of the mega-mosque at Ground Zero, support from which he backed away the very next day? Well, it turns out he delivered another blatant lie at that dinner, one that slipped under the radar because his support of the Ground Zero Mosque was so controversial.

In his remarks at the iftar observance, Obama claimed that the "first" iftar dinner in the White House was hosted by Thomas Jefferson.

Tonight, we are reminded that Ramadan is a celebration of a faith known for great diversity. And Ramadan is a reminder that Islam has always been part of America. The first Muslim ambassador to the United States, from Tunisia, was hosted by President Jefferson, who arranged a sunset dinner for his guest because it was Ramadan—making it the first known iftar at the White House, more than 200 years ago.
In this way, Obama tried to make it seem as if the United States has respected Islam since the early Republic and has observed its celebrations for two hundred years. But this is a major stretching of the truth. Thomas Jefferson did not hold an "iftar" dinner, unless you might call the dinner Obama references "iftar by default."

So what of this claim of Jefferson's iftar dinner? As Jihad Watch informs us, there never really was one. The truth is that in 1805 Jefferson invited to a dinner at the White House one Sidi Soliman Melli Melli, the diplomatic envoy that the Bey of Tunis sent to Washington. The time set for this dinner was 3:30 PM, the normal time that everyone then ate dinner in those days. Since it was Ramadan, however, the envoy informed Jefferson that he could not attend until the sun went down because he was observing his fasting ritual.

Jefferson then offered to push his dinner hour until the sun went down as a courtesy to his invited guest. It was as simple as that. There was no mention of any iftar anything. President Jefferson simply moved the hour of dinner to suit the envoy. There was no change to what was served in order to suit Muslim needs, there was no acknowledgement of the Muslim faith, and no observance of any "iftar" dinner. Jefferson was just being a nice guy.

And of this historical incident, Obama and his cohorts in the left-wing, Old Media have created a mythical “sporadic tradition.” But for Obama and the New York Times to mislead the American people into imagining that the White House has celebrated iftar all the way back to 1805 is simply a straight out lie.
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Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's Twitter Page

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Mubarak, Barack, Mahmoud, Abdullah and Benjamin‏
From the Astute Bloggers:

Mubarak, Barack Hussein, Mahmoud, Abdullah, and Benjamin‏:

Which one doesn't belong?

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What Eloquence! NOT!

Hat tip to The Lonely Conservative, where I found the following video:

Did you hear that stammer toward the beginning of his answer? Talk about a “tell,” as in poker.

Then, he followed up with saying “I” several times.

He also said “you guys” and “where we’re at.” From a Harvard grad? Sheesh.

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Friday, September 03, 2010

Stevie Ray Vaughan
Cold Shot

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The Blaze:


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Jerusalem Post:

Hamas to launch 'more effective attacks' on Israel

Report: Thirteen terror groups join together in reaction to relaunched peace talks; Hamas official hints to future suicide bombings.

Thirteen Gaza militant groups have joined forces to launch a wave of attacks against Israel, Reuters reported on Thursday.

Hamas reportedly announced after Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas launched peace talks that the 13 groups would step up "more effective attacks" against Israel.

When asked if the renewed attacks would include suicide bombings, the Hamas spokesman reportedly answered: "All options are open."

Also on Thursday, Hamas condemned the launch of direct talks, saying its goal is to "liquidate" the Palestinian cause, and accusing Abbas of allowing Israel to build settlements in the West Bank and denying refugees' "right of return."

Earlier this week, Hamas claimed responsibility for two attacks on Israelis: one, which killed four, and another that injured two. Both were shootings that took place in the West Bank.

Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh said that Abbas does not have a mandate to negotiate with Israel, and the Palestinians would not recognize any agreement.


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A TEA Party Anthem

Teachenor Clark
Never Gonna Stand For This

(thanks, anonymous)

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It Used to be a Long Way to the Top

This has nothing to do with Islam or Politics or TEA parties or Obama or any of that.

Which should be a welcome relief to everyone.

It does have to do with a favorite subject, though. The pitiful state of modern music. Especially pop and what they now try to pass off as rock.

Personally, I blame the rise of American Idle and digital music. TeeVee made it too easy to become a star. Whatever happened to slugging it out for years in bars and juke joints and other dives?

And digital music has made it too easy to get that music. Don't get me wrong, I love Itunes and my Ipod and use them all the time. But when it comes time to BUY music, I will almost always buy a cd, not the digital form. I want something I can hold. Read liner notes (remember liner notes? That used to be an artform in itself). As a friend of a friend put it buying music should still be an event. You need to pick and choose which album you think you'll like more overall. The full package. Not a chinese menu choose one tune from column A and one from column B.

It used to be you would hear a song on the radio and decide you liked it. Then it would be a few hours or a few days and hear it again, and decide you liked it even more. Time to look into it. Well, next time you got to the record store. Meanwhile, the time in between you'd savor the memory of what you heard hoping to hear it again and then be happily surprised when you did.

Finally you got to the record store with the memory of three or four tunes you had heard and now came the angst of deciding, from your meager music budget, which of the albums you thought you'd like best and then plunking down the cash.

Now, you hear a song on the radio and you can immediately sit down at your computer and purchase it. Now you have and can savor it right away. Only you find that maybe it's not so good as you first thought. But you already own it. And that, in part, is why music has gotten so crummy. Tha artists know they can just put out something quickly catchy and get you to buy it from the hook.

Of course that's only a small part of what ails modern music.

Happily there are still some bands who refuse to sell music in digital format.

I have over 600 pieces of vinyl down there in the bunker. And 3 or 4 times that much in cds spilling all over the house (as me poor long suffering wife can attest). And I hope to keep it growing.

American Spectator:

Out of Tune
By Daniel J. Flynn on 9.2.10 @ 6:07AM

Sales of albums fell in August to their lowest weekly level since Neilsen Soundscan began comprehensively tracking purchases in 1991. Merchants sold just 4.95 million albums during the week of August 8-14. Being number one isn't what it used to be.

Who's to blame? The music business points to a peculiar scapegoat: consumers. The recording industry rails against their market audience for illegally downloading tunes. The customer, apparently, isn't always right.

Trust them. It's not their fault people don't buy their product. It's ours.

Certainly people won't pay for what they can get for free. But people won't pay for an inferior product, either. Pointing the figure at consumers dodges the most obvious reason music isn't selling like it used to: most of it is not very good.

The 2000s witnessed a precipitous decline in albums sales. The volume moved in 2010 -- a figure that includes digital albums -- is projected to be less than half of that of 2000.

The best-selling album of the 2000s illustrates that the cash-register rebellion chafes not against paying for music, but against paying for bad music. The Beatles "1," a greatest hits collection whose most recent track reached number one on the charts more than forty years ago, outsold every album released in the United States during this past decade. It's analogous to Andy Griffith Show reruns generating higher ratings than everything currently in prime time or The Sound of Music triumphing at the box office over premieres in their opening weekends. That's how out of tune today's music industry is.

A combination of pop music settling for a niche- rather than a mass-audience, visually obsessed marketers dictating the sounds you hear, and corporate efficiency imposed upon art has conspired to undermine album sales. Laying all the blame on illegal downloads is an excuse that may make industry executives feel good temporarily, but ultimately prevents them from solving the problem.

Popular music has never been so unpopular. The top three songs in America right now are (3) Katy Perry's "Teenage Dream," (2) Taio Cruz's "Dynamite," and (1) Eminem's "Love the Way You Lie." Have you heard any of them? If you haven't, it's not because you live in a cave. It's because allegedly popular music now plays in caves sealed off from the rest of us. Pop music caters to a niche market of especially superficial suburban teens, urban denizens, and club-goers stuck in extended adolescence. Everybody else is pretty much left out, which explains the market void.

The music industry has been taken over by marketers who know image but not sound. Are Katy Perry and Brittney Spears really the best singers or just the best-looking singers? The massive promotional budgets propelling such acts suggest the degree to which tin-eared industry insiders think visual trumps audio even in a purely sonic commodity. Consumers have responded in kind to this insult to their intelligence.

Where would the plus-sized Meatloaf or Aretha Franklin, or the cartoonishly ugly circa-'64 Rolling Stones, fit into such eye-candy marketing schemes? They wouldn't. Only on American Idol, where the people's vote decides, do visually challenged performers get a fair shake. The noise pollution listeners have been subjected to since video killed the radio star tells the obvious part of the story. The greatness red-lighted because visually appealing inferiority got green-lighted is the overlooked greater tragedy.

Contemporary music trades efficiency for authenticity. Like so many other industries, the music industry has outsourced human talent to machines. Consumers may tolerate a computerized answering service usurping the receptionist's position, but replacing Keith Moon with C3PO hasn't made for a rush on record stores. Only slightly less offensive than drum-machine automation resulting in pink slips for actual drummers is the impulse to use synthesizers in place of musicians. Would it erase profit margins to hire a horn section instead of a keyboardist imitating a horn section? Synthesizers are to a string quartet what orange drink is to orange juice, what Cheez Whiz is to cheese, what Splenda is to sugar.

And then there are the soulless computer-perfected vocals. Would listeners really find it more appealing had a computer smoothed over John Lennon's hoarseness in "Twist & Shout"? A machine wouldn't improve Sam Cooke's vocal in "A Change Is Gonna Come"; it would only strip it of its humanity. Passion, more so than perfection, has always moved listeners of popular music. Pitch correctors and other studio gizmos remove emotions from an art form that attracts fans by appealing not to their intellect but to their feelings. Plato knew as much when he banished music from his ideal republic; 2,500 years later studio wizards don't grasp that elemental point.

One can still find good music. What's changed is that good music doesn't find you. MTV no longer stands for "music television," with its corporate moniker finally catching up to its programming. Rolling Stone is just another celebrity magazine. Once-mighty rock-radio-ratings juggernauts, such as Boston's WBCN, New York's K-Rock, and Washington, D.C.'s WHFS, have gone extinct over the last decade. One could rationalize these developments as causes of the music industry's slump. But they are primarily symptoms of it. For the same reasons listeners have shunned new music, they have shunned television stations, magazines, and radio promoting that music.

About one percent of Americans purchased albums during the August sales nadir. I confess that I am among that lonely percentile rather than the crowded ninety-nine. Eschewing illegal digital downloads for a physical compact disc, I am not part of the problem -- at least according to the recording industry. Alas, my purchase, 1979's "Repeat When Necessary," Dave Edmunds' rockabilly/power pop album considered a guitar-bass-drums throwback even upon its release 31 years ago, suggests that their self-serving self-diagnosis misses what truly ails their industry.

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Human Events:

Liberals Losing the Culture Wars
by Roger Hedgecock
Posted 09/03/2010 ET

For decades, liberals won the culture wars and, consequently most of the elections that reshaped America. More than politics is changing in this crossroads year of 2010—Americans are reasserting traditional culture. You won't read or see it in the mainstream media, but this fact is driving the political story.

The Republican Party is not resurgent (although it may be the beneficiary); America is resurgent.

Generations of Americans have never known any culture except the progressive, politically correct left.

Beginning in the 1960s, God was driven out of American public life because liberals said the Constitution demanded a separation of church and state.

Planned Parenthood was part of a campaign that convinced many Americans that killing unborn babies was really a defense of a woman's constitutional right to choose.

The ACLU sued to define "free speech" to include vandalism, sacrilegious art, and spitting on returning veterans of the Vietnam War.

Even more depressing, the drive for equal rights for liberated slaves, begun by Republicans during and after the Civil War, morphed into a liberal affirmative action program which reintroduced privilege based on skin color.

In 2010, the tide has turned.

Read more »


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Human Events:

Fear of Palin Exposes Feminists as Useful Idiots
by Lori Ziganto
Posted 09/03/2010 ET

The other day I was busily fomenting extremism and evil by home schooling my child and I ended up having to take a break in order to partake in an even further act of extremism:
Telling the Truth.

I noticed two leftist feminists unwittingly, as always, exposing themselves as being anti-woman useful idiots for the left. They were spreading lies and misinformation regarding the apparently super-frightening Sarah Palin and all women like her: you know (cue ominous music), conservative, pro-life women. I giggled at first, because it was rather amusing that it took two of them to write one tripe-filled article.

The two alleged writers, Anna Holmes of Jezebel and author Rebecca Traister, started from the premise that the left needs a “Palin of their own.” As usual for the left, everything is boiled down to gender identity politics. However, they failed miserably at their goal, due to being the perpetual victims that they are. Instead, they only exposed why leftist feminism is not only unnecessary, but also unwanted.

Let’s break down their idiocy, shall we? See, I’m willing to offer a dose of reality in response to each of their delusions. I’m good and helpful like that because, as a conservative, I believe that charity begins at home. The intelligent-deficient need aid, too.

From the start, the authors exposed their true agenda. A Palin of “our” own. Everything is about the collective with the left. They fail to realize that Sarah Palin is an individual. A person. And individuals support her, for various reasons, none of which have to do with her fancy womb. Rather, they support her for her conservative principles and her willingness to take on issues head on, without couching them in politically correct and “let’s all get along ” meaningless rhetoric. She stands up for things, unlike the current President (who never stands up for anything.) Admittedly, it is hard for him to stand up, because he’s usually too busy bowing down.
Read more »


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EU Commisioner:Jews have a “belief” that they are “always right”

Clearly, he has never been around my wife and I. I know I am wrong at least 105% of the time. Ask Mrs. Epa

Mind blower alert.

WSJ EUROPE:Karel De Gucht, the European trade commissioner, has a penchant for saying what he's really thinking. As Belgian foreign minister, he ruffled feathers across the globe. He was notoriously tough on Belgium's former colony, the Congo, criticizing corruption and emphasizing that Belgium's aid contributions gave it "the moral authority to comment on issues affecting the country." Congo subsequently banned Mr. De Gucht from visiting.

On Thursday, with the Middle East peace process in the news, Mr. De Gucht picked yet another fight. Jews, he told Belgian radio, have a "belief" that they are "always right." He described his frustration at debating the Middle East because "it is not easy even with a moderate Jew to have a conversation."

I don't know about Belgium, but all I see are moderate jews, liberal jews, and progressive Jews. However, it would seem that any discussion in which the idea of 'moderate' Jews is introduced immediately triggers a suspicion that a moral equivalence comparison is coming down the chute. Now maybe my grandfather was not moderate. He expected me to sit in temple all day on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. It was very difficult to have rational conversation with him about this. Also about the recipe for Brisket on Passover.

He continued: "Don't underestimate the power of the Jewish lobby in the capital. That is best organized lobby in the states. And they have an influence on politicians, Republicans and Democrats."

Dr. Moshe Kantor, president of the European Jewish Congress, lambasted the commissioner. "What sort of environment allows such remarks to be made openly by a senior politician?" he said. "This is part of a dangerous trend of incitement against Jews and Israel in Europe that needs to be stamped out immediately."

European Commission spokesman Olivier Bailly, pressed repeatedly on whether the commission disavows Mr. De Gucht's remarks, said only that the commission considers them "personal comments."

We will update if Mr. De Gucht clarifies his remarks later on today.

UPDATE: Mr. De Gucht issued a statement on Friday afternoon. It said: "I gave an interview yesterday to the Flemish radio. I was also asked about the Middle East peace talks. I gave my personal point of view. I regret that the comments that I made have been interpreted in a sense that I did not intend.

I did not mean in any possible way to cause offense or stigmatize the Jewish Community.

want to make clear that anti-Semitism has no place in today's world and is fundamentally against our European values."

Right. SSDD. Europe.
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WSJ - The job making machine is GONE!

US Steel 1979.jpg

It Isn't Just Lost Jobs
It's the Lost Jobs

Two basic facts will tell you most of what you need to know about the political picture today.

Fact One: The unemployment rate is the most important of all leading political indicators.

Fact Two: If the August unemployment number to be announced Friday tops 9%--which seems highly likely--the jobless rate will have been above that level for 16 straight months. Already, the U.S. is mired in the longest such stretch of 9%-plus joblessness in more than a quarter of a century.

There is little mystery, then, about why Democrats are in trouble. The party in power is inevitably blamed for so much bad news on the one economic subject that most concerns average Americans.

Yet the political debate on this point, which focuses on what can be done to get Americans back to work right now, is missing a deeper and more troubling reality: The American economy hasn't been a very robust jobs-producer for quite a while. That's the broader question that needs to be discussed, even as we work on the immediate problem.

Indeed, it has been perhaps four decades since America's economy has been the kind of roaring jobs machine that average Americans, aspiring politicians and ambitious business leaders all would like to see. Consider a few historical unemployment-rate numbers--one way to gauge the economy's performance on the jobs front.

brookly navy yard nyny-caption 540w 1944-h93234.jpg

Between 1966 and 1970, the U.S. experienced a phenomenal stretch of 48 straight months in which the unemployment rate was at or below 4%--that is to say, a stretch of four straight years when the rate was less than half of what it has been for the past year.

In the three decades since 1970, the rate has fallen below 4% for exactly four months, in the final months of 2000.

Instead, the norm has become unemployment rates in the 5%-to-7% range. When the recession of 1981 hit, the unemployment rate stood at 7.2%. It began to rise, and it took three full years before it was brought back down to that level once again--a depressing thought about how stubbornly high the rate may be as a result of the recession the U.S. is now exiting. During that stretch, the rate was at or above 9% for 19 straight months at one point.

The last two years of the 1990s were a period of consistently low unemployment, ranging between 4% and 5%. After that, job growth was only sluggish to moderate for most of this decade, even before the recession hit at the end of 2007.

It would be nice to pull out of the current jobs rut, of course. But it would be nicer still to figure out what combination of public policies and private initiatives would help the national jobs machine rev up to a higher, sustained level.

"It's an economy that hasn't been growing fast enough for a long time," says Douglas Holtz-Eakin, a Republican economist who advised Sen. John McCain's presidential campaign.

The debate over short-term fixes is familiar by now: Is stimulus spending helpful or not? Are tax cuts better than sending aid to the states? Is it better to spend federal dollars to juice the economy or to attack the deficit?

But solutions to long-term job lethargy are equally important.

There are plenty of ideas. Liberal economist Dean Baker, co-director of the Center for Economic and Policy Research, for example, says the key is attacking America's long-term trade imbalance. That requires expanding manufacturing, which, in turn, argues for pushing the value of the dollar down to make American exports cheaper. That isn't politically easy, because driving down the dollar also would drive up the cost of all those imports Americans love. Mr. Baker argues that it's a long-term job creator.

The more conservative Mr. Holtz-Eakin suggests a three-pronged attack. First, he would stop using the tax system to achieve social goals and change it to focus, almost obsessively, on fostering economic growth. Second, he would liberate corporations to devote more capital to jobs by curbing the use of them as "vessels for social benefits" such as health insurance, which would be provided in other ways. And third, he would radically improve the American education system, which is "failing to a remarkable degree in delivering to the labor force people with the skills needed to compete."

Centrist Democrat Robert Shapiro, chairman of the economic advisory firm Sonecon, says the job-creation problem arises because a globalized economy has brought an explosion of competition for American firms, limiting their ability to raise prices precisely when their fixed costs have started soaring in the areas of health, energy and pensions.

"This is a deep structural problem," Mr. Shapiro says. Its solution, he says, lies in public policies to help the private sector address those three big cost drivers.

Write to Gerald F. Seib at jerry.seib@wsj.com

The importance of solving this issue is WAY, WAY past
partisan political consideration

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TV Stations to Air Hamas-linked, Islamic Supremacist CAIR Commercials for Free?

From Atlas Shrugs:
Unindicted co-conspirator, Muslim Brotherhood proxy, Hamas-funder CAIR is, once again, resorting to bullying and intimidating to impose their Islamic supremacist agenda on America. Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas-linked CAIR is demanding that television stations broadcast their propaganda commercial for free.

Atlas readers -- heads up. Any television station that runs the Muslim Brotherhood ads for free will have to give equal time to SIOA and FDI. We will create PSAs defending individual rights and free speech (advocating for the repeal of nefarious hate speech/hate crime laws being used to impose the sharia). Atlas readers in the business, please write me off line and help us to create free ads for television. I have some mad hot ideas. If Islamic supremacists get free ads, freedom lovers do too.

Keep your eye out for CAIR propaganda. If you see these ads run, alert us and we will demand FREE EQUAL TIME. Thank you once again, CAIR, for another brilliant idea.
Pamela is turning every Stealth Jihad victory into a humiliating defeat. Way to go, Pamela.
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One Theory - Why Islamic Moderates Are So Scarce

Not bad.. worth reading and thought .. add to Judea Pearl's expression a few days back

Why Islamic Moderates Are So Scarce
It goes back to a ninth-century theological dispute.

As past statements of Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf continue to surface, many Americans have concluded that the would-be builder of a mosque at Ground Zero is lying when he calls himself a "moderate" representative of his faith. The more disturbing possibility, however, is that he's telling the truth -- that Rauf is indeed the voice of mainstream Islam.

One indication is the resounding silence from the rest of the Islamic community. If that community were truly moderate -- as we in the West understand the term -- one might expect it to distance itself from a man who blames the U.S. for the 9/11 attacks, says we have more innocent blood on our hands than al-Qaeda, and refuses to disown the genocidal agenda of Hamas.

A few brave Muslim individuals have indeed come out against the mosque, but they are exceptions. Where are the large numbers of Muslims who find Rauf's statements offensive? Where are their organizations and institutions? Why aren't they weighing in to repudiate Rauf and his apparent aims?

It's a common problem. Each time some new offense is perpetrated in the name of Islam -- whether it's the latest suicide bombing in a public square or a woman's being beaten and mutilated by her own family -- it is mostly Western leaders and the press who voice their disapproval. The more one looks for the larger Muslim community to denounce the violence, the more "moderate Islam" seems to vanish like a mirage in the desert.

Why this is so -- what happened to moderate Islam and what sort of hope we may have for it in the future -- is the subject of Robert Reilly's brilliant and groundbreaking new book, The Closing of the Muslim Mind. Reilly is a veteran of the Reagan White House, director of the Voice of America under George W. Bush, a board member of the Middle East Media Research Institute, and a frequent contributor to numerous national publications. He has made a deep dive into Muslim thought and history to discover the sources of the present Islamic condition.

The result is anything but dry. Closing is a page-turner that reads almost like an intellectual detective novel. It is among those few brave books on Islam -- others would include Samuel Huntington's Clash of Civilizations and Andrew McCarthy's recent The Grand Jihad -- that should be read by anyone who wants to understand one of the most fundamental causes of conflict in the 21st century.

Reilly does in fact locate the elusive moderate Islam -- back in the 8th and 9th centuries, when the rationalist Mu'tazilites dominated Islamic thought under Caliph al-Ma'mun. The period is often referred to as the "golden age of Islam," when that civilization produced some of its highest achievements in philosophy and science. It didn't last. In 849, the second year of the reign of Caliph Ja'afar al-Mutawakkil, the Mu'tazilites were overthrown. Holding Mu'tazilite beliefs became a crime punishable by death, and the decidedly anti-rationalist Ash'arites soon came to dominate the faith, as they would continue to do, in one form or another, through the modern era.

What makes Closing so compelling is Reilly's ability to tie seemingly arcane questions of Islamic theology to many of the characteristics of Islamic civilization that we in the West find so hard to fathom. Fundamentally, Ash'arism was a rejection of "natural law" and reason in favor of an all-powerful God of pure will and power. The idea of an ordered universe that behaves according to certain ordained laws -- whether moral or physical -- would have been understood by the Mu'tazilites. For the Ash'arites, this was blasphemy, an outrage against God's omnipotence.

In the language of philosophy, this way of looking at the world is known, somewhat confusingly, as "voluntarism." To quote Reilly, it "holds that God is the primary cause of everything and there are no secondary causes. There is no causal mediation. Therefore, what may seem to be 'natural laws,' such as the laws of gravity, physics, etc. are really nothing more than God's customs or habits, which He is at complete liberty to break or change at any moment."

While Christianity recognizes the possibility of miracles, when God intervenes to supersede natural law, in Islam every nanosecond is the functional equivalent of a miracle, the result of God's divine act. Thus there is no law of gravity, only God's will, determining moment by moment that the apple will fall from the tree. Neither is there any morality, no objective good and evil as we in the West would see it, only the arbitrary decrees of an all-powerful God. There is no "truth that is written in our hearts," only the truths that are written in the Koran, which could just as well be otherwise if such were the whim of God. As Ibn Hazm pronounced in the 11th century, "He judges as He pleases, and whatever He judges is just. . . . If God the Exalted had informed us that He would punish us for the acts of others . . . all that would have been right and just."

The problem, one might say, is obvious. In science, the repudiation of natural law meant the explicit denial of cause and effect. No wonder that the rise of the Ash'arites coincided with the decline of a once-vibrant Islamic intellectual culture after the 13th century. And no wonder that societies that exalt the power and arbitrary will of God to the exclusion of reason can hardly understand, let alone embrace, modern democratic institutions, which are founded, as our Declaration of Independence makes clear, in the self-evident and enduring truths of natural law.

Nor can we be surprised that such cultures endorse institutionalized domestic violence or rampant terrorism and the murder of innocents. As hard as it is for the secular Left to accept, Western culture is founded on and steeped in the Judeo-Christian assumption that our innate understanding of what is right is a direct reflection of God's goodness and justice as reflected in His universal law, to which even He adheres. We make a mistake when we assume other cultures are necessarily speaking the same moral language.

Is there a possibility that Islam can find its way back to the root philosophies of its golden age? There are those within Islam who want to, but -- like the voices raised in opposition to the mosque -- they are lonely, even threatened, outposts within their faith. One thing Reilly's account makes clear: Only when we move beyond the common platitudes of our contemporary political discussion and begin to deal with Islam as it really is -- rather than the fiction that it is the equivalent of our Western culture dressed up in a burqa -- will we be able to help make progress in that direction.

-- Josh Gilder is one of the founding directors of the White House Writers Group.

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Imam Calls For Geert Wilders To Be Beheaded In Internet Radio Broadcast

Wed September 3, 2010, 5:30
Feiz Muhammad:  Hate preacher calls for killing Wilders  
"Beheaded HIM"
AMSTERDAM - Dutch Muslim radicals are calling for Wilders to behead.The Call Comes From The Australian hate preacher Feiz Muhammad (40), Which intelligence agencies worldwide as one of the main jihadist ideologues, a great inspiration for Western, young Muslim radicals.
       Hate preacher Feiz Muhammad.           Geert Wilders.Photo                        
Sound recordings of this call are owned by the De Telegraaf and Dutch AIVD secret service. The call repeatedly made a speech to a protected site or Feiz jihadist, in response to questions from Dutch radicals: "We see the evil of people like dirt Dutch politician who dirty. Anyone who our learning View all portfolio items, laughs at the Islam, must be killed, Decapitate HIM, His head cut off."
Wilders shocked
The Voice Can Be Heard On The Web site of The Times. The PVV leader yesterday by The Associated Press detailed informed of the issue.Wilders says shocked last night and conducted consultations with Eric Akerboom, National Coordinator for Counter Terrorism (NCTb)."I urgently Want to know why the NCTb and the AIVD about me never informed."
Al - Qaeda
Feiz Muhammad within intelligence circles in the same breath as notorious spiritual jihad leaders and the US- Yemeni Muslim preacher Anwar al- Awlaki , a major recruiter for Al Qaeda , which seen as the inspiration behind the failed attack with a plane over Detroit . According to Ronald Sandee , former employee and director of the MIVD of an American anti- terrorist ", the call for assassination Wilders are taken very seriously " .
Read more in The Telegraph.
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Panic on the left ... but there's only arrogance and finger pointing from the Political Class

The Nation:

Who's to Blame for Sarah Palin?

Anna Holmes and Rebecca Traister think so. As they argued in their New York Times op-ed yesterday, "If Sarah Palin and her acolytes successfully redefine what it means to be a groundbreaking political woman, it will be because progressives let it happen." By not doing enough to nurture their own women leaders, Holmes and Traister say, it was Dems who cleared the way for Palin and her raging pack of grizzlies to maul our politics. Progressives "have done nothing to stop an anti-choice, pro-abstinence, socialist-bashing Tea Party enthusiast from becoming the 21st century symbol of American women in politics."

Our Quick-Fix Electorate

By Eugene Robinson

WASHINGTON -- According to polls, Americans are in a mood to hold their breath until they turn blue. Voters appear to be so fed up with the Democrats that they're ready to toss them out in favor of the Republicans -- for whom, according to those same polls, the nation has even greater contempt. This isn't an "electoral wave," it's a temper tantrum.

It's bad enough that the Democratic Party's "favorable" rating has fallen to an abysmal 33 percent, according to a recent NBC-Wall Street Journal poll. It's worse that the Republican Party's favorability has plunged to just 24 percent. But incredibly, according to Gallup, registered voters say they intend to vote for Republicans over Democrats by an astounding 10-point margin. Respected analysts reckon that the GOP has a chance of gaining between 45 and 60 seats in the House, which would bring Minority Leader John Boehner into the speaker's office.

Panic is revelatory.
Arrogance... if there is such a thing as a Sarah Palin it's all about us on the left. i.e. If Iran and Norkland are a bunch of bad boys it's because the USA did something, I don' know what, but something!
Blame ..if the republicans are about to win it's that STOOOOPID STOOOOPID electorate again. They elected that Alzheimer numbskull Regan, and that gay Bush and then his stupid son when they could have had the erudite Jean Kerreeeee !

The left deserves to lose. Because they are morons.

Obama was not elected to be whatever the hell is he really is (reality is, apparently, top secret). He was elected to be NOT BUSH. Maybe because Bush in an iconic moment, congratulated 'Brownie' during the Katrina fiasco, and cemented the nagging view of the way the Iraq occupation was handled at first, or maybe because the media painted a violently vitriolic caricature of a what they regarded as a stupid, incompetent,...but most likely both.

Now, the electorate is NOT voting for whatever the hell republicanism might be this year, they are voting for NOT DEMOCRATS (are you listening Republicans?)

This might mean Tea. It might not.

But what it means is....we don' have jobs, many of the jobs we have SUCK. We're afraid our kids CANNOT do as well no matter what we do because forces we DOMINATED are beyond our control ... foreign wages, unions, debt, the finance sector ... we hate big govt and fear it, we hate big business and fear it, we loathe big banks. We trust no one and we question if 'the parties' share our values (as EVERY POLL INDICATES).

Despite the democrats having totally, and I mean TOTALLY screwed their chances by thinking they had an ideological win in 2008, this is wide open.

Somebody is going to be the next party of the people.


It will mean something much more difficult.

Real changes which improve the lives, security, future and confidence of the people in their own govt.

The question is, can EITHER party do this?

As Pat Caddell insists (Dem Pollster), pre revolution is what he smells.

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