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Thursday, October 27, 2011

But what about YOU, Ms. Hudson? What do YOU know about Islam?

Leftist Comics Alliance is continuing their own anti-Frank Miller agenda, clearly vindictive against him for having the guts to confront Islamofascism. Their abysmal head honcho, Laura Hudson, point to a video interview on Newsarama where he said that he knows "squat" about Islam, but a lot about al Qaeda. Now I do find it odd he could say such a thing, but then he is human and can make mistakes (and I won't deny that some of his work in the past decade was mediocre). But Ms. Hudson's intentions clearly aren't altruistic, and seem to stem more from hers and the rest of that pretentious site's political positions.

Here's a challenging question: does Ms. Hudson know anything about the content of the Koran, including some of the verses featured here? Indeed, it's disturbing that someone who's allegedly criticized misogyny in comics is willing to cover for a violent ideology in real life. And it's ludicrous that an apologist like Andy Khouri, the one reads Jewish creations without even respecting them, is writing about an event to benefit victims of domestic violence. I just noticed that he's also a reader of Bill Willingham's Fables series and its spinoff titles. Even after Willingham came up with a recent story where he speaks in favor of Israel? Wow, he really isn't that true to his positions then, is he? But hey, at least he'll continue to be funny for supporting Jewish creations even as he signals his hostility.

But back to Hudson, what a shame she's the real clueless fool here, clearly not having the courage to provide any material from within the Koran to defend Islam, if she really does think there's something in that piss worth defending. All she does is show why that AOL-owned bummer is so worthless.

Update: I hadn't thought about this earlier, but Miller was probably joking in a way when he said he knows "squat" about Islam. But Hudson and company, in all their loathing bias, clearly won't consider those possibilities.
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