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Monday, October 31, 2011

Power's Back

And staying on. Saturday it was like having a strobelight on barbituates around here. Power off. Power on. Power off. Power on. Fried my computer monitor but happily mom had a spare left from when she upgraded her pc. Landline phone is still out from the branch that came down on it.

Got maybe 2 inches of very wet very heavy snow here. Throughout the county it ranged from 5 to 12 inches. In Berks alone there were/still are 65,000 without power at all. We were fortunate here.

In more ways than one. At one point during the storm I went out to look around at the growing damage when I heard the CRACK felt the snow and ice on my neck and back and remembered how to run seconds before the thigh thick widow-maker came down where I had been standing.

Elderly gentleman over in Alsace Township wasn't so fortunate. He was killed while sleeping in his recliner when a similar branch crashed through the roof of his mobile home.

So I'm back online. Got a good bit of chainsaw work ahead of me this week, though.

How'd the rest of you make out?


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Supposedly, we got 21 inches of the heavy wet stuff up here in the Hudson Valley. I say supposedly because most of it is gone - melted into nuisance puddles for the holloween kiddies to trapse around in tonight. We too lost power at around 1:50 am on Sunday in a lunatic symphony of smoke/CO2/security alarms bleeping and blaring during several back-to-back brown-outs unti it all went black and silent with a heaving hollow whoop. Power was back up by 9pm Sunday, but not without damage to my water heater. The serviceman is here for the last three hours trying to get it back up. . .to the tune, thus far $500. Hopefully, a hot shower won't be costing much more than that since it's more than a nuisance to live without hot water. Phones are still patchy - as is the internet. But not bad, overall, given the amount of wet snow. Big kudo's go out to the road, tree and utility crews for addressing such a massive issue in short order.

Monday, October 31, 2011 10:53:00 pm  

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