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Saturday, November 05, 2011


Not by the way BLS keeps stats, anyway.

Despite it being an AP report through MSNBC (Obama's Network!) we'll start out by taking this report at face value.

If only 48% of the unemployed are receiving U.C. Benefit checks, that means, of course, 52% are not.

Now, recall that Friday's unemployment number was 9.0% ("that's not great but it does show some glimmer of hope for the future").

Recall also that the "official" unemployment number as calculated by the BS BLS includes ONLY THOSE STILL COLLECTING BENEFITS


doing the backwards math I learnt in Real Estate school

the true unemployment number is a WHOPPING 18.75%!

And that does NOT include the underemployed, those working at a job far below their level but not collecting benefits anymore.

So, we'll leave them out of this for now, though not out of or thoughts by any means.

So, if the COUNTED number of unemployed is 14,000,000


using the same backwards Real Estate math

the TRUE number of totally unemployed in this country is


30 million Americans who cannot find work

Now add in all those underemployed whose numbers we do not know.

And consider these numbers may not include those who were "fired" and unable to ever collect U.C., or college students and high school grads trying to find that first job.

And consider, if this is what AP/MSNBC/Obamaco is admitting to, then the situation is likely far more grave.

The levels may approach or exceed 30%.

During the worst of The Great Depression in America the unemployment level was 33%.

Again and Again I've said the plight of the 99ers is a dire threat to the stability of our society. They will be marginalized and uncounted, unheard. And as their numbers rise, the admin will report unemployment is improving.

It's all bullshit.

That someone actually admitted it in print means there will probably be at lest one more to add to the ranks of unemployed tomorrow.

And it should come as no surprise this was released on a Saturday night so it can be forgotten by Monday morning.



Most of the unemployed no longer receive benefits
Nearly one-third of America's 14 million unemployed have had no job for year or more
By CHRISTOPHER S. RUGABERThe jobs crisis has left so many people out of work for so long that most of America's unemployed are no longer receiving unemployment benefits.

Early last year, 75 percent were receiving checks. The figure is now 48 percent — a shift that points to a growing crisis of long-term unemployment. Nearly one-third of America's 14 million unemployed have had no job for a year or more.

Congress is expected to decide by year's end whether to continue providing emergency unemployment benefits for up to 99 weeks in the hardest-hit states. If the emergency benefits expire, the proportion of the unemployed receiving aid would fall further.

The ranks of the poor would also rise. The Census Bureau says unemployment benefits kept 3.2 million people from slipping into poverty last year. It defines poverty as annual income below $22,314 for a family of four.

Yet for a growing share of the unemployed, a vote in Congress to extend the benefits to 99 weeks is irrelevant. They've had no job for more than 99 weeks. They're no longer eligible for benefits.

Their options include food stamps or other social programs. Nearly 46 million people received food stamps in August, a record total. That figure could grow as more people lose unemployment benefits.

So could the government's disability rolls. Applications for the disability insurance program have jumped about 50 percent since 2007.

"There's going to be increased hardship," said Wayne Vroman, an economist at the Urban Institute.

The number of unemployed has been roughly stable this year. Yet the number receiving benefits has plunged 30 percent.

Government unemployment benefits weren't designed to sustain people for long stretches without work. They usually don't have to. In the recoveries from the previous three recessions, the longest average duration of unemployment was 21 weeks, in July 1983.

By contrast, in the wake of the Great Recession, the figure reached 41 weeks in September. That's the longest on records dating to 1948. The figure is now 39 weeks.

"It was a good safety net for a shorter recession," said Carl Van Horn, an economist at Rutgers University. It assumes "the economy will experience short interruptions and then go back to normal."

Weekly unemployment checks average about $300 nationwide. If the extended benefits aren't renewed, growth could slow by up to a half-percentage point next year, economists say.

The Congressional Budget Office has estimated that each $1 spent on unemployment benefits generates up to $1.90 in economic growth. The CBO has found that the program is the most effective government policy for increasing growth among 11 options it's analyzed.

Jon Polis lives in East Greenwich, R.I., one of the 20 states where 99 weeks of benefits are available. He used them all up after losing his job as a warehouse worker in 2008. His benefits paid for groceries, car maintenance and health insurance.

Now, Polis, 55, receives disability insurance payments, food stamps and lives in government-subsidized housing. He's been unable to find work because employers in his field want computer skills he doesn't have.

"Employers are crying that they can't find qualified help," he said. But the ones he interviewed with "weren't willing to train anybody."

From late 2007, when the recession began, to early 2010, the number of people receiving unemployment benefits rose more than four-fold, to 11.5 million.

Using up benefits
But the economy has remained so weak that an analysis of long-term unemployment data suggests that about 2 million people have used up 99 weeks of checks and still can't find work.

Contributing to the smaller share of the unemployed who are receiving benefits: Some of them are college graduates or others seeking jobs for the first time. They aren't eligible. Only those who have lost a job through no fault of their own qualify.

The proportion of the unemployed receiving benefits usually falls below 50 percent during an economic recovery. Many have either quit jobs or are new to the job market and don't qualify.

Today, the proportion is falling for a very different reason: Jobs remain scarce. So more of the unemployed are exhausting their benefits.

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke has noted that the long-term unemployed increasingly find it hard to find work as their skills and professional networks erode. In a speech last month, Bernanke called long-term unemployment a "national crisis" that should be a top priority for Congress.

Lawmakers will have to decide whether to continue the extended benefits by the end of this year. If the program ends, nearly 2.2 million people will be cut off by February.

Congress has extended the program nine times. But it might balk at the $45 billion cost. It will be the first time the Republican-led House will vote on the issue.


C'mon -- show your solidarity with us unwashed uncounted unemployed heathen and turn this up LOUD



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Private memorials held for Fort Hood murder victims

The families of the soldiers murdered by Nidal Hasan in Fort Hood are holding private memorials for the victims. Among the things we learn here are:
No public memorials were planned at Fort Hood to mark the second anniversary of the worst mass shooting on a U.S. military installation.
Is that because the PC crowd doesn't want this to be remembered or known about? Don't be surprised if it is.
"The thing I've heard a lot of families who've lost people in Iraq and in Afghanistan (say) is that they just don't want people to forget," Kerry Cahill said. "People don't bring it up because they don't want to remind you—well, I remind myself every day. I don't want people to forget that it happened, and I don't want people to forget my father."

On that sunny autumn day two years ago, a gunman wearing an Army combat uniform stood near the front door of a Fort Hood medical building where deploying and returning soldiers received vaccines and other tests. He shouted "Allahu Akbar!"—which means "God is great!" in Arabic—and opened fire, witnesses said. Some soldiers thought it was a training exercise.

He rapidly fired, pausing only to reload, shooting at soldiers hiding under desks and those fleeing the building, according to witnesses. Capt. John Gaffaney was fatally shot after throwing a chair at the gunman. Spt. Jason Dean "J.D." Hunt, Staff Sgt. Justin DeCrow and Pfc. Michael Pearson died while trying to protect several nurses at the back of the building. The others who died, most in the front area, were Capt. Russell Seager, Sgt. Amy Krueger, Spc. Frederick Greene, Pfc. Aaron Nemelka, Pfc. Kham Xiong and Pvt. Francheska Velez, who was pregnant.

Some witnesses identified the gunman as Maj. Nidal Hasan, an American-born Muslim who was scheduled to deploy to Afghanistan the following month. His trial is set for March. If convicted of 13 counts of premeditated murder and 32 counts of attempted premeditated murder, he faces the death penalty or life in prison without parole.
And we must hope he receives the former punishment, since he really deserves it.
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The Blaze:

Meet the Oakland Developer Who Used a Shotgun to ‘Discourage’ Occupy Rioters

Posted on November 4, 2011 at 2:10pm by Becket Adams

Although some businesses have been targeted and vandalized by Occupy Oakland protesters, there is at least one businessman who refuses to be intimidated.

Phil Tagami is a well-known Oakland developer. Late Wednesday night, instead of going over paperwork or brokering deals, he was forced to defend a downtown building where he personally oversaw $50 million worth of renovations.

He also has an office there.

“We had people who attempted to break into our building,” the landmark Rotunda Building on Frank Ogawa Plaza outside City Hall, Tagami said. According to comments he made to the San Francisco Chronicle, Tagami grabbed a shotgun that he usually keeps at home, went down to the ground floor and “discouraged them.”

Although they didn’t get inside the building, vandals did scrawl graffiti on the outside walls during the post-midnight riot that broke out after Occupy Oakland’s daylong general strike, writes the Chronicle.

“I was standing there and they saw me there, and I lifted it – I didn’t point it – I just held it in my hands,” Tagami said. “And I just racked it, and they ran.”

The Rotunda Building wasn’t the only business targeted by the protesters.

“Graffiti was spray-painted on many buildings along Broadway from 14th to 16th streets. Masked vandals shattered windows, started fires and threw objects at police, including lit flares and powerful M-1000 firecrackers,” reports the Chronicle.

When the riots subsided, Oakland business owners started cleaning up the damage. Owners of Tully’s Coffee shop boarded up shattered windows. The owners of Genji, a Japanese restaurant in the City Hall plaza, spent their morning scrubbing graffiti from the facade of their business. Rite Aid and Walgreens drugstores were also tagged by protesters.

Rachel Konte, owner of Oakllectiv, said her designer clothing shop had its plate glass window smashed and hundreds of dollars of T-shirts stolen (despite the fact that, according to Konte, some protesters attempted to protect her store), writes the Chronicle.

The city estimates that it will cost up to $25,000 to replace broken windows at city buildings.

Of course, Mayor Jean Quan called the rioters “a small and isolated group.”

“It shouldn’t mar the overall impact of the demonstration and the fact that people in the 99 percent movement demonstrated peacefully and, for the most part, were productive and very peaceful,” Quan said.

Tagami wholeheartedly disagreed, saying that Occupy Oakland protest is “basically concealment and cover for anarchists who are doing this to our city.”

“We’re very concerned that a group of people can be allowed to do this type of destruction to our town and to our image without any repercussions,” Tagami said. “They need to be held accountable.” He rejected assertions that the anarchists were a small minority, saying, “No, you can’t have it both ways.”

Tagami added, “I support a peaceful protest. But it was a siege situation last night, and quite frankly, I’m glad we were here. But I never want to have to do that again.”

On a side note, guess what happened to at least one business, Men’s Wearhouse, that pledged its support for the “99%?”

It didn’t escape destruction either.

“Windows at the Men’s Wearhouse, which closed Wednesday and put up signs of support, were shattered,” reports the San Francisco Chronicle.

Broken glass is shown at a Men's Warehouse building in downtown Oakland, Calif., Thursday, Nov. 3, 2011 after a Occupy Wall Street protest earlier. Graffiti is covering a number of businesses in the immediate area around Frank Ogawa Plaza . . . Some windows also are broken, and debris is littering the street (Image: AP)


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Mark Tapson on Frank Miller's Holy Terror

Mark Tapson at Front Page Mag has written about Frank Miller's anti-jihad graphic novel Holy Terror, and how sympathisers with Islamofascism have predictably savaged the book, with the UAE based paper The National providing lip service for every vicious dissenter they can fit in, and even smearing patriotism as "jingoism". How predictable of them.

And of course, the problem they pose also lies within some corners of the comics-based press too. Speaking of which, I hadn't thought of it initially, but as I noted in this earlier post, I think Miller was making a kind of ironic joke when he said he could tell you "squat" about Islam but more about al Qaeda. Yet that's not what leftist Comics Alliance wanted anyone to think, choosing instead to make Miller out to sound like a goof. It's too bad that they've chosen to be so pathetic, but fortunately, it didn't undermine sales for Miller's new graphic novel.
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Ireland Closes It's Vatican Embassy Because "It Yields No Economic Return"

From Reuters:

VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - Catholic Ireland's stunning decision to close its embassy to the Vatican is a huge blow to the Holy See's prestige and may be followed by other countries which feel the missions are too expensive, diplomatic sources said on Friday.

The closure brought relations between Ireland and the Vatican, once ironclad allies, to an all-time low following the row earlier this year over the Irish Church's handling of sex abuse cases and accusations that the Vatican had encouraged secrecy.

Ireland will now be the only major country of ancient Catholic tradition without an embassy to the Vatican.
"This is really bad for the Vatican because Ireland is the first big Catholic country to do this and because of what Catholicism means in Irish history," said a Vatican diplomatic source who spoke on the condition of anonymity.

He said Ireland informed the Vatican shortly before the announcement was made on Thursday night.
Dublin's foreign ministry said the embassy was being closed because "it yields no economic return" and that relations would be continued with an ambassador in Dublin.

The source said the Vatican was "extremely irritated" by the wording equating diplomatic missions with economic return, particularly as the Vatican sees its diplomatic role as promoting human values.

Diplomats said the Irish move might sway others to follow suit to save money because double diplomatic presences in Rome are expensive.

It was the latest crack in relations that had been seen as rock solid until a few years ago.

In July, the Vatican took the highly unusual step of recalling its ambassador to Ireland after Prime Minister Enda Kenny accused the Holy See of obstructing investigations into sexual abuse by priests.

The Irish parliament passed a motion deploring the Vatican's role in "undermining child protection frameworks" following publication of a damning report on the diocese of Cloyne.

The Cloyne report said Irish clerics concealed from the authorities the sexual abuse of children by priests as recently as 2009, after the Vatican disparaged Irish child protection guidelines in a letter to Irish bishops.
While Foreign Minister Eamon Gilmore denied the embassy closure was linked to the row over sexual abuse, Rome-based diplomats said they believed it probably played a major role.

"All things being equal, I really doubt the mission to the Vatican would have been on the list to get the axe without the fallout from the sex abuse scandal," one ambassador to the Vatican said, on condition of anonymity.
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Pakistan Carts Its Nukes Around In Delivery Vans, To Avoid Abduction (not by Jihadists) By The U.S.

From Will at The Other News:
(Wired).Pakistan is taking nuclear paranoia to a horrifying new low. And it’s making the world a vastly more dangerous place in the process. Freaked out about the insecurity of its nuclear arsenal, the Pakistani military’s Strategic Plans Division has begun carting the nukes around in clandestine ways. That might make some sense on the surface: no military wants to let others know exactly where its most powerful weapons are at any given moment. But Pakistan is going to an extreme.

The nukes travel “in civilian-style vehicles without noticeable defenses, in the regular flow of traffic,” according to a blockbuster story on the U.S.-Pakistan relationship in The Atlantic. Marc Ambinder and Jeffrey Goldberg write that tactical nuclear weapons travel down the streets in “vans with a modest security profile.”

Somewhere on a highway around, say, Karachi, is the world’s most dangerous 1-800-FLOWERS truck.Tom Clancy should be suing Pakistani generals for ripping off the basic idea behind The Sum Of All Fears. You’ll recall that  

Pakistan is home to al-Qaida, a particularly fearsome version of the Taliban, the leadership of the old-school Taliban, its friends in the Haqqani Network and a host of anti-Indian terrorist groups that the Pakistani intelligence service employ as proxies. Sometimes the Pakistani military helps these terrorist and insurgent groups attack U.S. troops in Afghanistan

And any one of these groups would love a chance to wield a nuclear weapon. Except that Pakistan isn’t trying to safeguard its nukes from them. It’s trying to safeguard its nukes from us. The Navy SEAL raid in Abbottabad that killed Osama bin Laden has made important Pakistani generals think that the U.S. military’s next target is Pakistani nukes.  

So off the vans go, along what Ambinder and Goldberg term “congested and dangerous roads,” trying to throw off the scent of the U.S., with little more than hope to protect them from an adventurous highwayman. The irony is that the U.S. isn’t planning to steal Pakistan’s nukes — but Pakistan’s cavalier attitude toward nuclear security is making the U.S. think twice about whether it should revise some worst-case-scenario contingency planning.  

Should any of the nukes go missing, an “Abbottabad redux” would likely occur, Ambinder and Goldberg report. An anonymous military official tells the pair that the Joint Special Operations Command “has units and aircraft and parachutes on alert in the region for nuclear issues, and regularly inserts units and equipment for prep.”

Seizing Pakistani nukes during or after a military coup is a much harder mission, but the reporters consider it doable. “[I]t’s wise for the U.S. to try to design a plan for seizing Pakistan’s nuclear weapons in a low-risk manner,” Goldberg and Ambinder advise, placing a lot of rhetorical freight on the words “low-risk.”That is, if the U.S. actually knows where the nukes are.

“Anyone who tells you that they know where all of Pakistan’s nukes are is lying to you,” ex-national security adviser Jim Jones allegedly said. The Econolines of Doom make that knowledge even more uncertain.

All of which points to the self-reinforcing downward spiral of the U.S.-Pakistan relationship. U.S. cash continues to go into the Pakistanis’ pockets, and from there into the hands of anti-American terrorists.

There is, for many justified reasons, absolutely no trust between either side’s security services and militaries. There is also no alternative to the toxic relationship that anyone cited in the Atlantic piece is willing to contemplate. (When I recently suggested that the U.S. cut off aid and continue the drone war until Pakistan reins in terror groups, I got blasted on Twitter as a warmonger.)

“There is no escaping this vexed relationship,” Ambinder and Goldberg conclude, reflecting the conventional wisdom in Washington and Islamabad. Which sinks the U.S. into the nadir of absurdity. It funds a terrorist-sponsoring state while conducting a massive undeclared war on part of that state’s territory. It wants that state’s assistance to end the Afghanistan war while that state’s soldiers help insurgents wage it.

And seeking a world without nuclear weapons while its “Major Non-NATO Ally” drastically increases the probability that terrorists will acquire a the most dangerous weapon of all. 

Read and see the full story here.
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Yes, we must guard against Islamophobia, right?

Never any different.

2500 years from Xerxes adviser Haman, the son of Amalekite kings.

Ignorance is king.

A nationwide survey of the American people released today by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) found that anti-Semitic attitudes have risen slightly in America, demonstrating once again that “anti-Semitic beliefs continue to hold a vicegrip” on a small but not insubstantial segment of America.

The ADL survey (.pdf) found that 15 percent of Americans – nearly 35 million adults – hold deeply anti-Semitic views, an increase of 3 percent from a similar poll conducted in 2009, and matching the levels of anti-Semitic propensities recorded in the U.S. in 2005 and 2007. Over the last decade, the highest level of anti-Semitic attitudes was reported in 2002, when an ADL poll found 17 percent of Americans harbored anti-Jewish attitudes.

The 2011 Survey of American Attitudes Toward Jews in America, a national telephone survey of

1,754 adults, was conducted October 13-23 by Marttila Strategies of Washington, D.C. and Boston. The margin of error is +/-2.8 percent.

“The fact that anti-Semitic attitudes have increased significantly over the past two years is troubling and raises questions about the impact of broader trends in America – financial insecurity, social uncertainty, the decline in civility and the growth of polarization – on attitudes toward Jews,” said Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director. “It is disturbing that with all of the strides we have made in becoming a more tolerant society, anti-Semitic beliefs continue to hold a vicegrip on a small but not insubstantial segment of the American public.”

I’d say, you have to be kidding me, right? But obviously, I cannot.

I grew up in the Bronx in the 1950’s. In my memory the neighborhood near 1832 Bryant Ave, just off the Cross Bronx Expressway where it crossed Boston Rd, was about 30% white, 30% black, and 30% puerto rican. NOBODY THOUGHT SHIT ABOUT IT. The white population was about half jewish, and the remainder was about evenly split between italian and everybody else.

We learned about the Holocaust in history about 4-5th grade. I thought it was over and we’d never have to face anything like that again. Integration was starting as Selma and civil actions began, and frankly, in my neighborhood, in my family our imaginations saw another kind of future.


But now, with a 62nd birthday looming, it’s obvious that human nature is in the way.

15% of Americans hold deeply antisemitic views?

Impossible to comprehend. About 1 of every 6 people?

If that is so, imagine the rest of the world.

Then, Israel must survive.

Or one day, jews will not.


• Fourteen percent (14%) agreed with the statement that "Jews have too much power in the U.S. today," an increase from 13 percent in 2009.

• Fifteen percent (15 %) agreed that Jews are "more willing to use shady practices," up slightly from 2009.

• Sixteen percent (16%) agreed that Jewish "business people are so shrewd, others don't have a chance," up from 13 percent in 2009.

• Thirty percent (30%) believe that Jews are "more loyal to Israel than to America," a percentage that has remained virtually unchanged since ADL's benchmark survey in 1964, despite the changing makeup of the U.S population.

• Nearly half of all respondents agreed with the statement that Jews "stick together more than other Americans, and 33 percent said they believe Jews "always like to be at the head of things."

• A surprisingly large number of Americans continue to believe that "Jews were responsible for the death of Christ." Thirty-one percent (31%) of Americans agreed with that statement. One-quarter of Americans believe that Jews "still talk too much about what happened to them in the Holocaust."

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Unions and #OccupyWallStreet Reveal Their Hidden Agenda: A Worldwide Financial Tax 

From Will at The Other News:
If there’s one thing about the Marxists controlling today’s unions, it is that they are predictable. If you watch them long enough, the pattern is always the same: Demand the extreme with something attainable in mind as the fallback position.In labor relations, the making of outrageous demands is a classic negotiating tactic at the bargaining table because union negotiators know company negotiators will only agree to what they are willing to based on business economics.  

In politics, however, the union tactic is an absolute winner because their prey (politicians, many of whom are bought by unions anyway) always fall for it and, besides, it’s only the taxpayers who are stuck with the tab.

One thing though, whether at the bargaining table or in politics, unions always reveal their hidden agenda—eventually.In the case of the #OccupyWallStreet, union bosses were eager to capitalize on a slick ad campaign and some miscreant professional protesters to create a “movement” to aid their own sagging fortunes.

Despite the multiplerapes, the assaults and drug dealing, open sex, public masturbation, anti-American rants, and violence, from the beginning, unions were eager to jump on board with the Neo-Communist squatters, their anti-Semites and their useful idiots in lower Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park.

Since then, unions have paid for protesters, water, food, legal fees, advertising and, in West Virginia, the AFL-CIO has even offered its property to use as a new “occupy” site.

Despite their more ambitious young allies who have called for the seizing private property and the “de-privatization of everything,” however, unions have known that their movement wouldn’t lead to a fully Marxist nation (yet) and, as a result, have had a more attainable goal in mind from the beginning. In addition, with winter approaching, union bosses know they need to being this movement to a close sometime soon and, up until now, they haven’t formally issued their real demands.

On Thursday, the #OccupyWallStreet and union movement will be taking is carnival show on the road to the U.S. Treasury building in Washington, D.C. What is their agenda? To protest for a worldwide tax on all financial transactions involving the purchase or sale of stocks, bonds, commodities, unit trusts, mutual funds, and derivatives such as futures and options. They call it the “Robin Hood Tax.”
Via The Hill: Organizers estimate more than 1,500 union members from more than 20 labor groups, including the AFL-CIO, the American Federation of County, State and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) and the Communications Workers of America (CWA), will be outside the Treasury Department Thursday to call for what has become known as the “Robin Hood Tax.” 
Occupy Wall Street protesters also are being bused in from New York by National Nurses United (NNU) — yet another example of the evolving relationship between labor and the protesters that have targeted the financial sector. 
Karen Higgins, co-president of the NNU, told The Hill that instituting a financial transactions tax could help fund social programs that are under threat. 
“This is actually the first step to do something concrete and beneficial and not harm others by taking money out of social programs that help people survive,” Higgins said. “It is only reasonable that Wall Street contributes its fair share.” 
Never mind the fact that the “social programs” that are bankrupting Europe and America with insurmountable debt are largely union driven, the union solution is to raise more revenue through a global tax
It’s actually not a new idea. In fact, AFL-CIO boss, Richard Trumka, has been talking with the European socialists for over a year about it, has kept it in his dialogue throughout his support of the #OccupyWallStreet movement, and is now in Europe at the G-20 Summit protesting for it.
From the AFL-CIO: One key part of the plan global [union] leaders will be calling for is a global financial speculation tax. In the U.S., a tiny tax on financial transactions could raise hundreds of billions in revenue that could fund education and create jobs rebuilding our country, while discouraging speculation and encouraging long-term investment.

Both Warren Buffett and Pete Peterson have urged Congress to consider a financial speculation tax. At the G-20 meeting, Bill Gates will be making proposals about financing for development.While international labor leaders push for a speculation tax during the G-20, the AFL-CIO will join working people from the area, participants from Occupy Wall Street and the National Nurses Union at a rally in Washington, DC on November 3 to call on U.S. elected officials to support the global movement for a financial transaction tax to help heal global economies.

It’s likely been part of #OccupyWallStreet’s grand plan all along, as the originator, adbusters’ Kalle Lasn mentioned in a Salon piece on October 4th and again on October 18th which, coincidentally, the National Nurses’ United also mentioned it on the same day in a press release supporting the Worcester, Massachusetts occupation. 

Incidentally, Bill Gates (referenced above), Warren Buffet and George Soros (of Zuccotti Park ownershipfame) are all supporting the Robin Hood Tax.So, for those #OWS empathizers on the Right who thought this is just a movement of frustrated, out-of-work Americans: As usual, you’ve been played by better tacticians and negotiators from the Left.Of course, there is one thing you can be certain of: Regardless whether unions fail at achieving the Robin Hood Tax during America’s fall, the weather will warm up by April and they will be back in the streets through next November. [You can take that one to the bank...so to speak.]
Read the full story here.
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Mohammed Hebdo

Thanks to Alexander Munch

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NYSE Director, Home Depot Co-Founder on OWS: "They Don't Know What They Want To Be When They Grow Up"

"The kids downtown, I'd view them as babies in adults' bodies," Langone said in a live interview. "I don't think they know what they want to be when they grow up."


"The generation of children in public schools in America today is the first generation that's going to have a lower literacy rate than the previous generation," Langone said. "There are jobs all over, but you need to be able to count."

Let me tell you the biggest down side of the welfare state. We are taking the self-respect of these people away. During the depression, my grandfather who went to -- he left school at 6 years old and he had a shovel in his hand his entire life. During the depression, my grandfather refused to go with what was called home relief. Refused it. He said, no, I'm gonna go out and work. I see taking away people's dignity by them believing they're living off somebody else. and that's the biggest -- that's the highest price we're going to pay over the long term.
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Good news: Pentagon study said "Islam is an ideological engine of war (Jihad)." Bad news, nothing was done about it

From Paul Sperry:
Washington's policy-makers have been careful in the war on terror to distinguish between Islam and the terrorists. The distinction has rankled conservatives who see scarce difference.

A little-noticed speech by President Bush in October gave them some hope. In a major rhetorical shift, he described the enemy as "Islamic radicals" and not just "terrorists," although he still denies that radicalism has anything to do with their religion.

Now for the first time, a key Pentagon intelligence agency involved in homeland security is delving into Islam's holy texts to answer whether Islam is being radicalized by the terrorists or is already radical. Military brass want a better understanding of what's motivating the insurgents in Iraq and the terrorists around the globe, including those inside America who may be preparing to strike domestic military bases. The enemy appears indefatigable, even more active now than before 9/11.

Are the terrorists really driven by self-serving politics and personal demons? Or are they driven by religion? And if it's religion, are they following a manual of war contained in their scripture?

Answers are hard to come by. Four years into the war on terror, U.S. intelligence officials tell me there are no baseline studies of the Muslim prophet Muhammad or his ideological or military doctrine found at either the CIA or Defense Intelligence Agency, or even the war colleges.

But that is slowly starting to change as the Pentagon develops a new strategy to deal with the threat from Islamic terrorists through its little-known intelligence agency called the Counterintelligence Field Activity or CIFA, which staffs hundreds of investigators and analysts to help coordinate Pentagon security efforts at home and abroad. CIFA also supports Northern Command in Colorado, which was established after 9/11 to help military forces react to terrorist threats in the continental United States.

Dealing with the threat on a tactical and operational level through counterstrikes and capture has proven only marginally successful. Now military leaders want to combat it from a strategic standpoint, using informational warfare, among other things. A critical part of that strategy involves studying Islam, including the Quran and the hadiths, or traditions of Muhammad.

"Today we are confronted with a stateless threat that does not have at the strategic level targetable entities: no capitals, no economic base, no military formations or installations," states a new Pentagon briefing paper I've obtained. "Yet political Islam wages an ideological battle against the non-Islamic world at the tactical, operational and strategic level. The West's response is focused at the tactical and operation level, leaving the strategic level -- Islam -- unaddressed."

So far the conclusions of intelligence analysts assigned to the project, who include both private contractors and career military officials, contradict the commonly held notion that Islam is a peaceful religion hijacked or distorted by terrorists. They've found that the terrorists for the most part are following a war-fighting doctrine articulated through Muhammad in the Quran, elaborated on in the hadiths, codified in Islamic or sharia law, and reinforced by recent interpretations or fatwahs.

"Islam is an ideological engine of war (Jihad)," concludes the sensitive Pentagon briefing paper. And "no one is looking for its off switch."
 Go read the whole thing.
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Guy Clark

Dublin Blues

Hemingway's Whiskey

Randall Knife

Black Diamond Strings

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Friday, November 04, 2011

"Change" And Marxism
The left’s push for “change” is stunningly familiar to me: I worked for Ceausescu.

From PJM:
Occupy Wall Street is an un-American movement generated by an un-American depiction of our country. In 2008, the leaders of the Democratic Party painted the United States as a “decaying, racist, capitalist realm,” unable to provide medical care for the poor, to rebuild her “crumbling schools,” or to replace the “shuttered mills that once provided a decent life for men and women of every race.”

A young generation of Americans, who had never been taught real history in school, became galvanized by the Democratic Party’s pledge to “change” that rotting America. Some eighty thousand of them gathered in front of the now famous pseudo-Greek temple resembling the White House that had been erected in Denver, shouting for “hope and change.”

Of course, people everywhere want their political leaders to be better than their predecessors. But “change” is also the quintessence of Marxism, which is built on the dialectical materialist tenet that quantitative changes generate qualitative transformations. 

In my other life, when I was national security adviser to Communist Romania’s President Nicolae Ceausescu, I wrote the lyrics of his ode to “change.” Ceausescu pretended that his predecessor had devastated the country, and he pledged to change that change. In those days I heard that ode to change a thousand times, and today I am stunned by its similarity with the Democratic Party’s “change.”

“Change” is now the slogan of the Occupy Wall Street movement as well. Capitalism is evil, and it should be changed. “Rediscover other ways of relating to each other and the world around us.” “Tax the rich! Redistribute their wealth.” “Occupy. Block. Strike. Take over!” “Change! Cuba is the future.” “Long live Che!” These are just a few of the slogans and signs dominating the Occupy Wall Street encampments.

Today it is not politically correct even to whisper the word Marxism. Nevertheless, there is a real and organic connection between Marxism, the Democratic Party’s “Change,” and the Occupy Wall Street movement’s calls for abolishing (American) capitalism. In his Manifesto, Marx portrays “America” as a “racist capitalist country” that generated “despotism and exploitation,” and he urges his followers to “eradicate [American] capitalism” by wresting “by degrees, all capital from the bourgeoisie.” Marx advocates ten “despotic inroads on the rights of property,” which became known as the Ten Planks of Communism. The first is the “abolition of property.” The next two are a “heavy progressive or graduated income tax,” and the “abolition of all rights of inheritance.”

The United States spent too many years fighting Marxism, and its free population of independent entrepreneurs will never succumb to that heresy. Be that as it may, Marx’s Manifesto of the Communist Party has endured to turn 162 years old this year, and the remaining Marxists of the world seem to be clamoring to see their fantasy finally come to pass: the eradication of American capitalism.

On October 6, 2011, in a broadcast in English, the Cuban radio station that calls itself “A Friendly Voice Around the World” announced that the Workers World Party (WWP) had decided to join the Occupy Wall Street demonstrations “against the capitalist system and in favor of a socialist future.” Radio Havana also reported that a WWP conference to be held on October 8 and 9 in the Bronx in New York City would debate, “from a Marxist perspective,” America’s current economic crisis and its “fight against racism and imperialist wars.”

On October 10, people carrying Workers World Party signs calling for the “Destruction of Capitalism” joined the Occupy Wall Street demonstrators. “Behead bankers and the rich who won’t give up wealth,” a demonstrator stated. “Immediate across-the board debt forgiveness for all,” others demand. They also want a guaranteed living wage income regardless of employment, along with a minimum wage of twenty dollars per hour — for now.

The WWP is a Marxist party that was financed by the Soviet KGB during the days when I was at the top of its community. The KGB created the WWP in 1957, with the initial task of helping the Kremlin to generate a favorable impression of the 1956 Soviet invasion of Hungary among the trade unions and the “colored” population of the United States. In 1959, the WWP got its own newspaper, Workers World, edited by the KGB’s disinformation department and at one time printed in Romania. To camouflage Moscow’s hand, the early issues showed both Lenin and Trotsky holding up a banner saying, “Colored and White Unite and Fight for a WORKERS WORLD.”

The WWP website now states: “We’re independent Marxists” whose “goal is solidarity of all the workers and oppressed against this criminal imperialist system.”

Currently, the WWP has a national office in New York and 18 regional headquarters across the United States, the addresses of which are posted on the internet. Now the WWP represents itself as a “national Marxist-Leninist party promoting socialism, supporting working class struggles and lesbian/gay/bi/trans liberation, organizing protests, and denouncing racism and sexism.”

On October 11, the Communist Party USA (CPUSA) held a national teleconference to discuss the “Occupy” movements, and also to endorse them: “The movement reflects a new level of class-consciousness.” According to its communiqué, the CPUSA and Young Communist League (YCL) began “working in ‘Occupy Los Angeles.’”

“The bourgeoisie won’t go without violent means,” a CPUSA speaker shouted at an Occupy Los Angeles demonstration. “No, my friend. I’ll give you two examples: French Revolution and Indian so-called Revolution. … India, the result of Gandhi, is 600 million people living in maximum poverty. … Gandhi today is a tumor that the ruling class is using constantly to mislead us. French Revolution made fundamental revolutions. But it was bloody. … Long live Revolution! Long live socialism!”
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From Ace:

The White House on Friday all but refused to turn over the documents House Republicans have subpoenaed on bankrupt solar firm Solyndra, firing off a letter saying the request would put an "unreasonable burden on the president's ability to meet his constitutional duties." The feisty response appears to set up a clash between congressional investigators and the White House over the sprawling probe into Solyndra's finances and the administration's involvement in the decision to provide the struggling company a $528 million loan with taxpayer money.

White House Counsel Kathryn Ruemmler, in her letter, scolded GOP lawmakers for demanding more documents, noting the Obama administration has already turned over 85,000 pages of documents in the course of their investigation. Without explicitly refusing to comply with the subpoena, Ruemmler repeatedly described the order as "overbroad."
"The Committee's extremely broad request for documents -- now a subpoena -- is a significant intrusion on Executive Branch interests," she wrote, saying she can only conclude the subpoena was "driven more by partisan politics than a legitimate effort to conduct a responsible investigation."
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Page & Plant
Babe I'm Gonna Leave you

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Action Alert from ACT! for America

The grassroots national security organization, ACT! for America, sent out a recent message about the Open Fuel Standard legislation. Here is the message they sent to their subscribers:


Last week, ACT! for America President, Brigitte Gabriel, and Director of Government Relations, Lisa Piraneo, were up on Capitol Hill for various meetings and events designed to educate our federal legislators about the connection between OPEC’s price fixing of world oil prices and how that threatens our national security.

In addition to a full day’s worth of meetings with Members of Congress from both sides of the political aisle, Brigitte participated in an important roundtable discussion about this issue for Hill staff, as well as a press conference with Congressmen John Shimkus (R-IL), and Eliot Engel (D-NY), sponsors of H.R. 1687, the Open Fuel Standard Act.

NASCAR driver Kenny Wallace and President Ronald Reagan’s National Security Advisor, Robert McFarlane, joined Brigitte and Lisa during their day on the Hill. In each of the meetings, Brigitte’s passionate words about the connection between OPEC’s manipulation of the world’s oil market pricing — and its ties to terror financing — captivated the Members of Congress and their staff.

In particular, Brigitte and coalition members spoke with Members of Congress about support for the Open Fuel Standard (OFS) Act (H.R. 1687 in the House and S. 1603 in the Senate) as a commonsense first step in breaking OPEC’s chokehold on oil prices.

Immediate progress has come out of these meetings. Already, one Member of Congress who was a part of the OFS meetings last week — Rep. Dan Burton (R-IN/5th) has “seen the light” and signed on to the legislation as a cosponsor. He joins the growing group of Congressional cosponsors this vital legislation has already attracted.

Contrary to what some believe, Canada does not supply the largest share of America’s imported oil. OPEC does. Even if we could purchase largely from our own domestic supplies and our northern neighbor, it will not destroy OPEC’s monopoly on the worldwide price of oil, nor will it decrease the terrorism that is funded through OPEC oil funds.

Why? Oil is fungible. Fungibility is the property of a good or a commodity whose individual units are capable of mutual substitution, such as crude oil, wheat, precious metals or currencies. For example, if someone lends another person a $10 bill, it does not matter if they are given back the same $10 bill or a different one since currency is fungible. If someone lends another person their car, however, they would not expect to be given back a different car, even of the same make and model, as cars are not fungible.

As long as OPEC controls enough of the worldwide oil market (and they certainly do), when they want the price to rise, they simply cut back slightly on their supply. Only a 2-3% drop in supply will typically create a dramatic rise in price.

Therefore, even if the U.S. and Canadian markets are able to generate a 10 to 15% increase in the overall supply of world oil, OPEC would simply cut back their portion of the supply accordingly for a net zero result in order to maintain the level of current pricing.

The fact is domestic oil suppliers have shown little stomach for increasing supply. Why? They like the prices OPEC’s strategy generates! This is why Governor Palin had to file suit in Alaska just to get movement on additional drilling and production. U.S. oil companies have a tendency for sitting on inventory, especially if it is likely that future pricing will be higher.

The only factor that will fundamentally reduce the price of oil is the wholesale introduction of other competing transportation fuels. This alone will finally force OPEC to its knees — and deliver a massive blow to worldwide Islamic terrorism.

To be clear, this is not about supporting ethanol, methanol, or any other specific alternative transportation fuel source. The beauty of the OFS Act is that it doesn’t support ONE particular transportation fuel — it only opens up the market to competition and finally allows the AMERICAN CONSUMER to choose from a variety of fuels for their cars and trucks. Additionally, there are no subsidies tied to the OFS legislation and there is absolutely NO COST to the Federal Government/taxpayers. New cars would cost approximately $100 more for the alcohol fuel capability, but the resulting projected fuel cost savings would be approximately $1,000 per year per car!


Please do your part today to break OPEC’s chokehold on the price of oil — and their funding of terrorism. Contact your Members of Congress through our Capwiz site and ask that they cosponsor this important legislation. We’ve made it easy to do by pre-writing the correspondence. Click HERE to reach our Capwiz site and click on the two Open Fuel Standard Act alerts (one for Representatives and one for Senators) to send your message to the Hill today.

With your support, in as little as seven years we can make our nation and our world safer for our children and our grandchildren by taking the teeth out of OPEC and providing Americans a CHOICE when they fuel their vehicles. Brazil has already reached this point. We can be next. But Congress won’t act unless they hear from you.
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