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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Disgrace: Joe Sacco's Gaza propaganda wins award in Oregon

The Oregonian says:
Joe Sacco's "Footnotes in Gaza," the presumptive favorite, won the first Graphic Literature Award Monday night at the 25th annual Oregon Book Awards at the Gerding Theater.

Better late than never.
Ugh, and they even make their own bias clear too. Better if it hadn't won anything at all, but this is a leftist paper in a leftist state like Oregon saying this. To make matters worse, that book review they link back to has the additional gall to say:
When Abed El-Aziz El-Rantisi sat quietly and listened to the memories of the massacre at Khan Younis, he could still hear the screaming and wailing over the body of his uncle.

"I couldn't sleep for many months after that," El-Rantisi told Joe Sacco three years before the Hamas official was assassinated by an Israeli missile. "It left a wound in my heart that can never heal.

"They planted hatred in our hearts."

After spending three months examining the roots of that hatred, and more than six years getting his graphic thoughts in order, Sacco doubts that peace will break through the scorched earth of the Gaza Strip.

"I hold out less hope now than ever," the Portland cartoonist said.

Yet as you quietly make your way through "Footnotes in Gaza: A Graphic Novel," and the murderous echoes of the Israeli purges at Khan Younis and Rafah, what hope and optimism remains for journalism and comics.
So they consider Israel the criminals here, not Hamas, and don't recognize the rocket attacks they launched as a crime either? Absolutely atrocious, and for that, the Oregonian should be avoided like the plague.
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