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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Fairness? FLAT TAX, ZERO LOOPHOLES, minimum earnings cutoff

Is it an accident the IRS on the phone caveats you that their advice may not be 100% accurate, and they are not responsible?
Who COULD be 100% responsible for an accurate assessment of the tax codes?
They are incomprehensible and have come to create, support and expand an industry of accountants, firms, lawyers, agents and federal agencies dedicated to ensuring NO ONE gets the accurate result so that intended or not, only those individuals and corporations with huge resources can make the most out of them.
On $3.2BN how much taxes did GE pay? If all the resources GE expended to minimize their tax exposure to the USA worldwide had gone into battery technology ….
Time to be fair by reform.
Maybe everyone below $45k is exempt and everyone above pays 14%, who knows which numbers maximize economic growth (which then maximize revenue as a result)? We can figure that one out.
The panoply of (some well intended) loopholes have got to go … from mortgage interest deduction to oil subsidies, to capital purchase breaks, to depreciation schedules from the Wheel of Fortune spins on a Tuesday
Flat tax.
Everyone pays in the same rate except those who earn too little.
Utterly fair. Everyone equally responsible.
Corporations individuals.
We can stop USING envy as fairness and BE FAIR.
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