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Saturday, October 13, 2012

France Projected to Be Majority Muslim by 2030

From Will at THE OTHER NEWS:

France Projected to Be Majority Muslim by 2030.(TMI). 

PEW statistics on projected Muslim demographics (left) and the actual projected volume of growth by using UK’s Muslim population growth as a format (right). The growth will become more rapid as the population increases. 

France - Our previously projected data on the rapidly growing Muslim population, based on UK’s Muslim growth numbers, seem to be fairly accurate. 

The UK format is important as it is well documented and appear to be quite similar in all Muslim communities across Europe irrespective of country. 

But what does this mean to the future of Europe? It means that Sweden’s Muslim population will reach 40% by 2030, France will have a 55% Muslim population, Netherlands 45%, Germany 40%, Britain 40%. 

These countries will cease to exist as a Western democracy.

Read the full story here.
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