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Monday, June 10, 2013

Edward Snowden, High School Dropout, Security Guard, CIA IT Security, $200K Per Year - You Gotta See This Man's Resume

The American Dream - I pulled myself up by my own bootstraps

From Director Blue:

Let's examine the reported resume of Snowden (dates are estimated):

• Raised in Elizabeth City, North Carolina and later moved to Maryland.

• Attended a community college, but never completed his coursework and never graduated from high school.

• 2003-2004: U.S. Army, discharged after training accident

• 2005: NSA, Security Guard, University of Maryland.

• 2006: CIA, IT security.

• 2007-2009: CIA, diplomatic cover, Switzerland.

• 2009-2013: NSA Contractor, Dell and later Booz Allen Hamilton.

 Salary: around $200,000.

What? Seriously? So a guy who never even graduated from high school (he later reportedly earned a G.E.D.) and started his professional career as a security guard, got hired by a couple of defense contractors and -- at age 29 -- was making $200K a year?
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Blogger Christine said...

He was an IT geek. Probably started playing around with computers when he was really little.

You have those kinds of brains, they don't care so much about the paper.

Monday, June 10, 2013 3:35:00 pm  

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