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Sunday, June 16, 2013

Your Sunday Political Graphic

Meanwhile, according to ABC News, these are the stories we should care about (from Fore Left!):
G8 (Syria red line), gun control (using the Sandy victims), a Senate special election in Massachusetts, Gang of Eight (amnesty for illegals), House passing a bill banning abortions after 20 weeks, and whatever comes out of the Supreme Court.

That's it. That's all ABC News thinks you should care about.

Not a CBS journalist having her computer rifled through by someone. Nope, not something you'll care about.

Not the Director of the FBI telling a congressman he knows practically nothing about the FBI investigation of the IRS Tea Party targeting, including whether FBI agents were dispatched to some of the groups WHILE THEY WERE WAITING for an answer about their applications. Just some rogue agents, perhaps.

Not any updates about who leaked national security information about Yemen and Iran, which led to phone lines of the AP being trolled without notification. Are there any indictments or firings coming? Oh right, it's an ongoing investigation so nobody can comment.

Not the James Rosen story and why he was called a "flight risk" by Eric Holder, who apparently is doing a "heckuva job" or something. And nothing on why the FBI Director (who knows nothing about the IRS investigation) appeared to contradict himself during House questioning about this last week. Not important, he's leaving anyway.

Ed Snowden and his revelations? So last week.

Not the story about bad behavior in the State Dept during Hillary's term, including allegations of an ambassador hooking up with hookers and kids and a possible cover-up.

Even the strange story about the lack of full-time IGs in the O administration doesn't garner any curiosity from the political desk at ABC.

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