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Tuesday, October 15, 2013


As a culturist, I believe we must put the mosques of the Muslims who prayed publicly, after the ban in France, on the EU list of terrorist organizations. The ban was put in place to maintain the secular nature of the French public.  Their defiance was an attempt to make the public sphere religious: i.e. Islamic. The terrorist defiance to which I refer happened on September 16th, 2011. But it is not too late: we need a symbolic act and that one will work.
The relevance of the 'culturist' designation in my proposal is that it affirms that Islam and the West (not to mention the rest of the non-Muslim world) have been at war for over a millennium. History has not ended; in 732 Charles Martel turned back the Muslim attempt to take over France (as they had done in Spain), but the Muslims have now returned with a demographic strategy, based on our weakness: the adoption of multiculturalism – the opposite of culturism.
As per the EU terrorism list criterion, these public prayers were "carried out with the aim of seriously intimidating a population" and "destroying the fundamental political, constitutional, economic or social structures." Violence can include a show of force. Nuclear deterrence provides evidence for this claim. One need not use such a bomb to cause fear in adversaries; the mere possession of it is enough. The Muslim displays of numbers work to the same effect; they say, "we occupy our streets and there is nothing you can or will do about it."
A recent author asked, "If anti-gay marriage Catholics can pray in public in France, why can't Muslims?" After all, he noted, the ban on Muslim prayer was done to confirm France's secular nature. We do not ban Catholic prayer because Catholicism is a western religion; it is not at war with the West. As a culturist, I partially wish to put the publicly praying Muslims' mosques on the terrorist list specifically to challenge that multicultural view that western nations, such as France, are just neutral, 'secular' spaces with no particular history; we are Christendom.
We must put the mosques of those who defied the ban against public prayer on the EU terrorist organization list because it affirms that we're not globalists who believe in open borders in a conflict-free, competition-free world where people don't take geo-political sides. We are not multiculturalists who believe that the West is just as Islamic as Christian; we are western culturists who believe in protecting the West. If do not affirm these basic facts, we will lose the war on terror, which is just the Muslims' means towards a larger goal: making Europe Islamic.

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