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Saturday, September 07, 2013

Pledge of Allegiance

"I've been listening to you boys and girls recite the Pledge of Allegiance all semester
and it seems as though it is becoming monotonous to you.
If I may, may I recite it and try to explain to you the meaning of each word?"
me, an individual, a committee of one.
dedicate all of my worldly goods to give without self pity.
my love and my devotion.
To the flag
our standard, Old Glory, a symbol of freedom. Wherever
she waves, there's respect because your loyalty has given
her a dignity that shouts freedom is everybody's job!
that means that we have all come together.
individual communities that have united into 48 great states.
Forty-eight individual communities with pride and dignity and
purpose; all divided with imaginary boundaries, yet united to
a common purpose, and that's love for country.
And to the republic
a state in which sovereign power is
invested in representatives chosen by the
people to govern. And government is the people
and it's from the people to the leaders, not from
the leaders to the people.
For which it stands, one nation
one nation, meaning "so
blessed by God"
incapable of being divided.
With liberty
which is freedom -- the right of power to live one's
own life without threats, fear or some sort of
And Justice
the principle or quality of dealing fairly with others.
For all
which means, boys and girls, it's as much your
country as it is mine.

Since I was a small boy, two states have been added to our country
and two words have been added to the pledge of Allegiance...

Under God
Wouldn't it be a pity if someone said
that is a prayer
and that would be eliminated from schools too?
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The Million Christian Patriot March on 9/11/113 in DC led by conservative radio host Carl Boyd, Jr and political activist Diane Atkins is expected to e big event. The purpose of the rally according to Atkins it  is a counter response to the Million Muslims March taking place on the same day.  Atkins believes their march has become a point of outrage for  many Americans. She states their rally as she understand it, is to air their grievances about their perceived “discrimination” by non-Muslim people and U.S. laws. Well last I checked, it was CHRISTIANS, not Muslims practicing their religion of Islam, being RELENTLESSLY DISCRIMINATED against in this country. Atkins goes on to say organizers have outright REFUSED to publicly DENOUNCE “radical” Muslim terror groups on national tv. Their ‘Million American March Against Fear’ website actually tries to down-play Al Qeada as not being any “REAL terror threat to be feared”, but rather, just a rag tag group of incompetent idiots “incapable of knowing that they need detonators to use plastic explosives”. Wow, REALLY??? YES, I kid you not…if you don’t believe me, go read their website! Perhaps an ulterior motive for their rally actually includes scoring some Jihad creds with “radical” muslim peeps by shoving Islam in America’s face at our Capitol? Well, game on honey!!!  Her partner in crime radio host Carl Boyd, Jr holds no punches either. He believes Islamic teaching of implementing Sharia Law is at stake in America Radical Muslim Cleric Anjem Choudary: Flag of Islam Will Fly Over “White House”. On his most recent radio program he explained the Muslim march is nothing more than a crusade and a slap in the face to every American that lost a love one on 9/11 Carl discusses Million Muslim March 8-18-13. He says  it is time for Americans to take a stand against Islamic fascism which has been creeping into America the last 15 years Sharia Law is creeping into our public school system. If we are not careful America could end up like England. England has been taken over by 1/3 or more of radical Islamic teachings and its laws reflect Sharia Law Growing use of Sharia by UK Muslims. The time is now.
According to Boyd and Atkins there will be a host of speakers ranging from pastors, political candidates, political activists, authors, singers, etc…

For more information about the March and sign up visit their Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/MillionChristianPatriotsMarch
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Egyptian Government Dissolves Muslim Brotherhood’s Official Legal Status

Obama's Dreams Going Up In Smoke?
Egypt’s army-backed government has dissolved the Muslim Brotherhood as a registered non-governmental organization, the state-run Al-Akhbar newspaper reported on Friday, pressing a crackdown on deposed President Mohamed Morsi’s movement.   
The decision applies to the NGO registered by the Brotherhood in March in response to a lawsuit that argued the group had no legal status and marks a legal challenge to Morsi’s movement as the police round up its leaders across the country. 
“The minister’s decision has in fact been issued but it will be announced at the start of next week in a press conference,” Al-Akhbar quoted Hany Mahana, spokesman for the minister of social solidarity, as saying. However, Arabic-language Sky News published a report in which the Egyptian government denied the report of the NGO’s disbandment. 
After veteran autocrat Hosni Mubarak was overthrown in 2011, the Brotherhood won parliamentary and presidential elections. The army deposed Morsi on July 3 in response to mass protests against his rule. 
The authorities are mounting the harshest crackdown on the Brotherhood in decades, killing hundreds of Mursi’s supporters and arresting many of its leaders on charges of inciting violence. There has so far been no attempt to ban its political wing, the Freedom and Justice Party.
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"John McCain is a Bought-And-Paid-For Agent of Influence for Islam"

What did I say the other day in that post for Diana West's book, American Betrayal?

I said, "John McCain is a bought-and-paid-for Agent of Influence for Islam."

Seems I'm not the only person who has come to that conclusion.

From Gateway Pundit:

McCain – A ‘Treasonous Enemy’ Within

Last Friday, a man in Prescott, AZ said what all of us have been thinking and saying — John McCain has morphed into a treasonous lapdog for Barack Obama and is licking the fascist boots of al Qaeda and the Muslim Brotherhood who comprise the barbaric Rebels in the Syrian conflict.
“We the people want you to be representative of the people and for this great nation, but for far too long now on the rest of Congress, including the executive branch of government, along with the judicial and legislative have turned your back on the American people and their core values and principles. I can say with great confidence and speak on behalf of all Americans that your actions against this country are treasonous. All of you — against the will of the American people — have aided and abetted the enemy,” said the town hall attendee. 
“You and the rest of Congress, including the president of the United States have went against the will your people in Syria regardless of your position and vote, whether it is a yes or no is still a political smokescreen,” the town hall attendee said to an irritated McCain. “I believe wholeheartedly you do not care about the will and well-being of America or its people. You lied the American people about the chemical attacks in Syria. 
The American people know that it was our government that is most likely responsible. There is strong evidence, including video, that these attacks were carried out by al Qaeda and you advocate starting a war, even maybe World War, by taking the same attack and blaming it on Assad.” 
“You swore an oath to protect us from all enemies, both foreign and domestic,” he said. “The simple irony is that the domestic enemy, now in this country, is the people in government, the Untied States. And McCain, you and the rest of the leaders are accountable for their actions. It is too bad that someone like me is not in office to hold you accountable. Because if I was in a position of power or authority, I would have you all arrested and tried for treason against my country.” 
“If you and the rest of this government are truly for the American people and representatives of us, I suggest this time you listen because nobody wants another war or strike in Syria or anywhere else,” he said. 
“I am truly disgusted that you people are my leaders,” the man concluded. He was met with a mix of boos and cheers.
An arrogant McCain attempts to dress down this brave man by touting his tenure in AZ and says Americans approve of his performance. No we do not you asshat. You need to go as do all the other progressives in the House and Senate.

For the life of me, I do not know why you have stayed in office in Arizona. A large part of my family lives there and I have lived there too. McCain is roundly despised in Arizona. All I can fathom is he is the lesser of offered evils and the progressive political Republican machine on the right is well organized there.

The Tea Party needs to boot his sorry butt to the curb. McCain has been under the covers with Obama and the Left for far too long and that he would send our proud military — our sons and daughters, wives and husbands — to be mercenaries for radical Islam is a disgrace.

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Rodman is a madman!

CBS/AP/ September 7, 2013, 8:34 AM

Rodman has harsh words for Obama, great ones for Kim Jong Un

Retired NBA star Dennis Rodman left North Korea Saturday, professing his affection for autocratic leader Kim Jong Un and angrily rejecting calls to lobby for the release of imprisoned American citizen Kenneth Bae.
Despite earlier calling on Kim to set Bae free, Rodman said the Christian missionary's fate was none of his business.
"Guess what? That's not my job to ask about Kenneth Bae," Rodman told reporters upon arrival at the airport in China's capital, Beijing.
"Ask (President Barack) Obama about that. ... Ask Hillary Clinton. ... Ask those [expletive]." a visibly agitated Rodman shouted, referencing the former secretary of state.
Chomping an unlit cigar, the typically flamboyant Rodman displayed a stack of photos showing him hugging Kim, laughing and conversing with him over a meal, and the two of them watching a basketball game together.
The NBA Hall of Famer and five-time championship winner said the two had formed a close bond over the course of his two visits to the isolated communist dictatorship.
He's my friend for life. I don't care what you guys think about him. I don't give a [expletive] what people around the world think about him. But he's my friend. And you saw it on the pictures. He's my friend," Rodman said. 

I was clearly wrong in hoping that Rodman would have a moment of lucency and at least ATTEMPT to talk to Kim about Bae.
It's takes a madman to be friends with a madman.
Go suck dick Rodman!
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Finally, We Have A Long-Term Approach To Destroying Islam: Give All Our Lefties The Sex-Changes They Lust For, and Lob Them Into Muslim Territory

Here is a former British Soldier who has

1) converted to Islam


2) undergone a sex change to be a "woman".



I remember reading of Medieval armies attacking a walled city, and lobbing dead bodies into the walled city to spread disease, either killing all the residents, or smoking them out of the city.

We should do this to the Muslims.

Let's just take all the Lefties who are rotting out our Civilization, and force them to have sex changes, and then lob them into Muslim nations, so they can campaign for "Human Rights" and "Global Warming", and Transgender issues, and all the other oh, so important things Lefties go on and on about.

They can spread all their Leftie disease throughout Islamic lands, and then, as Ronald Reagan said, "WE WIN, THEY LOSE. That's my strategy."

If I was leader of the Free World (and you don't want me to be, because I'd be a combination of Andy Kaufman and Caligula), this is what I'd do.

I'd round up all the Leftist Treason artists, say, 100,000 of them, 

and I'd force them to have sex-change operations, 

and then I'd fly them into Muslim lands that we were occupying, 

and I'd give those Trans-gendered mutants picket signs touting their favorite causes, 

like abortion, Transgender issues, and Global Warming, 

and I'd parade them around Mosques, 

holding those picket signs 

and I'd force them to chant slogans like, 

"We're here, We're Queer, and we'll take Mohammed's rear" 

and I'd film this and broadcast it around the world.

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NYPD Enforcing Dhimmi Laws?

From Vlad:

1. NYC police enforce non-muslim dhimmitude in New York (h/t Golem Bar)
“I came out to find my legally parked van blocked in by illegally parked cabs. I asked a wandering traffic cop to give the cab a ticket since he was making me late for my next appointment. I was told, 
“we are not allowed to ticket the taxis because they were worshiping in the mosque around the corner.” 
There was no way for me to leave and I had my worker on the clock as well. This is particularly infuriating because if I let my meter expire 1 minute for ANY reason, I am guaranteed a $130 ticket from these ****suckers. If I said I was praying in a church they would also laugh out loud as they wrote me a non dismissable ticket. Sorry for my somewhat racist and incorrect outburst about it being a day before the anniversary of 9/11. I was pretty twisted with these pricks. 
Occurred On: Sep-6-2013

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Hollywood, Obama, And Syria

What kind of reasoning is the following?  Are they afraid that they are closet racists after all?

From Ed Asner Explains Hollywood Silence on Obama, Syria: They 'Don't Want to Feel Anti-Black':
In 2003, ahead of a U.S. attack on Iraq, a robust anti-war movement in Hollywood included [2] a TV commercial starring Martin Sheen and Sean Penn visiting Baghdad. There were online petitions signed by Ed Asner; letters to President George W. Bush pleading for peace were signed by Matt Damon, Tim Robbins, Barbra Streisand and Alec Baldwin; former M*A*S*H star Mike Farrell fronted multiple press conferences where celebrities denounced war. In interviews, Janeane Garofalo stopped identifying herself as an actor -- she preferred to be called a member of the U.S. anti-war movement.

The good news for President Barack Obama as he considers a military response against Syria for using chemical weapons against rebels is that he probably won't have to deal with a similar anti-war movement from Hollywood. But that's not because there isn't opposition. It's just not organized, and, as Asner and Farrell – two of the industry's most vocal progressive activists -- told The Hollywood Reporter [9] Friday, perhaps it never will be.

While some conservatives see hypocrisy [10], Farrell says that an all-out war in Iraq under Bush, a Republican who was very unpopular in Hollywood, was a much bigger deal than potential missile strikes against Syria under the direction of Obama, a Democrat who drew millions for his campaigns from showbiz industry donors....
Read more HERE. Asner has quite a rant.

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I Hope You Had The Time Of Your Life

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I Taught Myself How To Grow Old

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Obama’s Brother, Malik Obama, Wanted On Egypt’s Terror Watch List For Muslim Brotherhood Leaders

Mara Zebest is my new favorite blogger.

From Gateway:

Walid Shoebat is now reporting that Obama’s Brother (Malik Obama) is headed for Egypt’s Terror Watch List and reminds the readers of all the evidence mounting for his involvement with the Muslim Brotherhood.
Recall that the same IRS that stalled on processing paperwork for conservative groups, suddenly gave preferential treatment to Malik Obama’s charity, which is linked to a genocidal regime.
Shoebat.com reports the following:
Several prominent Egyptian media sources are reporting that Malik Obama, half-brother to President Barack Obama is quickly becoming a person of interest in that country relative to his role with the Islamic Da’wa Organization (IDO) – based in bordering Sudan – and the larger Muslim Brotherhood umbrella group. Complaints have been filed with Egypt’s Prosecutor General that call for Malik to be put on Egypt’s terror watch list and brought in for questioning about his role in financing terrorism.
The following is a direct translation from an article from Youm7:[...] Complaint No. 1761 for the year 2013 reported to the Attorney General asked the Egyptian High Court to consider the suspicious activity of a group called the Islamic Da’wa Organization (IDO), which is owned and managed by Malik Obama.This group is now being investigated by international bodies and the attached evidence proves beyond a reasonable doubt that a close link exists between Malik Obama and some of the most notorious characters already wanted for their involvement in terrorism, as is consistent with the pictures and reports attached…The complaint also asks the court to bring in Malik Obama – a resident of the United States – to be questioned in regards to the terrorist groups in Egypt, whether by inciting or participating with or in any form of support punishable by law. It seeks permission to declare Obama a defendant in his right outside Egypt diplomatically, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. In the case of non-appearance and compliance for the investigation, the complainant requestsmonitoring [Mr. Obama] by including his name on all Egyptian airports and ports, and take the necessary legal steps.” {emphasis ours}Read more here.
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On The Transmigration of Souls

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Standoff In The Mediterranean

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Way to work it



ST. PETERSBURG (The Borowitz Report)—Hopes for a positive G20 summit crumbled today as President Obama blurted to Russia’s Vladimir Putin at a joint press appearance, “Everyone here thinks you’re a jackass.”
The press corps appeared stunned by the uncharacteristic outburst from Mr. Obama, who then unleashed a ten-minute tirade at the stone-faced Russian President.
“Look, I’m not just talking about Snowden and Syria,” Mr. Obama said. “What about Pussy Riot? What about your anti-gay laws? Total jackass moves, my friend.”
As Mr. Putin narrowed his eyes in frosty silence, Mr. Obama seemed to warm to his topic.
“If you think I’m the only one who feels this way, you’re kidding yourself,” Mr. Obama said, jabbing his finger in the direction of the Russian President’s face. “Ask Angela Merkel. Ask David Cameron. Ask the Turkish guy. Every last one of them thinks you’re a dick.”
Shortly after Mr. Obama’s volcanic performance, Mr. Putin released a terse official statement, reading, “I should be afraid of this skinny man? I wrestle bears.”
After one day of meetings, the G20 nations voted unanimously on a resolution that said maybe everyone should just go home.
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Friday, September 06, 2013

“I have been … doing everything I can to reduce our reliance on military power as a means of protecting the American people”

Barack Obama and a clear indication of his want, in St. Petersburg.
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Obama Again Refers To The American Military As “My Military”

The first time he did it, it sounded TO ME as if it was a mistake. I thought he had meant to say "my military advisors" and had left out the word "advisors".

But this time, it seems obvious, this man thinks the military belongs to him. It's his military.

Has any other American President in history referred to the Military as "my military"?

Has any President ever talked about any branch of government. other than the Cabinet, in this way?

What does this say about Barack Obama?
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Obama's Brain Trust Thought That Iran Would Help Isolate Syria Over Chemical Weapons Usage

You may find yourself President of the Unites States of America

From Ace:

That's it, folks. That's the nail in the coffin. We cannot go to war under this clownshow's disaster-movie leadership.

Iran was apparently their Hole Card.

Iran is enduring economic sanctions designed to slow the country's nuclear weapons program, but President Obama's team thought the regime might abandon dictator Bashar Assad over his use of chemical weapons in Syria's civil war....
"We worked with the UN to create a group of inspectors and then worked for more than six months to get them access to the country on the logic that perhaps the presence of an investigative team in the country might deter future attacks," Power said at the Center for American Progress as she made the case for intervening in Syria. 
"Or, if not, at a minimum, we thought perhaps a shared evidentiary base could convince Russia or Iran — itself a victim of Saddam Hussein's monstrous chemical weapons attacks in 1987-1988 — to cast loose a regime that was gassing it's people," she said.

Wowza, that is AWKWARD!

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Just Because

Every war needs some nice tits.

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Jamey Johnson
In Color

Mowin' Down The Roses

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China Moving Warships Toward Syria?

With a hat tip to Mark Alexander of A New Dark Age Is Dawning:

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Libs Recoil In Horror As Obama Disses The UN: I’m Bypassing The “Hocus Pocus” of The United Nations



“You know, there would be some resolutions that were being proffered in the United Nations and the usual hocus pocus, but the world and the country would have moved on. So trying to impart a sense of urgency about this, why we can’t have an environment in which over time, people start thinking this we can get away with chemical weapons use–it’s a hard sell, but it’s something I believe in.”
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Just when you think Syria is too crazy to believe…Rebel leaders in Syria were Muslim advisors to Obama administration

Bill Gertz’s Geostrategy Direct:
WASHINGTON — The leaders of the Sunni revolt in Syria included Saudi-financed advisers of the United States, a report said.
The Gloria Center asserted that Muslim advisers to the administration of President Barack Obama defected and became leading members of the Sunni revolt in Syria.
Syrian National Council political director Louay Safi. AFP/Ozan Kose
In a report titled “Blind to Terror: The U.S. Goverment’s Disastrous Muslim Outreach Efforts and the Impact on U.S. Mideast Policy,” author Patrick Poole identified a handful of Muslim advisers to the Defense Department, U.S. military and FBI now linked to Syrian rebel militias inspired by Al Qaida and the Muslim Brotherhood.
"Among the leaders of the Islamic groups favored by the U.S. government are even wanted international war criminals," the report said.
Dated June 10, the report cited Louay Safi, who for years advised the Pentagon on Islamic affairs, including the approval of chaplains. In August 2011, after a meeting at the White House, Safi appeared in Turkey as a leader of the rebel Syrian National Council. The report said Safi, now based in Qatar, has become the council’s political director.
The report said the Pentagon made Safi into an adviser despite a federal investigation that linked him to financing such groups as Palestinian Islamic Jihad, deemed a terrorist organization by the State Department. In 2005, Safi was named an unindicted co-conspirator in the trial of Jihad leader Sami Arian.
"Safi’s involvement with the Pentagon became an issue following the Fort Hood attacks, when 13 members of Congress sent a letter to Defense Secretary Gates complaining that not only was Safi endorsing Muslim chaplains for the Defense Department on behalf of ISNA, but also teaching classes on the ‘Theology of Islam’ to troops departing for Afghanistan at Fort Hood and Fort Bliss under a subcontract with the Naval Postgraduate School," the report said.
Another Syrian opposition leader who began as an Islamist lobbyist in the United States was identified as Ghassan Hitto, a businessman from Dallas. In March 2013, Hitto, supported by the Syrian Muslim Brotherhood and aligned with Qatar, was selected interim prime minister of the Sunni revolt against Assad.
Poole, a counter-insurgency consultant, also said the administration was courting those indicted on war crimes by the International Criminal Court. Nafie Al Nafie, invited by the State Department in May 2012, has been charged with planning the mass killing of civilians in Sudan’s Nuba mountains and Darfour province. The State Department invitation was canceled when more than 100 Holocaust scholars urged Obama to intervene.
A leading Muslim group that advises the administration on outreach has been headed by a Sudanese accused of crimes. Abu Bakar Al Shingieta, head of the American Muslims for Constructive Engagement, was the adviser to Sudanese President Omar Bashir during the regime’s massacre of Christians in the south.
"As these examples demonstrate, the U.S. government’s ignoring the terrorist support of its Muslim outreach partners has had a slippery-slope effect in its foreign policy by inviting members of terrorist groups and war criminals to Washington, D.C. for ‘dialogue,’" the report said.
Safi was born in Damascus where he received his early education. He moved to the United States in the early eighties where he received his B.Sc. in civil engineering, and later a M.A. and a Ph.D. in Political Science from Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan. He has written books on social and political development, modernizationdemocracyhuman rights, and Islam and the Middle East.
Safi has served as Executive Director and Director of Research for the International Institute of Islamic Thought (IIIT), editor of the Journal of Islamic Social Sciences, and President of the Association of Muslim Social Scientists (1999–2003). He has also taught at Wayne State University inDetroitMichigan, the International Islamic University in Malaysia and George Washington University in Washington, DC.
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UK Met Office (on Global Warming) Admits That We Are Seeing Things That Could Have Happened Thanks To Natural Variability

From Gateway Pundit:
(Financial Times) Cities along the US east coast face a looming “sea level rise crisis” from a growing number of disasters as severe as hurricane Sandy, according to research on links between extreme weather and climate change.
Except, sea level height increases are pretty much average for what one would expect during a mild warm period. The 20th century average was about 8 inches. The average over the last 7,000 years, since the end of the massive sea rise post-glacial age is…6-8 inches. One would expect much more during a warm period, because sea rise would be much less if not negative during the cool periods.
Human-made global warming was a factor in at least six intense weather events last year, the study shows, from the superstorm that hit New York in October to the record melting of the Arctic and US heatwaves.
Is “climate change”, ie, man induced hotcoldwetdry, involved in 4 of the last 5 winters being harsh around most of the world? How about Europe and other parts of the world having virtually no spring in 2013? How about Antarctic sea ice setting a record for growth? How about this cool year, where over 60% of the US being at or below average? How about the Arctic doing very well this year, thank you very much? How about the Arctic not being ice free in 2013 as Warmists predicted?
Climate change also had a role in Spain’s drought and torrential New Zealand rains, though natural weather variation was a leading culprit in each case, and no strong connection was found in other prominent 2012 weather events such as the US drought.
“We don’t have evidence that we are seeing things that could not have happened without natural weather variability doing its stuff,” said Peter Stott of the UK Met Office, one of the report’s editors. “But potentially climate change can in some cases add something on top.”
Of course Stott had to add in part of their religion. But what he’s mostly referring to would be localized effects from the Urban Heat Island Effect. And let’s not forget that since 2005 landfalling hurricane activity has dropped precipitously. No Category 3+ strikes since October 2005. Only one hurricane, Issac, since October 2008 (and it could be argued that Issac wasn’t a hurricane). Sandy was not a hurricane at time of landfall, per windspeed. What made it so bad was the combination of a really cold cold front.
Anyhow, admitting one has a problem is the first step in solving it. Admitting nature is the primary driver is a step towards actual science.
- See more at: http://www.thegatewaypundit.com/#sthash.C28yhegL.dpuf
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“But if we see that steps are taken that violate the existing international norms, we shall think how we should act in the future, in particular regarding supplies of such sensitive weapons to certain regions of the world.”

Putin on Syria.
But actually on Iran
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Must be a case of miscommunication

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Video: Syrian Rebels behead Catholic priest

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Walmart employee fired for using first amendment rights

Disgusting: CAIR Forces WalMart To Fire Employee For Joking About Muslims On Facebook

How many “Christian Organizations” have gotten anyone fired for the rampant and incessant criticism of Christianity everywhere? And yet somehow CAIR, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, got WalMart to fire an employee for making a simple joke about Muslims on Facebook.
A Facebook rant about Muslims by an employee of a Walmart store in Hamburg has prompted the retail giant to fire the man.
The derogatory posting on Friday morning was brought to the attention of Wal-Mart Stores executives by a member of the local Muslim community and by a national Muslim advocacy organization.The assistant manager at the Walmart on Southwestern Boulevard in Hamburg posted a photograph from behind of two Muslim women dressed in full cover and the written comments: “Halloween came early this year … do they really have to … dress like that … your in my country … get that … off!!!!!.”
The employee was identified as Terry Earsing by the Council on American-Islamic Relations, a national civil liberties organization that advocates on behalf of Muslims and had urged “appropriate disciplinary action” in the matter.
Absolutely ridiculous. I can almost see WalMart censuring the employee (even that would be too much) but to fire him is an intolerable lapse of judgement on their part.
Is this how Americans react now to pressure from groups that are perennially offended by jokes?
I especially enjoyed this comment on the post:
Hey rag head, I came to America as a child and was told, "You are in America, be American. No more Spanish and speak English. My mom waited 7 years and she had to learn English and the civics for citizenship. Now you guys come along whining and crying about being picked on. Yes, when I am behind your women, I make comments about revealing their pig faces. Only once was I asked to leave, but I said after the pig faced women get out. YES, I was picking on your women. And it was fun. Now do you want to blow each other, oops hahaha I forgot Do you want to blow each other up? don't try to do that Shiria law on my, I don't play that games. This is my country, be American

I don't know what is going to happen to my country. Things are getting out of hand here and nothing is being done about it. It seems to me that companies and people are afraid. Afraid to stand up for the rights and freedoms our country stands by. What this man did was freedom of speech, period. But, Walmart is so damn afraid of backlash that they fired an employee for using that right?

On another note, a friend of mine was in the hospital recently. Her choice of meals was between halal and crap food. Yes, this hospital is in Dearborn.

I am totally disgusted by all of this.

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