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Saturday, March 08, 2014

Obama makes great progress using soft power

Political gains:
Times of Russia

Russian interests in Ukraine’s Crimea ‘legitimate’, India says

NEW DELHI: India believes Russia has “legitimate interests” in Ukraine — a position that is opposed to the stand of the west on the latest crisis. Interestingly, China has opposed Russia’s intervention in Crimea, deviating from a long-standing support to Moscow in the UN Security Council.

A statement by ministry of external affairs on Thursday said India is “concerned at the subsequent escalation of tension, especially in view of the presence of more than 5000 Indian nationals, including about 4000 students, in different parts of Ukraine”. However, when questioned, national security adviser Shivshankar Menon said, “There are legitimate Russian and other interests involved and we hope they are discussed and resolved.”
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Direct Evidence of God Chapter 4

Gaza blast kills Hamas commander in ‘work accident’
Explosion reportedly occurs during weapons-making training, injuring 9 other members of Hamas’s al-Qassam brigades.
A Hamas commander was killed on Saturday from an “internal explosion” in the southern Gaza city of Rafah, the terrorist group announced.
According to Palestinian reports, nine other members of Hamas’s al-Qassam brigades were injured in what was deemed a “work accident”.
PM of Turkey, Erdogan and Leader of HAMAS planning future training
Hamas named 30-year-old Ibrahim Nagib al-Ghoul as the casualty from the blast.

Meanwhile, Israeli media reported that the blast had occurred during a training session on producing explosive devices.  
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Jihad gangs plotting takeover of British schools

The UK Star says Muslim gangs are using Trojan Horse tactics in school systems:
Jihadists are said to be making false allegations against school staff in an operation dubbed “Trojan Horse”.

In documents leaked to Birmingham City Council, fundamentalists say some head-teachers in the area have been forced out and predict others will follow.

Once ousted, they are replaced by supporters in key positions to encourage the school to educate children on strict Islamic principles. Boys and girls are segregated in some lessons.

The plot is said to involve recruiting fundamentalist parents and teachers to spread false allegations, such as Christian prayers being forced on Muslim children.

Birmingham City Council has alerted West Midlands Police and the Department for Education.
After many years, realists know these kind of tactics aren't impossible, certainly not after similar situations have arisen in American schools overrun with gangs.
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Malaysia bans Ultraman comics for using "allah" in the script

Trivial censorship continues in an Islamic regime, with the latest victim being manga/comics based on Japan's Ultraman:
KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia–After fighting skyscraper-sized aliens and monsters for nearly five decades, Ultraman’s heroic service isn’t wanted anymore – at least in Malaysia.

The Malay-language edition of the comic book “Ultraman the Ultra Power” has been banned because it contains “elements that may threaten public order,” Malaysia’s Home Ministry said in a March 5 statement. Another statement on Friday clarified that the ban was due to use of the term “Allah” to describe the Japanese superhero.

The move, which has drawn public ridicule on the Internet, comes amid rising tensions between majority Muslims and minority Christians over the use of the word, which means God. Malaysia’s highest court is currently weighing whether to grant the Catholic Church permission to appeal a lower court ruling that bans it from referring to the Christian God as “Allah.”

The Home Ministry imposed the ban because the character Ultraman is “an idol for children” and the use of the term Allah could “confuse” their thinking.

“If the matter isn’t curbed, it could damage Muslim’s children faith by equating Allah with Ultraman,” the Home Ministry said, in Friday’s statement.
Gee, doesn't the modern prohibition of any illustration of Muhammed under Islam also damage their "faith" by equating the "prophet" with Allah? (It was only by the 16 or 17th century that the prohibition actually began, yet there's no verses in the Koran actually forbidding it.) I don't see their logic here.
The Home Ministry has defended its decision to ban the comic, saying the term “Allah” is sacred in Malaysia and its misuse could threaten public order.

Anyone found guilty of producing or distributing the comic book could face jail time of up to three years or a fine not exceeding 20,000 ringgit ($6,146) or both.
Such cowardice, and according to this info, they're missing something:
Objections to the comic seem to stem from a translated line introducing Ultraman, which reads in Malay "he is considered, and respected, as Allah or the Elder to all Ultra heroes."

However, the controversy may be a case of 'lost in translation,' as the term kami in Japanese refers not only to the monotheistic deity but also to Shinto gods, as well as spirits and powerful forces.
Alas, the Islamists in Malaysia do not care. For them, only a monopoly on words is acceptable.
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U.S. Military Hires Muslim Chaplains With Terror Ties And Uses Taxpayer Money To Advertise Hirings In Muslim Brotherhood Magazine

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Sultan of Brunei Will Implement Sharia Punishments Such as Amputations and Stonings, Says, 'All Races Should Unite Under Sharia"

See How Moderate He Is? 
He Knows How To Wear a Suit, 
And He's So Very Handsome

From the Daily Mail:
The sultan of Brunei has rejected foreign criticism of the countries impending introduction of a form of strict Islamic Sharia law, saying it is not a backwards step. 
Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah said all races should unite under Sharia law and that the new penal code was a 'great achievement' for the small Southeast Asian nation. 
Starting in April, Brunei will begin implementing a version of Sharia that allows for penalties such as amputation for theft and stoning for adultery. 
Under limited circumstances, punishments can be applied to non-Muslim residents of the oil-rich country, according to those who have seen the law. 
Public criticism of the government is extremely rare in the country, but some citizens have turned to the Internet to express alarm at the law. 
Around one-third of Brunei's 440,000 people are non-Muslims, mostly Christian or Buddhist Chinese. 
Sultan Hassanal Bolkiah told legislators Thursday that all races should unite and support the laws, which he said were a 'great achievement for the country, and not a backward or old-fashioned step.'
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The Commercial Minded, the Naive and our Allies

The Soviet carrier program was a disaster for the USSR then Russia. They designed and manufactured several units whose propulsion were so flawed and dangerous the hardly left port (one is now the Chinese Liaoning, and another sold to India), and when it did, the lack of catapults meant the ski jump take offs restricted the weight (i.e. WEAPONS AND FUEL) the aircraft could carry.
That makes the following story rather meaningful
Naval Open Source Intel:
France continues to comply with the terms of the contract and will supply Moscow with two Mistral-class helicopter carriers, French President Francois Hollande announced. “We keep to the terms of the signed contracts. Right now we have no plans to cancel them and we hope to avoid this,” Hollande said at a press conference on Friday.

The Russian JSC Rosoboronexport and the French company DCNS signed a contract to build two helicopter carriers in June 2011. The United Shipbuilding Corporation has been involved in this transaction as a subcontractor to STX France shipyard in Saint-Nazaire.

The first Russian Mistral-class helicopter carrier Vladivostok was put to sea March 5 and went for builders sea trials in the French port of Saint-Nazaire.
Of course, this kind of ship is PRECISELY what would be required to duplicate the Crimean operation far further from shore.
When the Israelis wanted to sell their Phalcon Airborne Early Warning system to China in the early part of the last decade, Mr. Bush said, ‘are you crazy?’ and that ended.
Now we say nothing. Do nothing. Contemplate nothing.
Like finding your wife cheating on you and then she claims as ling as she is there for you, what difference does it make?
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UPDATED --- Malaysian Airlines Loses Contact With Jet Airliner En Route To Beijing - 239 People On Board and Feared Dead - I Can't Imagine It Has Anything To Do With Muslims

It was probably the Buddhists.


From our favorite Anonymous commenter:

Austrian Christan Kozel has been confirmed as safe and well by authorities.

He said his passport was stolen when he visited Thailand two years ago, Austrian newspaper De Standard reports.

(id's mentioned in comments at link above)

Luigi Maraldi was/is definitely NOT on the missing flight.

He has phoned his family from Thailand to tell them he is alive and well.
Noted in a comment at FreeRepublic: last year, Boeing directed operators of its various jets to replace Honeywell Emergency Locator Transponders on their aircraft. The models involved included the 777-200. A Honeywell transponder on a 787 owned by Ethiopian Airlines caught fire on the ground in London and heavily damaged the aircraft.

One supporting article:
UK AAIB: Boeing 787 emergency locator transmitters should be disabled

comments are interesting too

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Classical Gas

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“If you have a cellphone, you are under surveillance from the federal government. I believe what you do on your cellphone is none of their damned business!”

“You may think I am talking about electing a Republican. I am not. I am talking about electing lovers of liberty. It isn’t good enough to pick the lesser of two evils. We must elect men and women of principle, and conviction and action that will lead us back to greatness.”
“There is a great battle going on. It is for the heart and soul of America. The Fourth Amendment is equally important as the Second Amendment and conservatives cannot forget this.”
Rand Paul, Today --


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Friday, March 07, 2014

Things that make you look forward to the next election

1 in 10 Americans think HTML is a sexually transmitted disease.
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“Vladimir Putin is a lucky man. And he’s got three more years of luck to come”

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I'm not a fan of electric cars but I love this commercial.

Dad owned a Cadillac. Sure it only got 10 gallons to the mile but he loved it and worked hard to get it. Back when they were all steel, heavy as a tank and with an engine as big as a semi's.
This is Not My Father's America.
These are Not the Dreams of MY Father.
We have to find a way to get them back. 


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Esperanza Spalding
Crowned and Kissed

Endangered Species


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“Deterrence, particularly in the realm of Special War, is the language that Putin speaks”

The XX Committee
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Saturday Morning Buffet with MR

Meanwhile in Eddington

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While Putin attacks and Ukraine burns, the Obamas get some sun in Key Largo and the Bidens in the Virgin Islands.

Because it's too cold up north here for such important folks...


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It's time for a little rebellion...
Rick Perry Today --


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Nigerian Catholic Bishop: 180 Christians Killed In Less Than Two Weeks, 20 Churches Destroyed

The Muslims Are Restless

From AP:
A Catholic bishop says Islamic insurgents have destroyed 20 churches in northeastern Nigeria in recent attacks. 
Bishop Oliver Dashe Dome says than 500 of his parishioners have been killed since insurgency in the region began in 2009. 
At least 180 people have been killed in less than two weeks, including 60 children. Boko Haram insurgents advocate a harsh version of Islamic law and have threatened the Christian minority in northern Nigeria in the past. 
However, their victims have also been Muslim. Three northeastern Nigerian states have been under emergency rule for over nine months. 
Dome blames authorities for the carnage, saying Boko Haram is better armed than Nigeria’s military and expressing concern about the speed and rate of killings.
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Chicago Way Theory sez: Obama is now going to double down on soft power to reverse Rooski military invasion

Whenever they get caught in a huge blunder, cover up, stupidity, or other disaster, they come back and double down.
Obamacare is not a failure, it has succeeded, RUN ON IT, dems.
Criticism of Ocare is not exaggerated they are all LIES, ALL LIES.
Not a SMIDGEN of corruption at the formerly ‘outrageous’ IRS repression of Conservative groups.
And now that Romney was right about Russia and Obama (and ALL the mass media) DEAD wrong .. this can now be something positive, and Obama spent 2 1/2 hours on the phone with Pooty-poot in the last week.
Something positive? Well we have one destroyer heading into the lake that the Black Sea is, and we sent 6 fighters to Poland/Estonia as an old school demonstration of ‘resolve’.
No, I think Obama REALLY believes in the world of today, even as hard evidence indicates the real force and direction of eternal human nature, that the world is different and diplomacy and economics can reverse the invasion of the Crimea. I believe he intends to PROVE this.
I await his lesson.
No, seriously.
If he is successful, and the Russian go home, I will TAKE that lesson, believe me.
But if he fails at this method, will he?
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Texas Democrat Says GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Needs Permission To Campaign In Hispanic Areas, Calls His Latina Wife A “Prop”

Source (ah, just fucking look it up - I'm not giving any more links to the scum there at that "review"):
Texas politicians are recoiling after a prominent Lubbock Democrat accused Republican candidate for governor Greg Abbott of “piñata politics” in a bigoted tirade and allegedly disparaged Abbott’s Latina wife. 
“Greg Abbott came into our house uninvited, wanting to somehow give the illusion that the Lubbock County Hispanic community is supportive,” Lubbock city councilman Victor Hernandez said after Abbott visited the West Texas town and held a campaign rally at a Mexican restaurant. 
“If you want to come into my house, the first thing you have to do is to see me — see me as a person, see me as a human being, see me as a fellow Texan.” Hernandez, who chairs the local chapter Tejano Democrats, is furious about Abbott’s appeal to Hispanic voters in his city. 
Even though Abbott was met by a crowd of supporters at Jimenez Bakery and Restaurant last week, Hernandez branded the stop as “offensive” to Hispanics and “beyond any sense of decency.” He criticized Abbott and Republican candidates for not clearing their visit with local Hispanic groups. 
The Lubbock Avalanche-Journal said Hernandez couldn’t recall specific examples of Wendy Davis showing the same deference to such groups. But he has doubled down on his fiery denunciation of the Republican candidate, and now he’s in hot water over his alleged use of the word “prop” to describe Cecilia Abbott, Greg Abbott’s Hispanic wife of 33 years.
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That's Totalitarian, Monarchical, Divine Right of Kings Bullshit.

It is NOT Democracy.

These people are not the most qualified people to lead America.

They are Inheritors of the Mantle.

They are Postmodern Royalty.

They are the Approved - approved by a System which is already hard at work and successfully destroying America.

They are the Inheritors, approved by the same people who brought us the last 30 years (Bush, Clinton/Gore, - Gore - Bush, Obama, et al) of moving further and further away from our American values, of refusing to recognize our enemies, BUT INSTEAD IMPORTING THEM AND CALLING THEM CITIZENS.

These are the same people who are trying to destroy the 1st Amendment (with laws about Tolerance, with the prosecution of an idiot who made an "anti-Islam film", with UN treaties declaring defamation of religion to be a crime)

These are the same people who are trying to destroy the 2nd Amendment (just think Connecticut and all the other Obamanations)

These are the same people who are trying to destroy the 4th Amendment (NSA)

Americans will not tolerate it any more.

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Ted Cruz at CPAC

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Let's Be Honest About This ...

People like Jeb Bush, Chris Christie, John McCain, and the like - all those who will attack a man like Ted Cruz - they are all Infiltrators at CPAC.

They are not Conservatives. They are Impostors. They are Spies. They are Traitors. They are Enemies.
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JJ Cale
Devil In Disguise

Travelling Light

Roll On

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Thursday, March 06, 2014

Doge say

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Chime For Change, Fight For Freedom

In a previous article (here), we mentioned that Chime For Change is helping to marginalize, discredit, and disempower orthodox Islam without attacking Islam directly. It's an organization dedicated to empowering women globally. The official byline is: "Chime for Change promotes education, health and justice for girls and women everywhere." So, of course, what they end up exposing and working to change most of the time is the application or promotion of Sharia law around the world. They never say it like that, and that's probably a good thing because it can penetrate our overly-sensitive society without any resistance or stigma.

A good target to aim at when talking with your friends and family is to get them to sign up for Chime for Change's free updates here. It always helps to have a specific target in your conversations — something you're persuading toward. It makes you more persuasive. And a small expression of commitment (like signing up for free updates) makes people more committed to the cause (read more about that here). Taking the small action of subscribing will influence your friend's feelings toward our cause because of the principle of commitment and consistency.

Recent updates at Chime for Change included the following articles:
Getting Away With Sexual Abuse in Jordan
I Am Nirbhaya (about a movement in India to stop rapes)
Kashmiri Women Claim Their Rights
Acid Attack Survivor Wins Millions on Quiz Show
Rising Up Against FGM in Kenya

The organization and the stories are not anti-Muslim. They are pro-women's rights. But, of course, without ever focusing on it, the things they focus on inevitably run up against the biggest barrier to the positive goals: Sharia law. Even though the stories are not focused exclusively on Sharia or Islam, but are focused on women's rights around the world, what the organization is mostly fighting against is orthodox Islam.

We urge you to get involved with this organization. Share their articles with your friends and family. Encourage them, at the very least, to sign up for the updates. Help nudge your friends and family to make this small commitment to the principle of women's rights. It could very well grow into an explicit commitment to stop the spread of Sharia. But even if it doesn't, any actions taken to give women rights will weaken Sharia's ability to spread.

Chime for Change has a lot of celebrity involvement, including Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, Madonna, and Salma Hayek, which always helps appeal to a certain segment of the population, giving it a very mainstream (rather than fringe) appeal. Let's use this organization to get more of our fellow citizens involved in the cause of freedom.
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I Fucking Hate Chris Christie, and I'm Beginning To Fucking Hate The Republican Party Too

The two losers the Republicans are holding up as possible Presidential candidates are Jeb Bush and Chris Christie.

Fuck those scumbags.

If that's our choice, vow not to vote.

Chris Christie Receives Standing O' At Republican Circle Jerk

Let's not forget how the scumsucking Republican Party also asked us to vote for this piece of shit:

Poll: McCain Most Unpopular Senator In The Country, Approval Rating In Arizona Just 30%

Seriously, if our elites had their way, here's who would run for President in 2016:

Chris Christie
Jeb Bush
Wendy McCain
Michelle Obama
Hilary Clinton

We the people, we don't get a choice in the matter.
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This Week On The Gathering Storm

Listen to The Gathering Storm Radio Show, hosted by WC and Always On Watch.

The show broadcasts live for 30 minutes every Friday beginning at noon, Pacific Time.

The call-in number is 646-915-9870. Callers welcome!

Our scheduled guest this week is Constitutional Insurgent. We will be discussing the Second Amendment.

Listen to the March 7, 2014 edition of The Gathering Storm Radio Show, live or later, by CLICKING HERE.

Read more »

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77 Years Ago Today State Dept APOLOGIZED TO HITLER

From Mediaite, with HT to Ron Fournier for tweeting link .. GREAT GREAT STORY
Today it’s all the rage to apologize for insulting other people by comparing them to Hitler. But seventy-seven years ago, the U.S. apologized forinsulting the man himself.
On March 6, 1937, New York City Mayor Fiorello La Guardia thought about ending the upcoming 1939 World’s Fair with a “chamber of horrors,” which, as its climax, could maybe feature “a figure of that brown-shirted fanatic who is now menacing the peace of the world.”
The comment riled the Germans, leading to an apology from Secretary of State Cordell Hull. “In this country, the right of freedom of speech is guaranteed by the Constitution to every citizen and is cherished as part of the national heritage,” Hull said, but added: “I very earnestly deprecate the utterances which have given offense to the German Government.”
La Guardia was born to a Jewish mother, and in reporting the incident the German press called him “New York’s gangster-in-chief” and a “dirty Talmud Jew.” By the time of the World’s Fair two years later, La Guardia was joining a boycott against German products and accusing Hitler of orchestrating “the complete annihilation of the Jews in Germany.”
DIRTY TALMUD JEW, that’s a thing of beauty!
Now who out there would say that stuff today?
And who would today’s state dept apologize to for calling them out for what they are?
What we are missing to make the equation complete is a mayor like Mr. La Guardia.
Do we have one?
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Ralph Peters on Obama: "He Does Not Believe in This Country"

From PJM:
Look, the bottom line on this is Russia has a real leader. You may not like him, and I don't, but he is brilliant and ruthless, he has clear goals and he moves straight toward those goals. The West lacks a leader. 
Like it or not, the president of the United States is the de facto leader of the West, and our president just is - he's incapable and unwilling to lead. The weakness is phenomenal. 
Now, you know, we are not weaker than we were in the Carter years. I was in that military, it was pathetic. Our military today is the best in the world, best in our history, although Obama wants to dismantle it. 
We're also immensely wealthier than the Carter years. The problem is, that as a president Obama is far weaker than Carter, and he's probably the worst president we've ever had. He is a man who's incapable of making a hard decision. 
And by the way, one other key point, Vladimir Putin believes in Russia. He believes in Russia's destiny, its mission. Obama does not believe in American exceptionalism. He does not believe in this country.
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"US will continue to stand up to Iran’s support for destabilizing activities in the region”

White House press secretary Jay Carney explaining why they will continue nuke talks with Iran, in the face of continued efforts by that state to get missiles to HAMAS, Hizballah and others whose clearly stated goal is to eliminate Israel.
By the way, what does ‘stand up’ actually mean in terms of action?
Israel seized the ship bringing longer ranged, more effective offensive surface to surface missiles to HAMAS.
I have seen all this before. All during the time of START treaties, from the 70’s onward, from it’s very beginning, we were faced with a USSR at that time whose KGB DID enhance the activities of terrorist groups in Italy and other places. We also found them cheating when they could get away with it, and the risk was worth the gain.
We always justified looking the other way (as we are doing now with Russia on start treaties, btw) by telling ourselves the gains in these treaties were too important to allow distraction from the main goal.
If that is so, then holding the other party to account would force them to give up their other activities in order to achieve the goal important to them.
The same rule holds now.
If Iran is NOT going to give up the idea of enforcing the elimination of an important American ally, because it is more important to them then negotiating a just solution to their decades long search for a weapon to do just that, then what conclusion is the only available one?
We may have the best weapons (thought that edge is rapidly evaporating). We may have the best trained men (though that will evaporate as budgets eliminate the costs of training extensively). We may have the MOST weapons (though cuts to acquisition of weapons such as the Tomahawk are cut from 784 in the next several years to )NE HUNDRED). But as negotiators our people are filled with fear that negotiations might fail and therefore their purpose in life is a failure.
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Darrell Issa: We May Hold Lois Lerner in Contempt As Early As Next Week

Greta Van Susteren: Are you going to seek to hold her in contempt for not answering the questions?
Darrell Issa: Well, you know that the Speaker, he called, he thought that was appropriate today. Our committee will consider it. I’ve conferred with some of my members. I plan on meeting them before we leave this week. And, we could consider doing it as early as next week.
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Copernicus Chamber Orchestra


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re: Epa's Post


UN Envoy Cuts Short Crimea Visit After Threats

UN special envoy to Crimea Robert Serry cut short his mission to the disputed region Wednesday after he was threatened by unidentified pro-Russian gunmen and later heckled by protesters, officials said.

Serry, who had been sent to the tense Black Sea peninsula by UN chief Ban Ki-moon, was confronted by armed men outside the Ukrainian naval headquarters in Crimea's capital Simferopol, the United Nations said.

Prevented from returning to his vehicle and warned "he should leave Crimea," Serry sought refuge in a local cafe to phone the mission and alert them and then left on foot for his hotel after his safety was assured.

He was later driven to the airport and boarded the first flight out of the region — to Istanbul.

An assistant told AFP by phone from the car on the way to the airport: "He's fine. The self-defence militias in Simferopol have guaranteed his security."

Serry was expected to travel on to Kiev.

He "will shortly return to Kiev to continue his mission, which was cut short by today's incident," UN spokesperson Farhan Haq said in a statement.

UN deputy secretary general Jan Eliasson, who was also in Ukraine on Wednesday, said via a video link: "He is in good shape physically but he feels threatened."

Some initial reports had spoken of a kidnapping but the United Nations quickly denied that.

Still, Sergei Aksyonov, the newly installed pro-Russian prime minister of Crimea, was quoted by Russian agency RIA Novosti justifying the threats made against Serry, saying: "We did not send them an invitation."

"They did not warn us of their arrival. The usual procedure in these instances was not followed," he said of the UN mission.

A former Dutch ambassador to Kiev who was travelling with a UN colleague, Serry had arrived only Tuesday in the tense Crimean peninsula, which has come under de facto control by Russian forces.

He had already aborted a trip to Crimea last week, saying tensions made it impossible to visit the peninsula.

Ukraine's National Security and Defense Council opened an investigation into the incident.

"This is an unprecedented incident," Andriy Parubiy, the NSDC's secretary, was quoted by Interfax-Ukraine news agency as saying in an interview with Channel 5 television.

"Even pirates in Somalia do not abduct negotiators, those who come with an observer mission and a negotiation mission," he said.


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I am proud to be an American

The Blaze:

Watch Russia Today Anchor Boldly Quit Her Job on the Air: ‘I Am Proud to Be an American’

American news anchor Liz Wahl quit her job at the state-owned TV network Russia Today live on the air Wednesday, saying she is “proud to be an American” and could no longer “be a part of a network that whitewashes the actions of Putin.”
Wahl said she is the grandchild of Hungarian refugees who fled brutal Soviet oppression.
“I am very lucky to have grown up here in the United States,” she said. “I am the daughter of a veteran, my partner is a physician at a military base, where he sees everyday the firsthand accounts of the ultimate prices that people pay for this country.”
“That is why personally I cannot be part of a network that is funded by the Russian government that whitewashes the actions of Putin. I am proud to be an American and believe in disseminating the truth. And that is why after this newscast I am resigning,” Wahl concluded.
Watch the video here:


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US to bolster military support to Poland, Baltic

Washington (AFP) - The United States plans to expand military cooperation with Poland and Baltic states to show "support" for its allies after Russia's intervention in Ukraine, Pentagon chief Chuck Hagel said Wednesday.
"This morning the Defense Department is pursuing measures to support our allies," including expanded aviation training in Poland and increasing the US role in NATO's air policing mission over Baltic countries, Hagel told lawmakers.
NATO's top commander and head of the US European Command, General Philip Breedlove, also planned to confer with Central and Eastern European defense chiefs, Hagel said.
"This is a time for wise, steady, and firm leadership," Hagel told the Senate Armed Services Committee.
"It is a time for all of us to stand with the Ukrainian people in support of their territorial integrity and sovereignty, and their right to have a government that fulfills the aspirations of its people."
At the same hearing, General Martin Dempsey, the US military's top-ranking officer, said he had spoken to his Russian counterpart, General Valery Gerasimov earlier Wednesday, urging "restraint."
"I conveyed to him the degree to which Russia’s territorial aggression has been repudiated globally. I urged continued restraint in the days ahead, in order to preserve room for a diplomatic solution," the general said.
Dempsey, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, said he had also spoken this week to military chiefs in the Baltics and in Central and Eastern Europe.
"Understandably, they are concerned. They seek our assurance for their security," he said.
"During our conversations we committed to developing options to provide those assurances and to deter further Russian aggression," the four-star general said.
Leaders of Poland, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Slovakia said Tuesday they were "shocked" by Russia's actions in Ukraine, saying it resembled Soviet crackdowns in their countries during the Cold War.
NATO held rare emergency meetings this week after Poland requested "article 4" consultations in light of the crisis in Ukraine, where pro-Russian forces have taken de facto control over the Crimean peninsula.
Under article 4 of the alliance treaty, any NATO member can request consultations when they believe their territorial integrity, political independence or security are threatened.
The United States has a small team of about 10 airmen stationed in Poland to support military training efforts while NATO has been conducting air patrols over the skies of Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania for ten years.
The responsibility for the air patrols rotates every four months and the United States recently took over from Belgium in January.
The United States already has suspended all military cooperation with Russia in protest over events in Ukraine, calling off planned exercises, training and exchanges.


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The Blaze:

It Starts Out So Happy & Carefree, Then It Ends In Absolute Tragedy — The PSA That Holds a Lesson for Every American

An advertisement posted online Wednesday aims to draw the world’s attention to the millions of children suffering as a result of the ongoing Syrian conflict. And, while the message is about that specific conflict, those who are in tune with unrest might find its message is relevant all across the world.
Produced by Save the Children, the ad depicts “a young girl’s life get turned upside-down in this tragic second a day video.”
Videos splicing together one second from each day of the year have become popular lately, but this fictional iteration has a twist.

A new YouTube PSA aims to raise awareness about the children affected by the Syrian crisis. (Image source: Screen grab via YouTube)
A new YouTube PSA aims to raise awareness about the children affected by the Syrian crisis. (Image source: Screen grab via YouTube)

At the time of publication, the ad had attained just under 10,000 views, but was headed viral and impacting individuals from across the world.
“Wow,” commented one individual. “Amazing video. Really powerful.”   
“Incredibly powerful advert for Save the Children,” wrote another.
According to Save the Children, “More than 5 million Syrian children are suffering as a result of a horrific conflict – one of the worst humanitarian crises of our time – which is now stretching into its third year.”
“The children of Syria are a generation at risk of losing everything,” the organization continues on their website. “They want and need to go to school. To be protected. To be comforted. These children need champions.”
 At the time of publication, the organization had raised $6,995 of their $10,000 goal.


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Humpday Blues

Albert Collins

Same Old Thing

Lights Are On Nobody Home

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Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Nukes Used At IRS Hearing: Elijah Cummings Goes Ballistic at IRS Targeting Scandal Hearing (Video)



Lois Lerner Again Took the Fifth at Congressional Hearing

Democrats are very worried about the IRS targeting scandal.

Do you realize how fucking asinine this is???

The Hearing was over. Lerner took the Fifth. Before the hearing was adjourned Elijah Cummings had ample opportunity to ask questions.

But he did not do so.

Then after the hearing is adjourned, he phrases a "question" in the form of a Slander Against Darrell Issa.

Who will rid me of this meddlesome dumbfuck?

Business Insider:
Rep. Elijah Cummings, the Democratic ranking member on the House Oversight Committee, flipped out at Republican Chairman Darrell Issa during a hearing on the IRS’ targeting of certain conservative groups Wednesday morning.
Issa hauled former IRS official Lois Lerner back before the committee Wednesday morning as part of his ongoing investigation into the IRS’ scrutiny of certain conservative groups that applied for tax-exempt status.
Lerner, as expected, invoked her right to plead the Fifth Amendment in the investigation, as she had when she testified last year. After she pleaded the Fifth Amendment, Issa adjourned the hearing, saying he saw “no point in going further.”
Cummings was not ready for the hearing to end. He began shouting, and Issa cut off his microphone. After he convinced Issa to let him ask a question, Cummings began screaming into the microphone again — at which point Issa shut off his microphone for a second time.
Congressional Democrats at the hearing shouted, “Shame! Shame!” as Issa shut off Cummings’ microphone.
“I am a member of the Congress of the United States of America! I am tired of this!” Cummings said. He continued railing, calling the investigation “un-American.”
Issa told Cummings he gave him the opportunity to ask his question and walked out of the room.
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