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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Punishing Gays in Islam: ‘Rectums are glued shut, they are force-fed petrol and set alight’

From the Muslim Issue:
On a bright afternoon in late March, an 18-year-old named Fadi stood in a friend’s clothing store in Baghdad checking out the new merchandise. A worker in a neighboring store walked into the boutique with a newspaper in his hand and shared a story he had just read. It was about “sexual deviants,” he said. 
Gay men’s rectums had been glued shut, and they had been force-fed laxatives and water until their insides exploded. They had been found dead on the street. 
That evening Fadi met up with his three closest friends—Ahmed, Mazen, and Namir—in a coffee shop called the Shisha café in the Karada district of Baghdad. Karada is a mixed Shia-Christian neighborhood that has a more relaxed, cosmopolitan feel than many parts of the Iraqi capital. 
Fadi and his friends had been meeting there nearly every evening for a year, Fadi coming from his job cleaning toilets for Americans in the Green Zone and the three others from college. 
The coffee shop was relatively new and attracted a young crowd. The walls were colored in solid blocks of orange, green, and blue, the glass-topped tables painted red and black. It was the closest thing to hip that Baghdad had to offer. 
For Fadi and his three friends, who secretly referred to themselves as the 4 Cats, after a Pussycat Dolls–like Lebanese group, the Shisha was a refuge from the hostile, often violent anti-gay climate that they had grown up with in Iraq. 
Fadi has a warm, irrepressible laugh; his eyes narrow under thick black eyebrows whenever someone tells a joke. He told his friends about the newspaper story, but insisted it couldn’t be true. 
“They’re doing this to frighten us,” he said. In recent weeks, with rumors of gay death squads and torture on the rise, the four friends had lowered their profile. They no longer went to the Shisha every night. 
“We’ll see what tomorrow brings,” Fadi said, on the last night they met there. 
On April 4, at about 8 p.m., Fadi’s cell phone rang. It was Mazen’s brother. “Mazen and Namir have been killed,” he said. 
The maimed bodies of the two friends had been discovered together in the vast Shia district of Baghdad named Sadr City, which is a stronghold of the Mahdi Army, a powerful Shia militia. 
Mazen had had his pectoral muscles cut off. There were two drill holes in Namir’s left leg, below the knee. Both had been shot in the head, apparently from close range.
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ISIS Threatens To Conquer Turkey In New ISIS Video 'Message To Erdogan'

From Will at THE OTHER NEWS:

ISIS Threatens To Conquer Turkey In New ISIS Video 'Message To Erdogan'.(IBTimes).

The Islamic State group is threatening to “conquer” Turkey and ultimately remove Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The militant group’s latest video, “a message to Erdogan, the Caliph of the Muslim Brotherhood,” warns that “Turkey shall be conquered with the shouts of Allahu Akbar.” 

Be prepared for the good news, for the time for your rule to end is getting close at the hands of the state of the caliphate,” the video’s narrator says, addressing Erdogan.

The militant group formerly known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has spent weeks seizing towns and villages on its way to the Turkish border, where it's now battling Kurdish forces in Kobane.Turkey has so far refused to step in on behalf of the Kurds and has not participated in any of the United States–led coalition airstrikes on militant strongholds in either Iraq or Syria. 

Despite the NATO-member’s reluctance to play a larger role the fight against the Islamic State, it appears ISIS didn't expect Turkey to join the coalition at all. 

“Turkey has been spearheading the armies of Kufr (infidelity) in fighting the Muhajideen,” the narrator says. “It was the leader of the NATO forces in chasing the Taliban fighters. And today, the people of treachery refuse but to continue in their malicious ways although it is in a ‘new and different look.’” 

What seems to have really angered ISIS is that Turkey opened its borders to members of the Sunni extremist group Muslim Brotherhood, who were forced to flee Egypt, Qatar and Saudi Arabia after violent crackdowns on the group.

Around that same time, Erdogan launched a crackdown on the Turkish border with Syria, which was ISIS’ main route in and out of the country. ISIS and the Brotherhood have different ideologies, and it’s likely that ISIS considers the Brotherhood an enemy. 

ISIS criticized Turkey for joining the coalition “despite the release of Turkish detainees by the Islamic State a few days before it agreed to participate.”

Last month, the Turkish government admitted to having “diplomatic and political negotiations” with the militants in order to secure the release of 46 Turkish hostages in Iraq. It is unclear if the militants released the hostages in an attempt to persuade Turkey to stay out of the coalition, or if perhaps the Turkish government used its involvement as a negotiation toolErdogan, the Caliph of the Muslim Brotherhood,” 
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Yazidi MP Daxil: 25,000 girls abducted by ISIS gangs to be raped, sold for $150

From Will at THE OTHER NEWS:

Yazidi MP Daxil: 25,000 girls abducted by ISIS gangs to be raped, sold for $150. (DN).

Iraq's only ethnic Êzidî (Yazidi) member of parliament says that the human rights situation in her country is "deteriorating," with Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS) gang militants kidnapping, raping, and selling Êzidî women.

"They are still without any shelter. They are sleeping on the streets. The situation is not good and the winter is advancing, and it's raining, actually, in Iraq now. So the situation is deteriorating," legislator Viyan Daxil told RFE/RL in an October 8 telephone interview from Iraq's Kurdish region. Daxil, who has been cited by U.S. President Barack Obama, was named the winner of the 2014 Anna Politkovskaya Award on October 6 by the organization Reach All Women in War. The award, named after the murdered Russian journalist, honors women working to help those trapped in conflict.

'Êzidî women are targeted' 

The lawmaker, who is currently recovering from injuries she suffered in an August 12 helicopter crash on Mount Shengal (Sinjar) in South Kurdistan, said that while ISIS militants have forced Christian women from their homes, Êzidî women often suffer worse fates. "Only Êzidî women are kidnapped. We don't know, actually, why exactly the Êzidî women are targeted," she said.

'They are taken to be raped, and they are selling them $150 for a girl' 

MP Daxil says that of the more than 500,000 Êzidis in Iraq, some 25,000 Êzidî girls have been abducted by ISIS militants. "We don't know exactly where all of them are, but some are kept at various prisons here, still in Iraq, and some have been taken to Syria, and some are in Mosul," she said. "They are taken to be raped, and they are selling them -- $150 for a girl." 

Call on international community to save women and children 

Daxil called on the international community to step in to help the plight of the Kurdish religious and ethnic minority that has faced religious persecution for centuries and that has been dubbed "devil worshippers" by some Muslims. 

"I ask every government -- not only here -- to take some action to save these people here because the situation is really bad. What is happening here cannot be solved by the Iraqi government only," she said. Daxil gained international attention in August after making an impassioned plea to the Iraqi parliament about Êzidîs trapped on Mount Sinjar, which was surrounded at the time by ISIS militants. She called it genocide.

'I am speaking here in the name of humanity' 

"My family is being butchered, just like all Iraqis are being killed. … And today, the Êzidîs are being slaughtered. Brothers, away from all the political disputes, we want humanitarian solidarity. I am speaking here in the name of humanity. Save us! Save us!" she told lawmakers on August 5. The speaker of parliament interrupted her speech, while others shushed her emotional address, after which she collapsed.

'Ten-year-old Êzidî girls are being raped' 

Daxil broke both legs and several ribs in an August 12 helicopter crash on Mount Sinjar. The pilot of the aircraft, which was carrying about 35 people, was killed in the accident, while "New York Times" reporter Alissa Rubin was injured. Daxil said that she plans to return to parliament once she is fully healed.

She also asked Western Muslim women who are supporting ISIS militants -- an estimated 30 of whom have actually traveled to Iraq or Syria -- to look at what the group, which is also known as ISIS, is doing to Êzidî women.

"Every girl in the West who is supporting ISIS should put herself in any local girl's shoes and see what she has gone through. Twelve-year-old girls are being raped. Ten-year-old girls are being raped. I would like to ask women supporting ISIS, if she was in their situation, what would she feel. If she was from your family, what would you feel?" Daxil said.

"This girl could be your daughter, she could be your sister, she could be your neighbor,” she continued.

“Would you be totally comfortable if someone raped your daughter, or your sister, or your neighbor?" Hmmm......Dantes Hell has nine circles, time to add a Tenth one for ISIS Followers.

Interview conducted by Freshta Jalalzai of RFE/RL's Radio Free Aghanistan in Prague and written by RFE/RL correspondent Luke Johnson in Washington. 
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An Ebola Tree Grows Up In Brooklyn? EBOLA NEWS 10-11-14 ---- UPDATED

Ebola in Brooklyn? [Sudanese]Teen hospitalized after showing symptoms of fatal virus

"A Brooklyn teenager was rushed to the hospital yesterday after showing symptoms consistent with Ebola."..."He is currently in isolation. 
The boy was apparently in Sudan for two weeks and hospitalized there as well, but lied to officials about being sick so he could fly home.  
Now, NYPD is working with officials to see if any of his family members should also be quarantined." 
UPDATED - They say Ebola has been ruled out already:

Brooklyn teen who recently returned from a trip to Sudan was rushed to the hospital Friday night with Ebola-like symptoms, but was ultimately cleared of the deadly disease, officials told the Daily News. 
The stricken 14-year-old boy spiked a fever and was complaining of feeling fluish, law enforcement sources said. The teenager was brought to Brookdale University Hospital, where staff isolated him from other patients. 
He was in a room with the shades drawn and the door tightly closed, but no quarantine sign or warning was posted. Staff ran tests to determine if the boy had contracted the potentially deadly sickness, officials told The News, which was the first to report the story on nydailynews.com. 
Doctors had ruled out Ebola early Saturday, according to an NYPD spokesman, but neither the FDNY nor the city’s Office of Emergency Management could confirm these findings. Hospital officials did not return calls.
Obviously they did not have time to actually test for Ebola. Ebola tests take 48 hours.

But they did have time to use a Ouija Board.


NBC Phila.: New Jersey Enforces Isolation Order for NBC Crew Exposed to Ebola Patient

New Jersey officials have issued a mandatory quarantine order for members of an NBC crew that was exposed to a cameraman with Ebola after a voluntary 21-day isolation agreement was violated.

The order went into effect Friday night and lasts until Oct. 22.
SacBee: 3 more people under observation for Ebola in Spain
The Associated Press
Published: Saturday, Oct. 11, 2014 - 4:33 am

MADRID -- Three more people are under observation in a Madrid hospital, boosting the number currently being monitored for Ebola symptoms to 16. A nursing assistant infected with the virus remains stable.

The three are a nurse who treated Teresa Romero, a hairdresser who served her and a hospital cleaner were admitted to Madrid's Carlos III hospital Friday.
What's up with that?
Sounds to me like the story got changed midstream.
Cambridgeshire 'Ebola victim' could have prompted panic by joking about killer disease, friend says 

Colin Jaffray died while on a business trip in Macedonia this week with symptoms similar to those associated with Ebola.
Liberia rejects increasing presidential power to combat Ebola crisis 

MONROVIA, Liberia (AP) — Liberian lawmakers on Friday rejected a proposal to grant President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf the power to further restrict movement and public gatherings and to confiscate property in the fight against Ebola. One legislator said such a law would have turned Liberia into a police state.
FWIW...Odd link to add but it popped up in the category of "quarantine" along with all the other 'ebola' links:

Telegraph: Gibraltar to export 30 pesky monkeys to Scotland


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Friday Night Lights

I love Friday night high school football games.

And not just because my daughters have all been in the marching band over the years.

But since you mention it, here is this year's field show.

and while we're at it, here's last year's field show as well

by the way, for anyone who's interested, we whooped the Muhls asses 35-2 tonight

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Friday, October 10, 2014

BIO-WARFARE: Experts Interviewed By Arab Daily Warn of ‘Ebola Suicide Bombers’

Al Arabiya: Experts warn of ‘Ebola suicide bombers’ 

Militants from the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) could turn themselves into Ebola “suicide bombers” against the Western world, terrorism experts have warned. 
ISIS or other terrorist groups could simply dispatch individuals to Ebola-infected areas in West Africa where they would intentionally infect themselves and then spread the virus through the world’s air transportation network. 
Capt. Al Shimkus, a professor of national security affairs at the U.S. Naval War College, said the scenario was plausible. 
“The individual exposed to the Ebola virus would be the carrier,” Shimkus told Forbes. “In the context of terrorist activity, it doesn’t take much sophistication to go to that next step to use a human being as a carrier,” he added. 
Amanda Teckman, who authored a paper on Ebola’s bioterrorist threat in East Africa, told Forbes: “the threat of an Ebola bioterrorist attack in East Africa is a global health and security concern, and should not be ignored.” 
ISIS has already contemplated the use of biological weaponry, according to recent media reports. 
Documents found on a laptop seized from ISIS militants in Syria show instructions on how to “develop biological weapons and how to weaponize the bubonic plague from infected animals,” according to a Foreign Policy report. 
The laptop reportedly belonged to a Tunisian militant named Mohammad S., who studied chemistry and physics in his country’s northeast. 
“The advantage of biological weapons is that they do not cost a lot of money, while the human casualties can be huge,” according to one document. “When the microbe is injected in small mice, the symptoms of the disease should start to appear within 24 hours.”
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Ron Carter
All Blues

Samba de Orpheus


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Give ISIS Its Head

On our Gathering Storm Radio Show today, I proposed a plan for America to deal with the worldwide Islamist threat.
Leave ISIS alone. Let it win.
If we take my proposal, we will have a win-win situation with very little downside.
I stated something like this before but here it is in a more complete form.
Stand back an let ISIS create its Islamic State – its Caliphate. Why?
We can destroy the Islamic Army if we wanted to. They’re fighting with basically World War Two weapons. - rifles, machine guns, armored cars, tanks and artillery. If we wanted, we could mount an army with boots on the ground and defeat them in a matter of weeks - if not days. But if we do that, they would just melt into the population again and we’d be no better off than before in defeating the Islamists.
If we let ISIS be, they will expand their Caliphate across North Africa, the Middle East, Pakistan and Indonesia taking out the Gulf States and Iran. That’s their stated goal.
Our downside? Very little.
Imagine they take out the Gulf States and their oil. We don’t need Middle East oil. We can be energy sufficient here in America.  We can care less if ISIS takes over Iran. They would be doing us a favor eliminating the two types of States that are supplying money and resources to terrorists worldwide.
The end result would be:
·      America energy independent and the collapse of one big portion of the environmental movement because of the national emergency
·      Europe will have to deal with its lack of access to oil and decide whether they want to resume their socialist agenda or build a military.
·      China of course, will have to do something about the access of oil from the Middle East that they desperately need. But let Europe and them fight over it. It serves Europe right. We wouldn’t need it.
The downside effects are these:
·      Oil rich Russia will be sitting in the catbird seat and gain almost total influence over Europe by offering the oil they need. NATO – probably tell them to disband it.  NATO is becoming more and more useless anyway.
·      The Kurds and Christians can be slaughtered. Like we’re doing anything to stop that now. We can use the money we are not securing our boarders with and mount airlifts of Christians and Kurds – anyone else to this country for humanitarian reasons.
Once the Caliphate is formed and stabilized, we can bomb its population centers and infrastructure at will from afar – send in the B-52s - to prevent them from mounting any kinds of terrorist threat to this country. Keep them on their heels and let them spit blood.
Of course, with the national emergency that will ensue, seal the borders up tight and return to the immigration policies we’ve had in the past.
As for Israel and India, stuck in the middle of the Caliphate – they both have nukes and not just atomic one – thermo nuclear.  ‘nuff said. If the Islamists want to sew the wind they will reap the world wind like Japan did.
Is my proposal extreme? Yes it is. But an extreme position that can work. We can't continue to fight Islamism the way we have - even if we get an administration that has some backbone and sees the real threat.
Besides, the whole conflict with Islamism is eventually going to resolve itself in the same way - but with my proposal without the loss of American lives.


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Ebola News 10-10-14 - UPDATED AT BOTTOM OF POST

SkyNews: US Turns To Web Crowdsourcing To Fight Ebola 
The United States has issued an urgent plea for internet crowdsourcing to fight the deadly Ebola outbreak, Sky News has learned.
The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) wants radically new anti-contamination suit designs, to stop health workers and airport screeners suffering from heat stress.
USAID said it wants "crowdsourcing, competition and breakthrough innovation" to fight the West African epidemic and any "future outbreaks".
Each successful design accepted by the agency is capable of being awarded $1m (£622,000), ahead of any production run.


AP: WHO: East Asia at risk of Ebola, but more prepared
10/10/2014 @ 8:05a.m.
MANILA, Philippines (AP) - East Asia, with its trade and transport hubs and armies of migrant workers, is at risk from Ebola but is improving its defenses and may be more ready than other areas to respond if cases are diagnosed, World Health Organization officials said Friday.
Li Ailan, director of health security and emergencies at the WHO regional office, said two candidate Ebola vaccines under development in the U.S. and United Kingdom are now in the human clinical trial phase and a vaccine may be ready on a limited scale by January. Health care workers and those who handle dead bodies of Ebola victims are being recommended as the priority recipients.

Reuters: Spain seeks answers as seven more enter Ebola isolation

MADRID – Seven people turned themselves in late on Thursday to an Ebola isolation unit in Madrid where Teresa Romero, the nurse who became the first person to contract Ebola outside Africa, lay gravely ill.


NBCNews: Husband of Ebola Nurse Stares From Isolation Ward in Madrid 

Note: the image reveals he is isolated within the building, but resting his crossed arms across the sill of a wide open window. 

Reuters: Unlikely Briton who died in Macedonia had Ebola, official says


CNN: GOP stokes border fears over Ebola, ISIS 


Durham University professor claims UK's response to Ebola crisis is 'racist' 
Durham University professor Steve Lindsay said the West only started to react as the illness got closer to home reports Abbie Stokes


Watch out for Ebola-related scams, Attorney General Madigan warns

That seems a bit ironic considering our government's whole response to the Ebola crisis IS ONE BIG SCAM!!!


BBCAfrica: Ebola spread 'bigger than expected' - WHO


AP: Spanish Ebola nurse 'stable' after serious downturn, hospital says
MADRID – A Spanish hospital official says the nursing assistant infected with Ebola is "stable," hours after authorities described her condition as critical.


UKDailyMail: Wife of Dallas Deputy furious at CDC publicly announcing Ebola results prior to informing patient


UKLondonEveStandard: Ebola: UK fight against outbreak in chaos as airport screening is branded ‘waste of time’ 


Newsweek: Medical Staff in Spain Are Refusing to Work With Ebola Patients


Couriermail: Doctors outraged that suspected Ebola patient Sue Ellen Kovack was treated in busy emergency department of Cairns Hospital 


PanaPress: Uganda: Ebola-like disease, Marburg, breaks out in Uganda


IBT: Uganda: 150 People 'Being Monitored for Marburg, the Ebola-like Virus' 


Marburg in Uganda: 11 suspected cases test negative


SunCoastNews: Newly formed partnership targeting Ebola, Marburg


MedIndia: Avoid Shaking Hands to Prevent Spread of Virus: Uganda President


FoxNews: Do rental cars pose an Ebola risk?
This week the father of Ashoka Mukpo, an American journalist infected with Ebola, believes his son might have gotten the disease from washing a car in West Africa.

“He was helping spray-wash a vehicle with chlorine and he thinks he might of been splashed, but, honestly, he’s not exactly certain,” said Dr. Mitchell Levy, the father of the Ebola victim.
MoscowTimes: Health Ministry Says Russia Prepared for Ebola Virus 
BusinessStandard: France reports suspected Ebola case
October 10, 2014 Last Updated at 17:56 IST
A French woman has been hospitalised with Ebola-like symptoms, which she was suspected of contracting while in Liberia.

The patient was being confined in an isolation ward at Bichat Hospital in Paris, Xinhua cited news channel BFMTV as saying Friday.
NBC: Ebola-killing robot headed to West Africa?CNBC Morris Miller, Xenex Disinfection Services CEO, provides insight to his company's mission, and whether it can get its disinfection device used in Ebola cases to West Africa.
Bloomberg: Brazil Warns of First Suspected Ebola Case as Disease Spreads 
By Matthew Malinowski Oct 10, 2014 8:24 AM
FreshPlaza: Import from Africa can't carry Ebola virusA number of people in Germany wondered whether they could be infected with Ebola through fruit from Africa. The 'Deutsche Fruchthandelsverband e.V.' (DFHV) turned to the Bernhard-Nocht-institute for tropical healing (BNITM) for the answer in August. The BNITM is the collaborative centre of the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the national reference centre for this disease. The answer was clear: the import of fresh fruits and vegetables from Africa is safe and cannot transmit the Ebola virus.
U.S. military planes arrive in Liberia, epicenter of Ebola outbreak
MONROVIA, Liberia (CBS/AP) -- Six U.S. military planes arrived in the Ebolahot zone Thursday with more Marines, as West Africa's leaders pleaded for the world's help in dealing with "a tragedy unforeseen in modern times."

The perfect graphic for one of these Ebola-updates post.

Vitter: Block Ebola funds until Obama details plan
General Warns Ebola Could Cross Mexican Border
FoxNews: Ebola outbreak: Why Obama is allowing Ebolaphobia to spread

Part of the preventive health strategy to help contain this psychological virus should be a reliable flow of information and bold policy from the Obama administration and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. But, already, their response lacks the necessary element of steady stewardship. And that’s because of President Obama’s continuing reticence to put America first.

UK TElegraph: Ebola screening test: questionnaire explained
WaPo: Small drugmakers try to scale up to meet Ebola crisis*****
New.Com.Au: Ebola cure: Beer brewing and tobacco could hold the key*****
MiamiHerald: Ebola training part of soldiers' prep for Africa 
Fort Campbell soldiers are being trained on how to avoid the Ebola virus during their upcoming deployment to Liberia.

Media reports say at least 700 members of the 101st Airborne Division will deploy to the African country starting next week as part of the U.S. military's humanitarian mission.

ABCNews11: Fort Bragg soldiers train to join Ebola fightFrom Fort Bragg, there are seven units of about 120 engineers and medic personnel from the 18th Airborne Corps. heading to the region. Military police and public affairs officers also took part in the training, held at the 44th Medical Brigade Headquarters.
They'll provide security, logistical, engineering and medical support.

The soldiers were told to expect the worst-case scenario deployment length-one year.
WFAA: Frisco Family of deputy: Ebola scare 'blown out of proportion'*****
NPR: Ebola: Does The Risk Justify The Intensity Of Coverage? 


Haaretz: A timeline of the 2014 Ebola crisis 
International agencies and governments are fighting to contain the world's worst Ebola epidemic since the disease was identified in 1976. The virus has killed nearly 4,000 people to date.
LiveScience: Ebola vs. Hemorrhagic Fever: What's the Difference?Collectively known as viral hemorrhagic fevers (VHFs), these illnesses typically cause fever as well as extreme dysfunction in the body's network of blood vessels, which can result in profuse bleeding.

PJMedia: Ebola Omission in Key CDC Disease Report a Cause for Concern

GuarianLv.com: Ebola Is Becoming a Global Pandemic: New Reported Cases Worldwide 
Despite several confident exclamations from officials that the Ebola pandemic is contained, there are more and more reports of possible or confirmed infections. Several nations are admitting to have Ebola-symptomatic cases or that they are bringing infected patients back from Africa for treatment. New reports of possible infections are coming from Australia, Turkey, Brazil and France. Furthermore, health officials in Germany confirmed that a 3rd infected patient arrived into the country.

Reuters: U.S. troops take on invisible enemy in Liberia Ebola mission  

Providence Journal: 100 at Ebola teach-in at Brown hear crisis worse than statistics indicate 

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Blast at suspected Iran nuke facility was caused by ‘foreign country’

The Parchin facility is assumed to be where explosive lenses are being fashioned for a possible plutonium nuke (advanced, but VERY potent weapon and necessary for an H Bomb trigger), and where potential warheads are loaded onto test delivery stages of ballistic missiles.
They may also be practicing the far simpler mechanism of the U-235 bomb triggering. This mechanism and its function were so reliable the US never even had to test it in 1945, and Pakistan developed an entire stockpile before finally testing one weapon.
Unconfirmed Kuwaiti report claims Western intel believes Iran trying to test nuclear warheads; Israeli TV says 12 buildings badly damaged in Parchin explosion

An unnamed foreign country was responsible for the blast at Iran’s secretive Parchin facility on Monday, a Kuwaiti news site claimed Thursday, quoting unnamed Washington-based European diplomats
Screenshot from Israel Defense showing satellite images of the Parchin site east of Tehran before and after Monday's explosion at the suspected nuclear facility on October 8, 2014.

The report by Kuwait’s Al Rai also claimed Western intelligence agencies believe that Iran has been conducting tests at the facility, aimed at loading nuclear warheads onto ballistic missiles.
It was the Monday strike, the report further said, that prompted Iran to order Hezbollah to target an Israeli army patrol on the Israeli side of the Israel-Lebanon border the next day, in which two soldiers were injured.
There was no independent confirmation of the report, which was also cited on Israel’s Channel 2 news.
The blast, which is said to have killed at least two people, caused substantive damage to 12 buildings at the heart of the site, Channel 2 said Thursday.
According to satellite images taken after the blast, Israeli researcher Ronen Solomon told the TV channel, the affected buildings were bunkers where work was being carried out on triggers to detonate nuclear devices.
The reports emerged just as the latest UN effort to probe suspicions that Iran is working to attain nuclear weapons ended on a downbeat note, with diplomats saying that Tehran refused entry to Iran to a US nuclear expert on the UN’s investigating team.
The diplomats also said Thursday that the trip this week didn’t succeed in advancing a decade of UN efforts to investigate suspicions that Tehran worked on such weapons.
Tehran has denied IAEA inspectors access to Parchin since 2005.
Reza Najafi, Iran’s envoy to the IAEA, confirmed that an International Atomic Energy Agency staff member was refused a visa. Najafi didn’t identify the person, but told Iran’s Fars news agency that he had a “particular nationality.”
The IAEA’s inquiry is formally separate from US-led talks with Iran focused on long-term caps on Tehran’s atomic programs in exchange for an end to nuclear-related sanctions, which resume next week in Vienna.
But Washington says a successful investigation by IAEA must be part of any final deal. That is unlikely by Nov. 24 — the target date for such an agreement.
Two diplomats from IAEA member nations said the US expert first applied for a visa eight months ago and had been turned down several times since.
Iran says it doesn’t want nuclear arms and never worked toward them. But the IAEA says it has collected about 1,000 pages of information that point to attempts to develop such weapons.
Several meetings have resulted in little progress since Iran and the IAEA agreed late last year on a new effort to try and clear up the allegations.
The agency said Thursday that Iran presented no new proposals at the latest talks with IAEA experts. An IAEA statement gave no date for a new meeting.
On Wednesday, an exiled Iranian opposition group accused Tehran of secretly moving a key nuclear research hierarchy to avoid international inspections.
The dissident group said the Tehran-based Organization of Defensive Innovation and Research (SPND) was “the nerve center of the militarization of the Iranian nuclear program,” which has been responsible for “the design and manufacture of the atomic bomb.”
“The transfer of the SPND was completed in July,” said the Paris-based National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), which has made significant revelations about Iran’s nuclear program in the past.
“Managers and key services were relocated to secret locations, while some administrative officials were left in place to deceive IAEA inspectors,” said dissident leader Afchine Alavi.
The SPND was targeted in August by a new round of US sanctions against companies and individuals seen as providing support to illicit Iranian nuclear activities.
The brains behind the SPND, Mohsen Fakhrizadeh, sought for years by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), is being “hidden by the regime”, the NCRI said in a report.
“This game of hide-and-seek with the IAEA proves that the regime has no intention of abandoning the military aspect of its program and that it does not want to be transparent.”
Following Monday’s mysterious blast at Parchin, east of Tehran, satellite imagery obtained Wednesday by Israel’s Channel 2 and Israel Defense magazine claimed to show extensive damage at the site.
Images of the facility taken Tuesday, a day after the explosion, showed that several buildings at the location sustained heavy damage and some even collapsed, Channel 2 reported.
The photos “clearly show damage consistent with an attack against bunkers in a central locality within the military research complex at the Parchin military compound,” Israel Defense wrote.
The images were taken by the French satellite Pleiades the morning following the blast.
Screenshot from Israel Defense showing satellite images of the Parchin site east of Tehran before and after Monday’s explosion at the suspected nuclear facility on October 8, 2014.
Iran’s state news agency IRNA reported Monday that the explosion occurred at a defense ministry plant east of Tehran for the production of explosives.
The Defense Industries Organisation, quoted by IRNA, said a fire broke out at the plant on Sunday night but it gave no further details.
The BBC, citing a report from the semi-official Iranian Students News Agency (ISNA), reported on Monday that the incident happened in an “explosive materials production unit” at the site south-east of the capital Tehran.
According to ISNA, the blast was so powerful it shattered windows up to 12 kilometers away and the glare from the explosion lit up the night sky.
Several arms facilities and military bases are located east of the Iranian capital, including Parchin.
The base lies at the center of allegations of past Iranian research into sophisticated explosives that can be used to detonate a nuclear warhead.
In August Iran reiterated that it will not allow IAEA inspectors to visit the site.

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