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Saturday, November 01, 2014


Obola Is Setting Up Important Trade Agreements 
With African Nations 
To Insure Americans Have Equal Access to Ebola

From AP:
STANFORD, Calif. (AP) -- Top medical experts studying the spread of Ebola say the public should expect more cases to emerge in the United States by year's end as infected people arrive here from West Africa, including American doctors and nurses returning from the hot zone and people fleeing from the deadly disease. 
But how many cases? 
No one knows for sure how many infections will emerge in the U.S. or anywhere else, but scientists have made educated guesses based on data models that weigh hundreds of variables, including daily new infections in West Africa, airline traffic worldwide and transmission possibilities. 
This week, several top infectious disease experts ran simulations for The Associated Press that predicted as few as one or two additional infections by the end of 2014 to a worst-case scenario of 130. 
"I don't think there's going to be a huge outbreak here, no," said Dr. David Relman, a professor of infectious disease, microbiology and immunology at Stanford University's medical school. 
"However, as best we can tell right now, it is quite possible that every major city will see at least a handful of cases."
And every single case will be because of the irresponsible leadership of Barack Hussein Obola.


LIBERIAN WOMAN Hospitalized in Oregon With Ebola Symptoms – Arrived in US Tuesday 

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300 Italian physicians : African immigrants are the Trojan Horse of Ebola

From Vlad Tepes:

An Open Letter of 300 Lombardi physicians to the Minister of Health:
Mr. Minister,
 As you know, the Ebola disease is currently spreading in certain African countries where, as the UN stated, the situation is totally out of control. This means that the epidemiological data relating to the geographical dissemination of the virus, the number of infected people, and the number of deaths are not credible and are probably underestimated.
You said that it’s not necessary to be alarmed, that we doctors should neither worry nor spread panic among our patients, even if, according to WHO (World Health Organization), it is “the most grave and  serious health emergency of modern times.”
You have the duty to worry about it and to put in place all possible measures toprotect the health of the population. 
The measures you have taken are the same as those put in place in other European countries, that is, to notify airport personnel to isolate any suspected cases. But the isolation of infected people can only be effective from the very beginning, that is, before these people come into contact with other individuals.
Patient zero, and most recently Craig Spencer of the USA, were perfectly fine at the time of their landing, and were able to walk around peacefully for several days before the onset of fever, thereby infecting other people. This shows us that the steps taken do not guarantee the early identification of infected people in countries not equipped to perform checks at ports and airports. 
Italy has, as additional and exclusive risk factors compared to other countries, amassive and continuous surge of migrants arriving from Africa, and each arrival poses the risk of being a Trojan horse that could spark a tragedy. Continue reading 

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The Kufr Trifecta -- A personal journey

For those who still remember me, I used to be a much more prolific contributor to IBA. Well, I'm still above ground and still above room temperature. I still reside in Malaysia, a Muslim-majority, Muslim-controlled state, where the one-way ratchet that is Islam slowly tightens. It's where I live, where I hang my hat at least for now, but not home, and never a place where I could belong, for three very good reasons.

1) I unapologetically support Israel. In Malaysia, that's a personal and political view best kept out of sight; being a Zionist is the worse possible epithet that one can be called here. Nobody has the temerity to openly support Israel in Malaysian society, and anyone who does is looking, at the very least, at expulsion from so-called polite society and probably worse. Anyone who's foolish enough to support the hated Zionist regime says that privately, if he or she does that at all. Well, I say the hell with Malaysia's 'polite society'. They love Hamas, after all.

2) I'm an unbeliever, a kufr, which as the Quran says is the most vile of creatures (8:55, 98:6). I've personally turned down many invitations to Islam ('dawah') and I have written at length and many times against Islam's teachings. So this no doubt puts me personally beyond the pale and marked for death -- does anyone remember what happened to Theo Van Gogh exactly 10 years ago?

3) I have married a member of an explicit enemy class to true believers, to Muslims and to Islam. According to the prime minister of Malaysia, LGBT people (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transsexual) are enemies of Islam that must be fought. And I have made a transsexual woman from this country my partner and legal spouse outside of Malaysia. Of course this arrangement is not and will never be recognized in Malaysia, but the point remains. I'm an enemy that's fraternizing with the enemy. We must be destroyed.

For me personally, it was my choice of spouse and mate that brought me many years ago to oppose Islam and all its works. I have to oppose Islam because Islam opposes me, and would wipe out my wife and everything and everyone else I care about from the face of this earth if the true believers of the so-called religion of peace had their way. My opposition to Islam is as personal as it can possibly be.
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School Filing ‘Racial Discrimination’ Against Students Who Refuse Muslim Education

Is This Some Sort of Common Core Crap?

From American News:
Parents of students at Littleton Green Community School were outraged after they found out that if their children decided not to attend a controversial field trip, they would be officially deemed racist. 
The trip was to a religious workshop about the Muslim faith, and administration warned that a “racial discrimination note” would be added to the students’ school records, should they fail to join. 
As to be expected, parents did not take the information lightly, especially since the class consisted of children as young as eight years old. 
“I was shocked by the letter. To be told my kids have got to attend this workshop is disgusting,” said Tracy Ward, a mother of four. 
“Everyone should have a choice but that’s my opinion and I don’t want a stain on my kids’ record as a result. 
“To be told we had to pay for the trip as well was just a kick in the teeth,” added another parent. “How dare they threaten to brand the children racist at such a young age. It’s going to make them feel like little criminals.” 
Afraid of the disturbance they’d caused, the school quickly retracted their statement, saying instead that it was “important for children to learn about cultures and religions other than their own.” 
What do you think of the school’s comments? What would you do if you were a parent there?
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What Rough Beast: The Rise of Anti-Semitism

From Roger Simon:
WELCOME TO BERLIN, 1937I have never in my increasingly long life felt vulnerable as a Jew in America. I never even dreamed it would happen. But it has now — with the Obama administration.Something is seriously wrong. 
At almost every opportunity, Obama and his minions have criticized Israel out of all proportion to the actions of the Jewish state, particularly during the recent Gaza War when there was a constant barrage of warnings from our State Department about harming civilians. (This is a criticism State would never turn on itself. Who knows how many innocents have died in the U.S. air attacks on ISIS — no one even says a word about it.) 
Now they have called Israel’s prime minister a “chickensh*t,” a “coward” and who knows what else, using adjectives for Benjamin Netanyahu they don’t employ with Kim Jung-un, Vladimir Putin, Hassan Nasrallah, Bashar Assad or even the murderous Islamic State’s al-Baghdadi, not to mention — and this is probably crucial — the potentially most homicidal of all, Ayatollah Khamenei of the Islamic State of Iran. (One of the more sinister aspects of Jeff Goldberg’s article that generated this controversy was that one of his leakers bragged they had scared cowardly Netanyahu into not attacking Iran’s nuclear installations, as if this were a good thing, the implication being that the administration can now look good for making an Iran deal — that would ultimately give the mullahs the bomb.) 
It’s as if Netanyahu, not the aforementioned maniacs, were the administration’s worst enemy.Meanwhile, the attempts to make nice to the Israelis over the vicious personal slurs from the article, which apparently came from two high and thus far unpunished administration officials, have been perfunctory, so perfunctory that you know they are not meant to be taken seriously, quite the contrary. 
In fact, an attempted terrorist assassination of a prominent American-Israeli in Jerusalem yesterday that caused the Israeli government to put the Temple Mount on lockdown has already generated more chastisement of the Israelis from our secretary of State. All this against an unprecedented, at least since World War II, rise in global anti-Semitism. 
The administration claims to be making these “constructive” criticisms for Israel’s sake, but the Jewish state has better allies in Egypt and Saudi Arabia than they do in an Obama administration that seems to prefer Islamofascist Qatar — those same oil sheiks that bankroll Hamas, the terror organization whose charter exhorts all Muslims to kill every Jew hiding behind a tree anywhere in the world. 
And you wonder why I feel like I’m living in Berlin in 1937.Well, I do.You will excuse me if I think my Jewish American friends that vote Democratic every year by rote are a bit sick. I have tried to have patience with them for about a decade, tried to persuade them with reason, but now I think they’re… well, there’s an excellent Yiddish word… ferkochta. Or suffering from a Stockholm Syndrome so massive it wouldn’t fit in all the Volvo factories in Sweden.Yes, I know many of those same people don’t give a sh*t, chicken or otherwise, about Israel — or if they do they are highly critical of everything about it, think it’s an apartheid state, yaddayaddayadda. (Don’t ask them to define apartheid, however.) 
I will just remind those same “progressive” people that there were plenty of German Jews who felt pretty much as they do back in, ahem, 1937.If those “progressives” are of a Marxist tilt, I will further remind them that the man himself said, in The Eighteenth Brumaire, that history repeats, first as tragedy, then as farce. We’re now on the tragedy part.Not that farce is, in this instance, so reassuring and not that I didn’t know in the first place. Indeed, I suspected this would happen all along, although that doesn’t make me the slightest bit happier. 
Attentive readers of this site will recall that I have on several occasions called upon the Los Angeles Times to release the Khalidi tape. That’s a videotape held in the LAT’s vault of a going-away party for Rashid Khalidi, the University of Chicago professor who was on his way to Columbia to replace the vehemently anti-Zionest Edward Said as head of that university’s Middle East Studies department. 
The party was reported to be quite an Israel bash, probably laced with some good-old fashioned Jew hatred. Rashid’s good friends the Obamas, Michelle and Barack, were in attendance. How much they agreed with the tenor of the evening we will never know, because the LAT refuses to release the tape. You would think the paper, given recent events and the decline in the Emperor’s popularity, might change its mind.Fat chance. To do so would go against a narrative engrained in stone since at least 1968. They wouldn’t dare look inside that vault for fear they would have to act on what they might find. They are the real “chickensh*ts,” not Netanyahu.

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KaciHickox roommate in Africa tested positive for Ebola?

What? Me Worry?

#KaciHickox roommate in Africa tested positive for Ebola. 
This is from a reporter at NECN, the New England Cable Network.
Also reported on CNN. No further info. 
link to reporters Twitter feed

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Friday, October 31, 2014


Full Concert



01:15 Ecstasy of Gold
3:15 The Call of Ktulu
12:46 Master of Puppets
22:24 Of Wolf And Man
26:44 The Thing That Should Not Be
34:22 Fuel
39:33 The Memory Remains
44:37 No Leaf Clover

50:19 Hero of The Day
55:03 Devils Dance
1:00:56 Bleeding Me
1:12:46 Nothing Else Matters
1:19:12 Until It Sleeps
1:23:40 For Whom The Bell Tolls
1:28:40 Minus Human
1:33:40 Wherever I May Roam
1:40:48 Outlaw Torn
1:51:15 Sad But True
1:56:56 One
2:05:20 Enter Sandman
2:18:31 Battery

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CDC Revokes Sneeze Poster

From the New York Post:
The ​U.S. ​​Centers for Disease Control on Thursday yanked a poster off its Web site explaining how Ebola can be spread by contaminated droplets — from a sneeze for example — a day after The Post reported on the frightening revelation.

The fact sheet was taken off line, and a link that led to it a day before now sends viewers to a different page with a different message....
Orwell's Ministry of Truth is alive and well.

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D.C. Axe Attack (The Latest)


From WTOP:
...[D.C. Police Chief] Lanier stressed that police had no evidence linking the attack to any broader plot or to last week's attack of a group of New York City police officers by a hatchet-wielding man, which New York's police commissioner called an act of terrorism.

Lanier said police weren't ruling out that possibility....

"A lot of these radical organizations, terrorist organizations are very vocal about targeting first responders. It's no secret. It's not new. But it certainly has ramped up," Lanier said. "We're on extremely high alert."
The axe wielder is still on the loose and remains unidentified.

BTW, there is a Salafist masjid five short blocks from the location of the axe attack on October 31, 2014. Just sayin'.

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Fury over Council’s decision not to name Woolwich memorial after Lee Rigby because it might offend Muslims

A council has decided not to name a memorial at the site of Lee Rigby’s death after the murdered fusilier for fear it may offend Islamic fanatics.
Campaigners urged Greenwich Council to build a commemorative site for the man who was murdered by two extremists in the street last year.
But after agreeing to their demands, officials revealed it would not be named after the 25-year-old for fear it could lead to more religious attacks.
Instead, an inscription will read: ‘To commemorate all those servicemen and woman who have served or lived in Woolwich and who gave given their lives.’
Critics blasted the decision as ‘disgusting’ last night, urging officials to ‘stand up’ to violent extremists.
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Jeopardy answer is: Transiting to the nuclear missile launch point for training purposes

And the Jeopardy question?

Are Russian Bombers Flying Nuclear Drills Near Europe—Or Just Testing NATO’s Defenses?

Yesterday I literally said I could not imagine what the Russians IMAGINED they were doing.
We have one answer from NATO head of intelligence.

Daily Beast:
Nuclear-capable Russian bombers are flying over the North Sea and the Atlantic. And U.S. Air Force officers are very concerned at what could be a rehearsal of a deadly mission.

Russian bombers may be flying nuclear strike drills over the Atlantic Ocean and North Sea, current and former U.S. Air Force officers believe. At the very least, these officers tell The Daily Beast, the Russian Air Force is aggressively probing what NATO calls European airspace in an effort to gauge the reaction times of the western alliance’s defenses.

Since Oct. 28, NATO air defenses have detected and monitored four groups of Russian combat aircraft over the Baltic Sea, North Sea, Atlantic Ocean, and Black Sea. Norwegian F-16 fighters intercepted one particular group of Russian aircraft on Oct. 29 that included four, nuclear-capable Tupolev Tu-95 Bear H strategic bombers and four Ilyushin Il-78 aerial refueling tankers. Once intercepted, six of the Russian aircraft headed for home while the two remaining Tu-95 bombers continued southwest, parallel to the Norwegian coast, before eventually turning back towards Russia.

The giant, propeller-driven Tu-95 is a launch platform for the 1,600 nautical mile range Raduga Kh-55 nuclear-tipped cruise missile. The weapon carries a 200-kiloton nuclear warhead; by comparison, the bomb that destroyed Nagasaki was a mere 21 kilotons. Some active-duty and retired U.S. Air Force officials told The Daily Beast that the Tu-95s might have been flying to certain predetermined launch points for their nuclear missiles.

“That could certainly be the case,” said retired Air Force Lt. Gen. David Deptula, the service’s influential former intelligence chief. “It is not farfetched that at some point within the next two years [Russian President Vladimir] Putin makes a more aggressive move in Eastern Europe and uses a nuclear threat to deter a NATO response.”
Of course, every nuclear capable air force runs exercises to practice its so-called “strategic deterrence.” It’s the pace and scale of these current flights that have military observers concerned.

“Our bomber crews regularly fly training sorties for their full range of potential missions, including strategic deterrence practice missions,” Mark Gunzinger, a former B-52 pilot and current air power analyst the Center for Strategic and Budgetary Assessments, said. “[The Russian Air Force] has never stopped flying training sorties, but it’s apparent that the scope of this one is catching people’s attention.”

Asked if at least some of these flights were nuclear drills, Gunzinger responded, “that is probably the case.”
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Obama admin: Iran deal is “Obamacare of Foreign Policy”

The man who many fingers are pointing at as the source of “CHICKENSHIT” …

Washington Free Beacon:
“Bottom line is, this is the best opportunity we’ve had to resolve the Iranian issue diplomatically, certainly since President Obama came to office, and probably since the beginning of the Iraq war,” Rhodes said. “So no small opportunity, it’s a big deal.

This is probably the biggest thing President Obama will do in his second term on foreign policy. This is healthcare for us, just to put it in context.”

Rhodes also said the White House wants to avoid congressional scrutiny of any deal.
“We’re already kind of thinking through, how do we structure a deal so we don’t necessarily require legislative action right away,” Rhodes said. “And there are ways to do that.”
That is similar to what an unnamed senior administration official told David Sanger of the New York Times last week for a piece headlined “Obama Sees an Iran Deal That Could Avoid Congress”: “We wouldn’t seek congressional legislation in any comprehensive agreement for years.”
If there is going to be a Republican Majority we are ABSOLUTELY HEADED for a series of constitutional crises
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Islamists in Gaza Hold Funeral for #ISIS Suicide Bomber – Pledge Allegiance to Baghdadi

I said a month ago that over the next few months we will see Islamic organizations around the world pledge allegiance to ISIS.

This is not, yet, Hamas joining Hamas, but I do believe that will happen soon.

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Ebola News 10-31-2014

TheLocal: ISIS wants to spread Ebola, says Spanish Security Chief 
ANSA: Italian doctor in Ebola quarantine 
RadioAustralia: China to send elite army unit to help tackle Ebola outbreak in Liberia 
AP: WHO issues new guidance on Ebola protective gear 
SciDev.net: Ebola-affected countries face new threat: food crisis 
OKNews: Dallas Nurse Nina Pham to reunite with dog Bentley 
Russia/IndiaReport: Russian plane delivers aid cargo for fighting Ebola to five african countries 
Reuters: US envoy to report temperature twice daily after West Africa visit 
Stixs.in: First Vaccine against Dengue shows promising results 
OutbreakNewsToday: Testing and discharging potential Ebola patients: CDC


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Man With Axe Attacks DC Police Officer (Updated)

From WTOP:
WASHINGTON -- D.C. Police are at a heightened state of alert after a man with an ax attacked an officer early Friday. 
The incident happened around 3 a.m. in the 3800 block of 13th Street in Northeast, several blocks east of the Catholic University campus. 
An officer in full uniform was in a police cruiser when he was ambushed, according to Officer Araz Alali, a D.C. police spokesman. 
The suspect swung an ax and shattered the cruiser's window. 
The officer got out of the vehicle and tried to apprehend the suspect. Alali said he was injured in the struggle, not by the ax, and was unable to stop the attacker. 
The officer was taken to the hospial, and was expected to be OK. 
"He's a little shaken up. But he's OK," the officer's former partner tells WTOP. Police are now looking for the suspect, who fled on foot westbound through the south alley of the 1200 block of Quincy Street NE toward 12th Street NE. 
A description of the suspect has not been released. The ax used in the ambush was recovered, and it is being processed. 
Alali said there does not appear to be a connection to last week's hatchet attack on a group of New York City officers, but said the department will cover all bases in the investigation.
No, there couldn't be any connection to any previous axe attacks against Police Officer on the Eastern Seaboard.

Why would there be?

AOW here...

About the suspect:
Specific to this attack, the Fifth District officer was on patrol when he noted a suspicious person and went to investigate the situation. The suspicious person avoided the officer by entering an alley. The officer then entered the alley in his marked car and was ambushed by the person with the axe. The axe shattered the window, but did not strike the officer. The officer gave chase and caught up with the suspect, but after a brief struggle, he was able to escape.

As of now we have a general lookout for a black male, 6′-1″ to 6′-2″ with a stocky build. We have several leads that we are following up on at this point, but the investigation continues.”

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Halloween 2014

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Election = More of the last 4 years of entropy, or a Constitutional crisis? You all ready?

That’s right sports fans.

We are either going to have divisive claims of woman hating, do nothing, racist (see every election ad in the last 10 days) sound bytes centered on 2016 and IGNORING the actual problems here and in the world, or we are going to have a constitutional crisis over Mr. Obama SHOWING US he knows what being president to transform America really means.

It’s going to come over amnesty, Health Care, Budget, Military, Business, Taxes, Climate, Resources, Fracking, Drilling, Banking ..in every category you can imagine the voted will of the people in the House and Senate is going to be met by the well meaning mistake of 2008, and the CYNICAL LIES EUCHRING the American people in 2012.

This will go on over vetoes, and finally in court until Obama decides to match his will against 34 democratic Senators who will vote to NOT CONVICT.
We will all be treated to ever more bitter claims of racism, and misogyny by republicans. And EVER GROWING suspicions by one side of the other since progress in Congress will no longer end in Harry Reid’s draw.

And that is the best case (meaning if R’s can actually PASS STUFF - which remains to be seen)

The only way this is avoided is if Obama becomes PRACTICAL and performs the day to day requisites of his job which he hates - contact with his real enemy, not ISIS, not Bibi, not the Mullahs, - the leaders of the cracker opposition - Rubio, Cruz, hopefully Mia Love, and those other R’s WHO HAPPEN TO BE VANILLA in color but R by character- TO ACHIEVE COMPROMISE

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Janiva Magness
I Won't Cry

Things Left Undone

The End Of Our Road

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Thursday, October 30, 2014

ClashDaily: Breaking: DOD orders off-duty troops to hide their military identity in public

ClashDaily: Breaking: DOD orders off-duty troops to hide their military identity in public

Unlike in Canada and Europe, at least in US we maintain our second amendment (2A) rights and no uniform is necessary to protect those rights...yet. 
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Believe It Or Not, This Guy Is Serious: Video: “All Moderate Muslims Are Chocolate Coconut Muslims”

Look at that terrycloth towel. I bet he picked it up at the Gay Bathhouse when he needed to wipe off his mouth after fellating a Kuffar.

It probably still has his boyfriend's stain on it.
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Spanish Intelligence Intercepts Plot to Weaponise Ebola

Spanish intelligence has intercepted messages passed between jihadists online discussing the weaponisation of the deadly Ebola virus for use against the West, while a blackmailer in Prague has threatened to unleash the virus unless the Czech Republic pay him one million bitcoin, a volume of online currency worth over £200 million.
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UN Chief Launches Campaign to End Female Genital Mutilation

UN chief Ban Ki-moon launched Thursday a global campaign to end the often deadly practice of female genital mutilation within a generation, as survivors said it had “shattered” their lives. 
“The mutilation of girls and women must stop in this generation, our generation,” Ban said on a visit to the Kenyan capital Nairobi. 
“Men and boys must also be encouraged to support the fight against FGM — and they should be praised when they do.”

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