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Saturday, January 02, 2016

Islamic Practice and the Destruction of Secular Happiness

"We Pray Five Times a Day - 
Not That There's Anything Wrong With That"

From the Last English Prince:
Muslim workers stir it up with Dell computer over walking away from their work stations to pray:  
Encroachment on workplace policy Workers stir it up over transporting airline passengers with unopened alcoholic beverages: 
Your conviction requires your sacrifice, not the sacrifice of your employer Cargill fires Muslim workers over prayer time dispute: 
This is not a labor dispute 
The workers violated workplace policies. They did not show up for work for three days and they did not call in sick. At my place of employment being more than seven minutes late for work thrice, and the worker is counseled. Even being consistently late is cause to release from employment. 
Sure: Early Muslims could pray five times a day. They were shepherds and herders, caravan raiders. That left a lot of time to pray. Tribal Muslim cultures, drowning in the poverty and misery of their own making can pray five times a day. There is no accountability, industry, nor clock to punch. 
But in America, we work. And we work damn hard… sometimes without breaks… sometimes long hours. And we don’t bitch about it. But we do go home and pray. And we attend our houses of worship when our job allows us a day off to attend such things. 
But as Americans, we DO NOT DEMAND the same. We are sensible. Logical. Fair-minded about the needs of our employer. 
Predatory religious practices destroy our social compact.
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