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Saturday, January 02, 2016

Why ‘Draw Mohammed’? The Artist Explains

Andrew McCarthy interviews Bosch Fawstin:
Mohammed cartoons don’t inspire Islamic violence. Islamic violence inspires Mohammed cartoons.” 
That is what Bosch Fawstin tells me. And he knows whereof he speaks. 
Fawstin is the award-winning cartoonist thrust into international notoriety in May when he won a “Draw Muhammad” contest in Garland, Texas — a contest that became the first terrorist target of the Islamic State on American soil. 
The event was intended to be less a competition than a celebration of free-expression principles. Because those principles undergird Western civilization, they have become the prime target of Islamic supremacists. 
And when we talk about Islamic supremacists, we are not talking only about violent jihadists, such as the two ISIS-inspired terrorists who were killed in a firefight with police while attempting a mass murder of Fawstin and his fellow contestants. 
There are also the “moderates” who specialize in exploiting the atmosphere of intimidation created by jihadist organizations: the Muslim Brotherhood’s international web of Islamic activist groups and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), the 57-government bloc that claims to represent Muslim interests globally. 
The methods of the “moderates” might differ from those of ISIS and al-Qaeda — and given the extensive promotion of jihadist violence by the Brotherhood and several OIC member states, we say “might” with tongue firmly in cheek. 
The “moderate” goal, however, is the same: the imposition of sharia, which is Islam’s societal framework and legal code. 
As Fawstin explains it: “Devout Muslims want their laws to be our laws. In essence, they want us to be de facto Muslims.”
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

A good article as far as it goes but the wine sippers over at NR would never think to display the drawing in question. This is the publication that dismissed John Derbyshire for making perfect sense concerning modern American race relations. NR can talk the talk but they will never walk the walk.

Saturday, January 02, 2016 8:39:00 pm  

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