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Monday, February 15, 2016

Dan Slott's just full of irony

Here's what he says about those he won't retweet:

Say, do the homophobes he won't retweet include Islamofascists? I'm not sure why somebody who's allegedly worried about homophobia won't say a word about what Muslims could be saying, and doing. Not even G. Willow Wilson. If she doesn't include positive portrayals of homosexuality in any of her work, doesn't that surprise him?

The next one, answering a guy wondering about identified Christians, says:

His suggestion he dislikes folks who identify as American is disturbing. Is he a product of Chomskyism? Does he also believe in turning the other cheek when Christians and Jews are persecuted in Muslim regimes, and apostates from Islam are targeted by honor murders?

And then, he says:

But he has upheld Islam at a certain community's expense. To him, homosexuality only matters when Christians and Judaists object. Gee, could it be Slott's really the homophobe he so much enjoys accusing everybody else of being? Men like Slott are just overflowing with irony.
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