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It Is Not A Good Idea
To Act As If You Can Not Accomplish
What You Were Elected To Do


Thursday, February 04, 2016

I only hope we understand foreign elections more than they understand OURS

From Germany, the Berliner Zeitung:
Radicalism and lack of intelligent content dominate the political debate in the U.S. The fact that Donald Trump lost the first important testing of Republican waters is therefore great news.
The good news to come from the first American primary election: Contrary to opinion survey predictions, Donald Trump is not invincible. At any rate, his intolerable hate tirades fell on less sympathetic ears in Iowa than was expected.
By any measure nationally Trump is holding a bit under ONE HALF the approval of one of our TWO parties. By that very fact alone, his views are MAINSTREAM.
They are interpreting his his ‘intolerance’ is being rejected in Iowa, but with 62% of Iowans SELF IDENTIFYING as Evangelical Christians as they entered the R caucases it’s pretty obvious what Iowans were rejecting. Trump’s lack of visible religious identity, or care about the same.
But before the celebration gets out of hand, here’s the first of two items of bad news: Ted Cruz, the primary winner, may have a quieter voice than Trump, but his ideas are just as dangerous. Anyone who would suggest carpet bombing as an effective tactic against jihadis in the so-called Islamic State group can’t be taken seriously. And his intention to abrogate the Iran nuclear agreement if he’s elected president is a foreign policy will-o’-the-wisp that makes him unsuitable for the presidency.
Excuse me, but deciding that a war against ISIS is exsitential, and then acting with DECISIVE means (as in the 8th Air Force, or B-29′s from Tinian) WOULD be totally effective.
Brutal, but effective. And if General Sherman knows anything about war, then the crueler is it the sooner it is over… and the fewer the casualties (in the end).
As far as Iran, we have either guaranteed they have a nuclear force deployed in 10 years legally, or legalized the force’s outsourced manufacture in hiding or in North Korea
And then, like a BOLT FROM THE BLUE, they admit the fact all our politicians have been denying.

That bad news is outdone only by the sobering realization that the voters and the political class in the world’s oldest democracy continue to drift apart. More than 60 percent of Republican voters as shown by the voting results in Iowa still support candidates like Trump, Cruz and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson.


the voters and the political class


“continue to drift apart

You left out Bernie, but then his socialism is not radical to you. But his message, Cruz’s, Carson’s and Trump’s all bear a similar theme.
We won’t settle for continuation of the priorities of the political class at our expense.
We’re not Europe.
We escaped from there and the other failed, intolerant societies around this planet.
No wonder you think us radical, but it’s not really that.
We are now, and always have been, REVLUTIONARY.
By the way, how’s it going in Cologne, and Uppsala?
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Anonymous Nicoenarg said...

In Europe its part of daily life that your vote doesn't matter if it doesn't agree with what the ruling class has approved as "acceptable". Its what the Dems and Repub establishment have been doing/trying to do in the US but with Donald Trump all of that neatly planned election rigging is thrown out the window.

This is the reason you will see a lot of libs voicing their support for the parliamentarian system: easier to screw the voters by forming various alliances to get the government the ruling class approves or and wants.

Thursday, February 04, 2016 8:02:00 pm  

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