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Monday, February 08, 2016

Zika virus can be purchased over the internet; origins linked to Rockefeller Foundation???

From Natural News:
We've now been able to confirm three astonishing facts about Zika virus (h/t to others in alt. media who initiated this line of investigation): 
1) YES, Zika virus traces its origins back to the Rockefeller Foundation. (More explanation below.) 
2) YES, Zika virus can be purchased online. We were able to find two suppliers who offer three different strains of the virus to qualified level-2 biohazard laboratories. 
3) It appears to be conceivable that a bioterrorist organization could set up a level-2 biohazard lab and use it to acquire Zika virus in a deliberate attempt to use it as a weapon against humanity. 
There do not appear to be adequate safeguards in the industry to prevent this from happening. Some of the alt. media have misreported the Zika virus as being "patented" by the Rockefeller Foundation. 
We have not been able to find any patent on the virus, but we have found numerous references to the virus being "isolated" by Dr. Jordi Casals who worked for the Rockefeller Foundation.
Take this one with a grain of salt.

I would imagine many viruses can be purchased online. Viruses need to be studied, and used to develop vaccines.

The question is not whether or not the virus can be purchased.  The question is, are there proper safeguards in place? Are those authorized to purchase viruses properly vetted.

That I doubt.

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Blogger Always On Watch said...

Regardless, Zika could easily become a pandemic.

There are other complications other than microcephalic babies: Guillain–Barré.

Severe disability.

Slow death from respiratory complications, bedsores, etc.

Monday, February 08, 2016 3:54:00 pm  

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