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Tuesday, July 05, 2016

Five Rapes and More Than 40 Sexual Assaults by "Migrants" at Swedish Music Festival

The band Mumford and Sons have vowed to not play the festival again, until Police ensure them protections have been put in place.

The Telegraph reported:
Police in Sweden are investigating five reported rapes and nearly forty instances of groping at two music festivals over the weekend. 
“Foreign young men“ were blamed by police for the attacks at one of the festivals and at least two unaccompanied migrant youths were under arrest. 
Police recorded five reports of rapes and 12 of sexual molestation at Bravalla, Sweden’s biggest music festival, and 35 reports of sexual molestation at Putte i Parken, a free festival in Karlstad, where the youngest victim was just twelve years old. 
Two of the seven young men suspected of mounting a campaign of aggressive groping at the second festival were unaccompanied refugee youth, reportedly living at a nearby accommodation centre. 
Police are looking for a man who speaks “flawless Swedish” in connection with one of the five rapes at the first festival. 
“The descriptions [of perpetrators] are diverse, with the one common denominator being that these are all young men,” police at the first festival reported on Sunday night. 
The fresh reports of sex attacks involving young asylum seekers at Swedish music festivals triggered an angry response from activists, politicians and performers.

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