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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

FRENCH SURRENDER: The French Evacuated an Entire Hotel Due To One "Mentally Deranged Knife-Wielding Troublemaker" Who Didn't Want To Pay His Hotel Bill

From RT:
An armed man holed himself up at a hotel in southern France, forcing local police to erect a perimeter of 250 meters around the building. 
The troublemaker who reportedly decided to leave the hotel without paying was later arrested. 
The man refused to pay for his stay and after gendarmes were called by the hotel staff to settle the dispute, barricaded himself in one of the rooms, French media reported on Tuesday. 
Police, along with the emergency services were called to the scene near the Formule 1 hotel in the commune of Bollene, Provence.
Oh, by the way, the "Troublemaker",
... was reportedly armed with a knife and was feared to have an explosive device, a local gendarme officer told Reuters.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Turkey aftermath continues to point in the direction that Nicoenarg suggested earlier: that Erdogan staged an autogolpe. The ridiculously lame and ineffective putsch followed by a sweeping purge of the political opposition from lists obviously assembled far in advance. There seems no doubt.

Why? Consolidating the power of an increasingly obvious madman to be sure, but why jeopardize membership in NATO and possibly the EU? Perhaps Erdogan has already concluded that he doesn't need either organization. That both are doomed relics of the past. The ME is the future, soon to control Europe anyway so why bother placating those idiots. They are still busy congratulating Turkey for preserving "democracy". How Erdogan must be laughing at that!

But what about the nukes at Incirlik? Will Erdogan use the excuse that the US was behind his coup, kick NATO off the base, and seize the arsenal? Immediately becoming a regional Nuclear power? And what will Russia think of that?

Erdogan has bought into the Sultanate fantasy. He is mad enough to try such a gamble. Strange days indeed.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016 11:32:00 pm  

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