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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

More evidence our technological superiority is DEGRADED and disappearing

Amid the news feeds I get this little item showed up ...

Raytheon, Kongsberg to produce Naval Strike Missile in U.S.

Ok, so what, another program, right?


Since the 1980′s the ALCM, Harpoon, Tomahawk, have provided accurate superior, nearly unstoppable, American strike from a distance abilities without peer.

We have never researched seriously a replacement for the last 2. These are naval weapons. They are EXPENSIVE. The Navy is having a problem creating enough hulls for their responsibilities, and even funding the next generation of ballistic missile submarines, which is only a guaranteed deterrent against NUCLEAR WAR and first strike by one of our growing list of enemies. I just wrote about how the F-18 fighter fleet is so fatigued the Navy is refusing to put aggressor training hours on the airframes and is using foreign fighter in that role.

Recently I had seen articles about a revolutionary and deadly Norwegian strike missile with > 100 mile range (Harpoon is about 60 miles and subsonic).

This is that missile.
Raytheon and Kongsberg are finalizing plans to assemble, integrate and test the Naval Strike Missile in the United States, Raytheon announced Wednesday.
The companies also plan to produce the missile's launchers in the United States, Raytheon said in a statement.
Raytheon plans to perform final assembly, integration and testing at the company's Tucson, Ariz., facility, with launchers being manufactured at the company's Louisville, Ky., facility.
The Naval Strike Missile features a range of more than 100 nautical miles against land and sea targets.
It provides penetration capability against enemy air defense systems and features an advanced imaging infrared seeker with autonomous target recognition.
The missile features high survivability against air defense systems and can fly at sea-skimming altitude.
The USA no longer has the resources to research, engineer, manufacture and deploy a COMPULSORY Naval missile system, and allow the Navy to build ships and subs and fight aircraft. Like our allies whom we licensed to produced the F-16 from the 70′s thru the F-35, we are now the licensee for critical weapons produced ELSEWHERE.

No excuses, please.

Any questions?
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