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Monday, July 11, 2016

MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION in Race Relations-How do you overcome incorrect deeply held perceptions?

Someone has the issue of BLM, and cops, WRONG.

Either cops of all races and all cities and all states (SOCIETY) think an itchy trigger finger around Americans who happen to be black is somehow MORE excusable than with Americans who happen to be OTHER, or Americans who happen to be black are incorrectly thinking they are being killed BECAUSE they are  not Americans who happen to be white.

A very interesting discussion within my family happened (by keyboard) the other other day and I discovered that data gets little respect, BOTH from those who are left and right.

I theorized based on FINDABLE DATA that police nationwide are NOT shooting Americans who happen to be black with some kind of impunity.

Now out in the USA there is NO DOUBT that a sincerely held perception by the majority of the  ‘black community’ (as much as there can be such a thing)... BELIEVES cops are doing them in.

They propose rather BITTERLY and counterproductively in a lot of cases that white America’s perception they are not being targeted is in error. WaPo, after putting an entire team on this for a year also found no data to support this, but yet still could not leave their article without voicing suspicion about their own analysis

I see very little if any data to support the BLM idea. The counter to this is that this does not make the proposition false, just that the system has not (and won’t?) produce that data.

So HOW ON EARTH do we reach a an idea of solution?

There is no basis for a discussion if there are no facts. It's just an argument about arguments in the void.

Newt Gingrich and Van Jones had very interesting discussion about this (video at bottom and worth watching), but to even REACH that point the basis was that cops ARE shooting black Americans as BLM proposes.

That protests went forward after Dallas is iconic for how dangerous this moment is.

To bridge this gap we have the wrong leaders now and the wrong people running. I see no one in congress or the senate on either side of this issue COMPETENT or with the will to help.

It will have to be among the people.

At least duking it out about facts and perceptions face to face with words will ENLIGHTEN each other about the size of the gap and what we have to do to bridge it.

After all, there is no divorce in this marriage.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

We have the wrong leaders (and the wrong media)...AMEN. That's why duking it out looks more and more likely to be shooting it out. And most in leadership on the left, including the President, are consciously pushing us in that direction.

Consider the safe cities initiative (UN) and federalizing the police (DC). Eliminating a local constabulary accountable to locally elected officials with rare oversight in cases of egregious civil rights violations.

Replacing that with what is effectively an occupying force. That is the goal of Obama and his DOJ. BLM is the cannon fodder in this DC directed operation.

But an occupying force consists, de facto, of enemy combatants on local soil. The results are predictable. Bullets will fly.

Monday, July 11, 2016 1:33:00 pm  
Blogger Always On Watch said...

Excellent post, Epa!

I just added the link to your essay to the body of my blog post today.

Monday, July 11, 2016 2:38:00 pm  
Blogger Pastorius said...

Less than 4% of Police shootings resulting in death are a white cop shooting an unarmed black man.

That that number APPROACHES 4% is rather extraordinary.

That's a pretty high percentage of 965 people.

That means nearly 40 unarmed black men were shot to death by white cops in that calendar year.

Still, there are other factors that need to be taken into consideration.

What ratio/percentage of violent crimes are committed by black men vs. other races - as a percentage of the population. (don't know if I phrased that right).

What were these 35-40 black men doing when they were shot?

Where were they shot? (In the back?)

What did the cops think these 35-40 unarmed black men were doing?

What do witnesses say these unarmed black men were doing?



Of all these incidents that Barack Obama and his friends at BLM have tried to TRUMP up into examples of white police's hatred of innocent black men (Brown, Martin, etc.) the only one that sticks out as truly unjust was the so-called ROUGH RIDE the Baltimore police gave that guy.

That was needless, and an obvious attempt to hurt the guy, though evidence would not be able to prove that the cops wanted to kill him.

The cops should have been convicted of manslaughter imo.

They should have lost their jobs and their pensions. And policy should have been changed so that such a thing never happens again.

That the black community would attempt to raise people like Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin to martyr status says TERRIBLE THINGS ABOUT THE BLACK COMMUNITY IMO.

Another case of bad policing was the black man who died at the hands of the police in BedStuy when he was caught selling cigarettes illegally. That should not hav turned into a big incident. That was ridiculous. An abuse of power.

However, that was a case of stupidity culminating in the accidental death of a man, but I would think it would be fair to call that manslaughter. I would think the family of the poor man who ended up dead ought to have a HUGE SETTLEMENT coming their way.

And the cops should be reprimanded for their idiotic behavior in turning a small incident into such an outlandish opportunity for BLM to castigate their fellow officers.

If I were a cop, those cops would be my enemy.

That cops don't self-Police this way is one reason I tend to not trust the Police much anymore.

Still, if I am to look 1) at a community of black people who call Trayvon Martin a martyr for their cause, and 2) the Police as a whole, who protect and serve us, and have to put up with that community who love their "martyrs", then I would side with the Police any fuckin' day.

Monday, July 11, 2016 3:08:00 pm  
Blogger -FJ said...

"Go Set a Watchman," Harper Lee.

Time to tell the truth to the SJWs about Atticus Finch.

Monday, July 11, 2016 4:40:00 pm  

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