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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

NAACP Leader: Dallas Shooter Was “Defenseless” And “Lynched”, TRUMP DECLINES OFFER TO ADDRESS NAACP

First off, THIS:

NAACP Leader: Dallas Shooter Was “Defenseless” And “Lynched"


From the Associated Press:
ATLANTA (AP) — The NAACP says Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has declined an invitation to address the group's upcoming convention, flouting established precedent and highlighting anew the GOP standard-bearer's struggle to attract support from nonwhite voters. 
NAACP president Cornell William Brooks told CNN Tuesday that Trump had declined the group's invitation to speak at the Cincinnati gathering, scheduled from Saturday through Wednesday. Presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is slated to speak there next Monday, which is also opening day of the Republican National Convention across the state in Cleveland. 
The Trump campaign did not respond immediately Tuesday night to an Associated Press request for comment.
Until the NAACP fires that mofo's ass, EVERYONE would be advised that, if they want to be considered a moral person, they should not associate with the NAACP. Simple as that.

This seems like it just may be an excellent example of Trump standing up for what is right!

I think Trump needs to come out and make a formal statement as to the reasons for his rejection of the NAACP.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mr. Trump probably declined out of deference for what happened in Dallas.


Thursday, July 14, 2016 1:43:00 am  

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