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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Police In Saxony, England Report Increase in Sex Crimes in Public Swimming Pools

The Muslims Are Restless

From the Vlad Tepes Blog:

When this site first started, we posted a lot of articles about Muslims in pools in the UK. There seemed to be a huge number of stories about how there was issues with Muslims in  public pools, and how concessions got made for special hours and conditions for Muslims. Its starting to look like a deliberate starting point for the deconstruction of equality of the sexes and a move to sharia
Authorities came to the conclusion after comparing crime statistics between 2013 and 2016.
Police have said that “on occasion crimes have been registered in which the perpetrators have have acted from within larger groups,” Die Welt reported on Friday
These type of crime is “notable” because sexual crimes are usually “almost exclusively” committed by people acting alone.
In all the instances of crimes carried out by groups – what the police describe as “a new form of criminality” – the perpetrators were not German, police say.

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