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Friday, September 16, 2016

London mayor Sadiq Khan: We must affirm that Muslims can hold Western values, or they’ll join jihad groups

From Jihad Watch:
Sadiq Khan has said Donald Trump is “playing into the hands of Daesh” after appearing to back Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign during his five-day tour of North America. 
During his 45-minute speech before the Chicago Council on Global Affairs on Thursday, Mr Khan attacked anti-Muslim views and policies and argued that what is needed is to build “bridges rather than walls” – a reference to Mr Trump’s proposal to build a wall along the US-Mexico border. 
“We play straight into the hands of those who seek to divide us, of extremists and terrorists around the world, when we imply that it is not possible to hold Western values and to be a Muslim,” Mr Khan said. 
Mr Khan did not mention Donald Trump by name but attacked the positions the New York developer has staked on Muslim immigration into the United States. 
”It only makes it harder to build integrated and cohesive communities and it makes it easier for terrorists to radicalise our young people, making us less safe, whether in the USA, France or Britain, because it’s dividing rather than uniting and because it builds walls to keep us apart rather than bridges to bring us together,” said the Mayor. 
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