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Friday, September 09, 2016

Sense and Stupidity

The Italians have some sense:
A Moroccan man who served as a "stand-in imam" in a mosque in northern Italy was forcibly repatriated home because he refused to accept Italian constitutional rights such as gender parity, Interior Minister Angelino Alfano said Thursday.
The decision was taken because the man refused to swear on the constitution before taking up Italian citizenship, arguing that his ultra-conservative Salafist Islam beliefs were "fully incompatible" with Italy's fundamental laws.
Man-made Western laws are incompatible with sharia. Period.

Logical conclusion: Italy will have to deport all Muslims.

Of course, the story wouldn't be over without some Western grade-A ignorance and stupidity:
"We are working to create a new model of imam, which we could call 'Italian imam,'" Alfano told the Libero newspaper in July, expressing concern that current Muslim clerics in Italy are all foreign-trained "and therefore have different values from us and sometimes radical inclinations."
WTF? I've been reading this nonsense from France as well. We will have a French Islam. Now, we'll have an Italian Islam or Imam.

Do you have French Christianity or Italian Christianity which is distinct from Egyptian Christianity or Lebanese Christianity?

The borders and the geography don't make a difference. Islam is evil. You can't tweak it by taking out all the demonic stuff and expect Muslims to still follow it. What will the Italians do, anyway? Come up with a New Quran that deletes 90% of the original? Ignore the Islamic canon that states the Procunt Muhammad married a six-years-old girl and then raped her three years later?

Memo to Europeans: Stop treating Islam like a buffet. Muslims won't buy it.

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