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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Anti-Israel Conference Plots Next Divestment Attack: Municipalities

From Legal Insurrection:
The U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation, recently rebranded as the U.S. Campaign for Palestinian rights, is one of the most virulently anti-Israel activist groups. Legal Insurrection recently covered how the US Campaign’s plan to hold a seminar on Capitol Hill was canceled when it became known just how extremist it was, Report: Pro-BDS event on Capitol Hill canceled after nature of group exposed. 
Last weekend I attended the U.S. Campaign’s Annual Conference. The annual conference was a gathering of approximately 200 anti-Israel activists representing various groups. 
Centrally located just outside conference hall was a table and big sign honoring and supporting Rasmea Odeh, the Palestinian terrorist convicted of planting a supermarket bomb in Jerusalem that killed two students.  
Odeh now is on trial for immigration fraud. 
There also was a table selling shirts honoring armed resistance against Israel, including one featuring terrorist leader Leila Khalid, the first female airplane hijacker. 
In my first post, I described how anti-Israel activists plan to try to manipulate black churches and the Black Lives Matter movement in order to extend divestment activism, Anti-Israel church activist agenda unveiled at BDS conference – intersectionality and crowdsourcing. 
In this post I address another tactic unveiled at the conference: Targeting municipalities for divestment resolutions through the takeover of committees governing socially responsible investing. 
The workshop “Municipal BDS Campaigns” led by Rochelle Gause (Friends of Sabeel-North America) and Garik Ruiz (Palestinian BDS National Committee) outlined the steps to create a municipal BDS campaign to the few dozen gathered in the room. ruiz-and-rochelle Prof. Miriam Elman had a long research post on Sabeel several months ago, Sabeel – The anti-Israel Christian activists you never heard of. Ruiz stressed that “Palestinians and Palestinian activists are not going to win by themselves.” 
Instead, he explained that to achieve BDS victories, coalitions must be built. These other movements perceived as potential partners include Black Lives Matter, prison divestment activists, and anti-fossil fuel crusaders. The discussion took place in what was a divestment circle.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The effort to divest from Israeli investment interests has another more sinister intent. Shariah finance adherence. The poor fools who allow themselves to be endeared by these divestment/investments will be very rudely awakened one day. Infidel holdings? What infidel holdings? All of earths pleasures belong to those who submit to allah and his profit (intentional).
While, for at least the time being, numerical figures may appear on reports/statements record-keeping purposes - they do have to account for tithing for jihad so that percentage immediately is recorded as zakat. The remaining assets, well, those will be withered away slowly - or- should the political winds shift these sums will magically disappear just as Madoff's investments evaporated.

****Shariah Finance Watch Exposing the risks of shariah finance
Here is their blog: http://www.shariahfinancewatch.org/blog/

Thursday, October 20, 2016 10:24:00 pm  

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