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Friday, October 07, 2016

FBI FILES: Boxes Full of Hillary Clinton Emails Missing Amid Allegations of Evidence Tampering

From Fox News:
FBI files reveal missing email ‘boxes’ in Clinton case, allegations of evidence tampering Buried in the 189 pages of heavily redacted FBI witness interviews from the Hillary Clinton email investigation are details of yet another mystery — about two missing “bankers boxes” filled with the former secretary of state’s emails. 
The interviews released earlier this month, known as 302s, also reveal the serious allegation that senior State Department official Patrick Kennedy applied pressure to subordinates to change the classified email codes so they would be shielded from Congress and the public. 
The details about the boxes are contained in five pages of the FBI file – with a staggering 111 redactions – that summarize the statements of a State Department witness who worked in the “Office of Information Programs and Services (IPS).” 
The employee told the FBI that, “Initially, IPS officials were told there were 14 bankers boxes of former Secretary of State Hillary CLINTON’s emails at CLINTON’s Friendship Heights office.” 
Friendship Heights is a neighborhood that straddles the Northwest neighborhood of the District of Columbia and Maryland. 
The State Department witness further explained to the FBI that “on or about December 5, 2014, IPS personnel picked up only 12 bankers boxes of CLINTON’s emails from Williams & Connolly.” 
The officials were not sure if the boxes “were consolidated or what could have happened to the two other boxes. “
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

ZeroHedge: The Complete A To Z Of Nations Destroyed By Hillary Clinton's "Hubris" In an email sent to his business partner and Democratic fundraiser Jeffrey Leeds, former Secretary of State Colin Powell wrote of Hillary Clinton, “Everything HRC touches she kind of screws up with hubris.”

Clinton’s tenure as Secretary of State during Barack Obama’s first term was an unmitigated disaster for many nations around the world. Neither the Donald Trump campaign nor the corporate media have adequately described how a number of countries around the world suffered horribly from Mrs. Clinton’s foreign policy decisions.

Millions of people were adversely harmed by Clinton’s misguided policies and her “pay-to-play” operations involving favors in return for donations to the Clinton Foundation and Clinton Global Initiative.

The following is a before and after recap, country by country, of the destabilizing effects of Clinton’s policies as Secretary of State:

Friday, October 07, 2016 11:58:00 am  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

As a foreign born American, coming from a Third World country, respect of the law was what I most admired in the US. But I can now say, with great sadness, this is not the country to which I arrived decades ago. When the government openly breaks the law (Reagan pardoning two million people who broke the law, a president who governs by decree, a law enforcement agency destroying evidence,) just to name a few, the very fabric of society is being destroyed. How to expect the common folk respect the law, when those at the top so blatantly violate it?

Friday, October 07, 2016 6:53:00 pm  

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