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Tuesday, October 04, 2016

WikiLeaksTwitter: How Hillary Clinton helped to crush democracy in #Honduras

WikiLeaksTwitter: How Hillary Clinton helped to crush democracy in #Honduras

Note: I usually don't link to anything associated with aljazeera as this video clip is sourced to it, but this clip damns Hillary with her own words and attempts to erase them.

Considering further, recall in 2011 HuffPo: Hillary Clinton Called Al Jazeera 'Real News' and criticised US Media?


Was Assange playing the system or was he scoping the response...

could his nothing-burger announcement actually be a security check of sorts by this master hacker?
Interesting Coincidence – U.S. Internet Disruption Maps During WikiLeaks Presser… 
via TheConservativeTreehouse
===>"Amazingly at 5:13am EDT (USA) / 11:13am (Berlin) Julian Assange announced there would NOT be a specific release of anything related to Hillary Clinton at this event, and all of a sudden the outage issues cleared right up."<===

NYPost: Assange: WikiLeaks to release weekly US election documents
When considering the ages mentioned above, recall that Michael Savage's radio program was censored - without notice - LIVE - last week when he was discussing HIllary's health concerns. Michael Savage's radio show pulled from air for quoting Mike Cernovich
This was just prior to 77 US Senators surrendering ICANN

I checked my local internet providers status and it too - coincidentally was down at the time of Assange's announcement. You can check your provider's status at Down Detector and see if the map is similar to that posted at the Conservative Treehouse.

WikiLeaksTwitter: WikiLeaks is building an army to protect and promote its upcoming publications. Follow @WLTaskForce


What happened to our internet providers in our nation’s largest population centers was straight out of the Strategic Landpower White Paper (http://www.arcic.army.mil/app_Documents/Strategic-Landpower-White-Paper-28OCT2013.pdf) from Odierno (Chief of Staff – Army), Amos (Commandant USMC) & McRaven (Commander US Special Operations Command): control the “human domain.” JADE HELM, anyone? When the military conducted the JH exercise, many of us wondered what was the purpose of it if not for controlling the population in the US — and we took a lot of guff from folks who said we were tinfoil hat wearers and such a thing could not happen in the US. Well, Assange showed it is happening. QED — quod erat demonstrandum.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

BREAKING=> HERE IT IS… Guccifer 2.0 Releases CLINTON FOUNDATION DOCS! – Dems Funneled TARP Funds to their PACs!
Guccifer 2.0 added this…..
That’s tax-payer bailout money that went right to the pockets of Democrat PACs!

Tuesday, October 04, 2016 9:17:00 pm  
Blogger Always On Watch said...

Apparentky, the depth of the Clinton sewer is infinite.

Wednesday, October 05, 2016 12:12:00 am  

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