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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Catholics Are Right About EVERYTHING

A Gay Jew explains why The Catholic Church is Right About Everything

Milo makes jokes about Protestantism being the "stupid relative" of Catholicism. To a large extent, I, a a Protestant Christian, would agree with him. It has been my observation that most Protestant Christians don't know what they believe. Therefore, they will fall for anything as long as it is nice.

Protestants have an addiction to nicety and they mistake etiquette for morality.

This makes Protestants look very stupid indeed.

HOWEVER, while Milo credits the "Protestant Work Ethic" as being the ideological and behavioral engine of Capitalism, it is a glaring admission that he does not also note that Protestantism is the ideology that created Democracy.

The central idea of Protestant Christianity - the major reason for the schism - is this:

Protestants believe the individual needs no mediator between he and God. We need no Priest, no Bishop, no Cardinal, no Pope.

The notion that the individual may go directly to God, and His Word, for an answer, that he needs no one else to help him, THAT IDEA LEADS INEVITABLY TO DEMOCRACY.


Catholicism is a religion of Monarchy.

If Protestantism had not come along, the West would have never developed Democracy.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have not watched the video yet, but I agree with you, Pasto. And it goes even deeper. The reason the Protestant movement decided they needed to intermediary with God, was due to the corruption of the Catholic Church, or rather clergy, at the time. The pardons of sins, or indulgences, were up for sale, and I understand that was one of the core reasons of the breakup.

Sunday, December 18, 2016 5:42:00 pm  

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