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Thursday, December 08, 2016

Merkel, Two Days Ago: Germans Need to Learn to Integrate With the Immigrants

GatesofVienna: Chancellor Merkel: Germans Need to Learn to Integrate With the Immigrants
Below is an excerpt from a speech given by German Chancellor Angela Merkel at the CDU (Christian Democrats) party congress on December 6th, when she announced her intention to run for re-election as chancellor next year.
It’s hard to believe the amount of applause she receives. And look at the ecstatic faces of her supporters in the CDU!
Amazingly enough, instead of dragging her out of her limo and administering summary justice on the street, the German people — or rather, “people who have lived in Germany for a long time” — actually VOTE for her. Over and over again.
Mass insanity is the only explanation I can think of for such suicidal behavior.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

RightScoop: For all those worried about Andy Puzder on immigration…

re: "... quotes are a bit concerning, so I decided to dig more and found that in 2015 Puzder wrote an article in the WSJ laying out a set of ‘rational principles’ that he believed Republicans could unite around on immigration. And for the most part, I don’t find them to be all that objectionable. "
===>"....—the federal government must secure the borders as a first step to reform."...."The federal government must enforce our laws internally, penalizing those who overstay their visas, and implementing a universal verification system so employers can be sure they are hiring employees legally."...." every candidate should support a path to legal status—short of citizenship—for illegal immigrants willing to accept responsibility for their actions and take the consequences."...."Every option should be on the table, except amnesty, which forgives illegal conduct It isn’t amnesty if immigrants admit wrongdoing and accept punishment."<====

So he supports securing the border as a first step to immigration reform and calls for the illegal population to be given a path to legal status that excludes citizenship – if they are “willing to accept responsibility for their actions and take the consequences.”

Thursday, December 08, 2016 9:46:00 pm  

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