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Thursday, December 15, 2016

Strong pimp hand

The muzzie boys of Austria:
The trend has become so common that the word Haram – referring to what is banned by Sharia law – is now regularly being heard in playgrounds throughout Austria, spawning the so-called 'generation haram'.
The shocking claim follows an investigation carried out by Austrian magazine Biber that said Muslim schoolboys are increasingly taking it upon themselves to tell girls how to behave.
Pretty soon, the girls will be wearing garbage bags burqas.
The development follows on from a recent study published in Vienna that showed that 57 of 214 questioned Muslim youngsters felt that religious law was more important than Austrian law.
Some also reportedly agreed with the statement that the Islamic world should be able to use violence against the West and that it was okay to kill in the name of religion.
Don't worry, Austrians. I'm sure it'll be peaceful killings.

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