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Thursday, January 05, 2017

About Your Notion That Israel Is Oppressing the Palestinian Peoples: YOU ARE THE RACIST, NOT ME!!!

From The Times of Israel:
When I am castigated for supporting the annexation of land that some of you wrongfully identify as “occupied” (it’s disputed, not occupied, based on International Law; look it up.), you are telling me that Palestinians, whose current situation is far far less than ideal and is causing anger and sadness and needs improvement, all want to live under an oppressive, dictatorial, thug-like regime that embezzles, doesn’t provide girls with proper education, trains in hate, and has no democracy, because it is comprised of Palestinians. (Picking leaders by ethnicity? How racist of you!) 
You are telling me that “they” desire this over living in 100% freedom and democracy in a “Jewish” state that has Arab/Muslim religious rights, education, healthcare, and the ability to make change legally and effectively through serving in the government. 
And if you aren’t telling me what they want, you are telling me that you know that this is what is best for them. That this is the best alternative of those that are out there waiting for them. 
It is most definitely the alternative that John Kerry just laid out. 
You are telling me what they want, what they prefer…. Or at least that you know, sitting over there in Massachusetts and California (and Herzliya) what they SHOULD want. What’s best for them. 
You are taking your Western ideals and assumptions and choices and imposing them on people here without a true understanding of peoplehood, of the history. You are swallowing political rhetoric about a group of people – about them, and about me. And that is your prejudice — your racism.
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Blogger Epaminondas said...

IN fact, after the UN partition of 1947-48 and the TRUCE in 1949, the arabs never accepted the division, and never accepted any land as theirs.
Nor have they accepted any peace.

Only Egypt and Jordan have made peace, and THEY GOT LAND BACK after invasions of and attempted invasion of Israel.

Personally I don't give a shit about the settlements or what their ultimate disposition is. Whether that be like Haifa or Tel Aviv, or like the settlements in Egypt's Sinai from 73 onwards (peacefully abandoned when peace was made), or like Gaza, where the IDF removed jews at gunpoint, or if the whole shebang becomes Israel.

That's up to the Israelis and the arabs living there and no one else.

I hope there can be 2 states, but given history, I don't have any faith this would mean anything to the arabs than just a step to the elimination of the jews from the levant (and earth, probably)

Thus while Israel will always adhere to the idea of 2 states as a public idea, realistically it will never happen and settlements will this continue.

But the reason it can never happen is not settlements, the reason is the unyielding rejection of the arab peoples there to the existence of a sovereign jewish state since Haj Amin Al Husseini formulated this stupidity ~1920.

Thursday, January 05, 2017 11:48:00 am  

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