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Sunday, January 01, 2017

Another Victory for Allah The All-Powerful: 10-Year-Old Girl Used as Human Bomb in Nigeria New Year's Eve attack

10-year-old girl used as human bomb in Nigeria New Year's Eve attack...
Kano (Nigeria) (AFP) - One person was seriously injured when a suicide bomber aged around 10 blew herself up in a New Year's Eve attack in the northeastern Nigerian city of Maiduguri, witnesses and aid workers told AFP Sunday. 
The girl approached a crowd buying noodles from a food vendor in the Customs area of the city around 9:30 pm on Saturday and detonated her explosives, they said. 
Although no one has claimed responsibility the attack bore the hallmark of Boko Haram Islamists who are notorious for using suicide bombers, mostly women and young girls, in attacking civilian targets. 
"The girl walked towards the crowd but she blew up before she could reach her target," said witness Grema Usman who lives in the area. 
"She died instantly, while one person was seriously hurt after after he was hit by shrapnel." "(Judging) from her corpse the girl was around 10 years old," Usman said. 
An aid worker involved in the evacuation of the body gave a similar estimate of the bomber's age. 
"The girl was clearly not more than 10 ..." the aid worker suggested.
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