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Saturday, January 21, 2017

Between the Address and Lunch Yesterday the Course of History Was Set

Bob Woodward spoke yesterday of observing a ‘very animated’ discussion between the the president and Chucky Schumer. About?
The fact that only two cabinet appointees had been confirmed due to minority delaying in the Senate and Schumer’s now DEDICATION to MASSIVE RESISTANCE. Obama on his first day had SEVEN appointees ready and all but one or two within a few weeks. But across the nation, and across the media the course is set.
Speech was Hitlerian
‘I was cheered by all 4 former presidents on the stand, not one of whom voted for Trump indicating ‘we are going to be ok’
Trump will follow a more Putin-esque foreign policy which will find favor in Moscow, Beijing and Ankara
Schumer, of course, is going to be Harry Reid on crack. Put away any thoughts of cooperation. They are going to teach this con man about politics. Even if it means there is NO ONE at the CIA as either director, or deputy director.
Nor was Schumer alone. Listening to Marc Thiessen on Fox he AND MANY OTHERS issued the realistic proclamation the the newcomer would find it necessary to hew closer to the standard manner of things in order to get Republican support for a few of the things he would get to SOME degree.
Paul Ryan will never pass a 45% penalty on Chinese goods
Have any of these people been paying attention?
Schumer WILL FIND HIMSELF under the lightning of every minute of the thunder he has called down and exposed ALONE for special twitter attention.
There will be no presidential deference. There will be no presidential ‘behavior’ or norms.
A word to the wise. They’ve  got Andrew Jackson in behavior, and Sam Adams in revolutionary spirit.
It will be LYIN’ TED. It will be Pocahontas.
And if the D's think, that's ok, it will help raise money...almost every congressional district in the USA is the USA in microcosm. The FORGOTTEN MAN will show up at the voting booth to offset the urban votes. To one degree or another this MASSIVE RESISTANCE will erode the now nakedly progressive Democratic Party's national position. John Lewis is an icon for where the party is at. Former glory chained to ideology of global equal outcomes and rights to the fruit of your labor and mind, to whatever degree is 'moral'.
And as for Republicans who have any idea that open borders, and free trade is going to cut it (and that is what Ryan supports), by way of frustrating the manufacturing plans the people elected Trump to carry out, they will QUICKLY find plans to primary them in the works, and they will find themselves under the same kinds of withering attacks, and Trump will manage the media so that suddenly all these people will not be stopping HIM, or helping women’s rights (HUH?), they will be stopping YOU, who sent HIM to Washington to DISRUPT AND DESTROY precisely those people who are stopping what is needed, and what YOU voted for and demand.
Chuck Schumer Marc Thiessen, and the lot there do not understand what has happened.
They have already seen the president in action and they keep expecting him to morph into Political Class – Lite.
They said this as he became a ‘serious’ candidate
They said this as he was going to take the nomination
They said this as he was nomibated
They said this before the debates
They said this after the debates
The said this after he won
They said this yesterday
I thought he was dead the day he went after McCain. But I learned.
The American people have voted for DISRUPTION. As FDR reminded, we are all descended from revolutionists.
In the final discussion about Trump ‘reforming’ into a ‘president’ Brit Hume indicated he has seen the light. I paraphrase, as we were driving…
‘I have underestimated this man for years now and I will demur on that conclusion.”
Effin ay, you will.
PS. it’s not the man you underestimated, it was the anger and frustration of the people you neither saw nor believed when you had a BIG GLIMPSE after Ron Santelli’s CNBC rant, ESPECIALLY after the republicans COOPERATED slyly with Lois Lerner and the IRS’ repression, American style. We noticed you PUNTED. There is NOTHING now stopping you from holding her in contempt and locking her up and compelling testimony, is there? Or Koskinen? But you won’t because the political class slyly knows it may need the IRS again for this.
Well, okay, if you want repression American style to be available, you are going to get the Place de La Concorde, American style.
All of you won’t be able to get partnerships at Moelis and Company with former majority leader Eric Cantor, or fellowships at Open Society.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...


FWIW. . ."OPPOSITIONAL DEFIANCE" is a characterization introduced to these teachers by the psychiatric profession - be it from Psychiatrists, Psycho-analysts, of Psych pseudo-professionals. The very same professionals in the medical industry these professional teachers refer student's guardians and parental units for 'counseling'& 'Rx' to medicate these students into 'compliance'.

The American tax-payer funded public school system is fertile ground for infecting generations with "oppositional defiance" since basic concepts like logic, respect, accountability, consequences, responsibility etc. are no longer included in the daily curriculum. Everyone gets a trophy, no child left behind, competition is unjust. . .

Saturday, January 21, 2017 12:34:00 pm  
Blogger Always On Watch said...

Chuck Schumer Marc Thiessen, and the lot there do not understand what has happened.

WHY can't they see the reality? They've had enough time to do so.

Saturday, January 21, 2017 12:56:00 pm  
Blogger Always On Watch said...

it’s not the man you underestimated, it was the anger and frustration of the people you neither saw nor believed

Not even when I went into the lions' den on October 12, 2015, and told one of Karl Rove's best buddies face-to-face what was happening. I spent 2.5 hours and got nowhere.

Career politicians and career think takers, the latter for the most part although there are a few exceptions, are plagues upon the land.

Both of those groups inhabit a closed-cognition zone.

Saturday, January 21, 2017 1:00:00 pm  

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