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Thursday, January 05, 2017

Chicago police say race was not a motive behind attack shown on Facebook Live

From St. Louis Today:
Chicago police don't believe a man beaten in an assault broadcast live on Facebook was targeted because he was white despite profanities made by the accused assailants about white people and President-elect Donald Trump, a police spokesman said Thursday. 
Charges are expected soon against four black suspects, Chicago police spokesman Anthony Guglielmi told The Associated Press. 
He acknowledged that the suspects made "terrible racist statements" during the assault, but that investigators believe the victim was targeted because he has "special needs," not because of his race. 
Guglielmi said it's possible the suspects were trying to extort something from the victim's family. Investigators said the victim was with his attackers, including one who was a classmate, for up to 48 hours, and the attack left him traumatized. 
The video shows the victim with his mouth taped shut slumped in a corner as at least two assailants cut off his sweatshirt with a knife, as others taunt him off camera. 
The video shows a bloody wound on the top of the man's head, and one person pushing the man's head with his or her foot. A red band also appears to be around the victim's hands. 
Off-camera, people can be heard using profanities about "white people" and Trump. At least one woman is shown in the video.
Superintendent Eddie Johnson also seemed to downplay whether it was a hate crime. 
Johnson said the incident doesn’t appear to be politically motivated. “I think part of it is just stupidity,” 
Johnson said. “People ranting about something they think might make a headline. At this point we don’t have anything concrete to point (toward a hate crime) but we’ll keep investigating and let the facts guide us on how this concludes.”
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Blogger christian soldier said...

NO thing done to whites by blacks or muslims is an HATE crime--
come on you all--get up to speed---the only
"HATERS" are we "evil" white people!>>>

Thursday, January 05, 2017 3:58:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ZeroHedge: Second Video Emerges Of Same Chicago Teens Assaulting Another Trump Supporter - Chicago PD Responds

Thursday, January 05, 2017 4:00:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Personal story:

I live in a mixed race, predominately white neighborhood. An older AA couple lives on the corner at the end of my street. They live alone but their children and grandchildren often visit.

This past Thanksgiving Day my daughter (early 20's) was walking her dog past their house and a child, no more than 8 y/o, ran to the fence and started screaming at her: "Get that f**ckin' dog away from my house you f**ckin' white bitch! He yelled it repeatedly so loud I could here it on my back porch.

The grandma came out and yelled at him, told him to shut his mouth and he complied. My daughter was quite distraught about the whole episode. I have never heard anything like this before.

These are mere children and they are getting this from somewhere. Appears the racial climate is getting worse not better.

Thursday, January 05, 2017 5:25:00 pm  
Blogger Pastorius said...

I have heard much worse stuff out of the mouths of black people than I have ever heard out of the mouths of white people.

Thursday, January 05, 2017 6:32:00 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So do the four black adults who kidnapped and beat a white adult have to give a written statement, "By the way, we are committing a hate crime" before they are properly charged for what is absolutely a hate crime? The man is mentally disabled. What could he have possibly done, other than exist as a target of opportunity for their hatred?

Thursday, January 05, 2017 9:13:00 pm  

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