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Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Cologne, Germany: In Order To Prevent A Repeat of the Mass Sexual Assaults of Last New Year's Eve, Police Had To Pre-Emptively Arrest Dozens of Young Muslim Men

Was this against the spirit of Democracy and Equality before the law?

Perhaps, but the sacrifice of the normal proceedings of a Democratic Republic is

just another one of the little sacrifices we have to make to have all these Moderate Muslims as our friends and neighbors.

On the anniversary of the shocking assaults which took place on the final night in 2015, a German documentary showed behaviour experts reveal in their opinions, the attacks were planned.
Professor and historian Jörg Baberowski said research of the violence shows it was a pre-arranged mass attack, in a location chosen so the world would pay attention.
The New Year’s attacks flummoxed police who failed to stop women being groped and robbed by men carrying translation notes in their pockets so they could threaten the women in their native tongue.

Cologne, Frankfurt, ew Years Eve 2016: thousands of Northafricans showed up again. Another try?

Despite the heightened presence of police, large groups of North-africans again showed up in the center of Cologne to do it all over again. 2015 was probably taken as an invitation to try it all over again.
This is the current tally for Cologne, the real tally will have to wait a few more days, two sexual attacks, six arrests and hundreds of expulsions from the area. The police controlled about 1700 people of whom most looked Arabic, at the Cologne train station, one train with 300 North-africans was stopped in Deutz.
In Dortmund, Essen, Münster und Düsseldorf groups of Northafricans also showed up. In Frankfurt 1200 of them gathered, and Hagen reported similar numbers. Countrywide about 25 sexual attacks were reported as of now.
It is clear: without the massive police presence, many towns would’ve seen the lights go out and the mass sexual attacks and rapes would have reached a new record. Additionally, there’s this paradox: the police has to protect the indigenous people from those who came here to seek protection, people who show up in battalion strength in order to show just how much they respect their host country.
Until now only 1300 people had to be controlled by the 1500 policemen in Cologne who weren’t stopped to show up and try it again. What’s gonna happen when 5000 or even 10000 of them gather?
Focus Online and Die welt.de reported about this more extensively.

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