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Monday, January 02, 2017

Why the Russian HACK story is a SHOVEL FULL on the coffin of old news media (INCLUDING FOX)

Anyone who understands epidemiology understands the gross misuse of the word HACK (even if claims of RUSSIAN spear phishing are factual).
Spear phishing is an email that appears to be from an individual or business that you know. But it isn’t. It’s from the same criminal hackers who want your credit card and bank account numbers, passwords, and the financial information on your PC.
It is NOT a breaching by some technical software wizardry of firewalls and security.
THIS DOCUMENTARY makes a lot of this clear, and it does it over a REAL hack by the US and Israel.
I don’t know about you folks (I get a lot of emails) but EVERY DAY, every SINGLE day, I get an email from ‘Chase’, or ‘Citi’, or ‘Wells Fargo’ (which is a good one because of their issues’), or ‘Ebay’ or any SEEMINGLY legitimate name designed to provoke you to CLICK THE LINK, or open the document with IMPORTANT ACCOUNT INFORMATION.
This is the NIGERIAN PRINCE approach. It is designed for ignoramuses and morons. If you get a link just HOVER YOUR CURSOR OVER IT until the actual URL you will be directed to appears. It will show ‘http://www.chase-uramoron.com’ or ‘http://ebay&ifuclickthisursofucked.com’ or ‘http://www.citibank.bg’
Here’s what you do.
DON’T CLICK IT. Delete the email.
This is what the DNC and Podesta DID NOT DO. They clicked. Now this email could have been from ANYONE. Similarities in method or code embedded IN the opened doc, or on the malware site are like the MO’s of stealing diamond rings inside a safety deposit box inside a vault. You go in thru the vault door or you break in thru a wall or ceiling or floor. That’s where facts end.
In fact code is STOLEN by malware writers from each other.
All this DEPENDS on foolish, unthinking, impatient or moronic actions. There is no James Bond. There is no Rudolf Abel. There is no brilliant software buried in Amazon’s vitamin pages written by APT 28 or 29 (Russian cyber intelligence – WE ARE TOLD) and surreptitiously planted there, waiting for the DNC. There is no one pushing a 16GB USB thumb drive into the server at DNC HQ and giggling his or her way back to the Russian Embassy.
Is ANY of this reported, or is the DRUMBEAT of ELECTION HACK the story?
Now comes Matt Taibbi of …of all places Rolling Stone, calling  ‘GULF OF TONKIN‘ and ‘Saddam’s Mobile Biological Warfare Labs’ on the entire intelligence service product of the CIA and the FBI with regard to the entire hack story.
  1. The DNC, HRC and Podesta managed, by corruption, and conspiracy to defraud all voting democrats, and the nation by extension over the entire primary process of the Democratic Party, and HRC’s email server deletions
  2. Someone who we will NEVER know for a fact, but can make MANY guesses at which may or may not be accurate, landed one of those emails described above (or something like it) among the idiots INSIDE the DNC domain. PROBABLY from another trusted computer/person that the idiot who opened the email ‘KNEW’ and had been already treated to malware infection JUST LIKE A REAL EPIDEMIC SPREADS.
  3. Thru this process, OR an insider OR both, Wikileaks discovered this TRUTH, this FACT (#1 just above), and published it.
This is the total of all we know, and probably CAN KNOW.
The election itself was never hacked. PERIOD
The DNC’s corruption was exposed. PERIOD
That’s it. There is nothing more.

The latest spate of stories about malware reaching the electric grid in VT and VA reported by WaPo and others, have ALREADY been discredited. Hitting the grid, REAL HACKING – WOULD TAKE specific knowledge of the PROGRAMMABLE EQUIPMENT inside the (presumably NOT CONNECTED) grid, and knowing the SPECIFIC coding this equipment takes, and writing the right code to disable or cause to go haywire, those controllers, after the fool who had clicked the link, connected his infected laptop INSIDE the grid’s disconnected network.
Anyone think this EXACT process is VERBOTEN by utilities? Anyone think a personal laptop on wireless is ALLOWED to connect to the internal grid network?
Something at this level would PROBABLY but not necessarily take the resources of a nation-state.
It can be done.
We did it.
Israel has done it.
What it took to do it, was the threat of a NUCLEAR WEAPON held by those who we were not sure could be deterred vs the choice of a gigantic regional (and possible nuclear, biological and chemical) war in the ME if Israel struck, and an endless land war in Asia if we did.
If the Russians DID do this over a FOUR YEAR ELECTION over ONE THIRD of the federal govt, it’s because they were CERTAIN if discovered, Obama would never regard this as what it is:
And THAT my peeps, is the most important thing to draw from this entire stupidity.
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Blogger Pastorius said...

Thanks for laying it all out.

It's been obvious this whole thing is a lie, because there are no specifics.

Additionally, I STILL believe Assange: The information was leaked by an insider. It was not a hack. He's been saying it from the beginning.

The malware incident is unrelated, and I don't believe it has anything to do with the information Wikileaks has.

Even that story is being used by the media and the Obama Administration to plant the idea that something nefarious happened when the truth is, it was a whistleblower.

That's MY opinion on this.

I could be wrong, but that's the best I have been able to glean from the staggering lack of information the Obama Administration has provided over what is an ACT OF WAR if what they said was true was, indeed, true.

Monday, January 02, 2017 3:30:00 pm  

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