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Saturday, February 11, 2017

A Smear(?) verges on Fake News and then attacks Ben Franklin(?) in Fascist-izing Bannon

We are in a world of stupidity.
Hey @RadioFreeTom (Tom NIchols) … loved your book, but the people creating this trail are also purportedly some kind of experts, and it apparently falls to the readers to figure out if they are expert Edward R Murrow’s or an instant replay of the pissing contest between Hearst and Pulitzer
This morning in RealClear Policy we have an article, which actually appears in the (semi-hard left) Atlantic, quoting the (openly anti-Trump) Politico in an expression of words designed to enshrine as accepted science that Steve Bannon, who, as we ‘all know (wink wink)’, is the real power in the WH hates democracy. Not only that, he now ‘leads’ an ‘anti-democracy movement’ in the White House

Atlantic article HERE
Politico article HERE
So we have a SINGLE SENTENCE (in Politico) based on an un-named source that Bannon has through ANONYMOUS intermediaries talked to some blogger who thinks democracies fail which became the seed of the anti American anti democracy movement in the White House which if this is all true will shortly find itself, no doubt, on double secret probation before their next road trip to the covert and well camouflaged alt-right lair somewhere between Montgomery and Pascagoula which will be protected by immense crosses and copies of the Talmud or some other talisman.
Oh well, here’s a flash. Democracies have failed for 2,500 years. Athens, anyone?
But the other side of the coin is Ben Franklin, who also had little respect for democracies, as opposed to what we live in.

Not satisfied with THAT level of crap however, we have Vocativ publishing a PPP (demo polling outfit) displaying a poll showing nearly half of Trump voters want a white history month, and half of American voters want Trump impeached due to the manifest crimes he has committed in the last 20 days.
Of course the PPP poll doesn’t ask if voters would favor a Chinese History Month, an Indian History Month, a Native American History Month, a Japanese …. well, you get the idea.
Asking this question without asking if other ‘history months ‘ are in the mix, or NO HISTORY month’s allowed is a fixed political smear designed to make Trump voters appear racist (never mind that Politico and Atlantic had already made them allies of anti democratic fascists).
Personally, I think it’s HISTORY, and teachers/professors should have the reasonable leeway to teach all portions of all of that.
I think if you read the poll results and bear Rasmussen’s in mind at the same time you get a pretty fair idea of PPP’s sampling.
Just another day SHOVELING SHIT
Frankly, I’d rather dig out shows by Amy Sherman-Palladino and binge. It’s just as realistic, as ‘non-fiction’ after all, and the Marines out at the pointy edge of the spear agreed – what they were fighting for anyway? Stars Hollow, Connecticut (which ironically, is also the same place as Bluebell, AL  in real life – actually Pt Clear-Alabama).
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