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Thursday, February 09, 2017

TBS-Owned ‘Super Deluxe’ Releases Game ‘Punch-a-Nazi’ , Goal Is To Beat Milo To A Pulp

TBS-owned media company Super Deluxe has created a game called Punch-A-Nazi featuring a digital avatar of Breitbart Senior editor MILO and promoted the game with a livestream on Facebook showing him punched in the face repeatedly. 
The game features three characters for players to beat up: Adolf Hitler, white nationalist Richard Spencer, and MILO. Lumping in Milo — a gay Jew who just weeks ago told students at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs “White Nationalism Is Not the Answer” — reveals how little the developers know about people that they think deserve maiming. 
A video stream of the game being played had 616,521 views at the time of this writing, with over 62,000 “Likes,” “Love,” and “Haha” reactions to watching a gay conservative being beaten until his face was an unrecognizable bloody wreck. 
In the past liberals were horrified at the idea of people viciously beating a homosexual but now seem to actively encourage and glorify it in the hysteria prompted by Donald Trump’s election. 
The game features a control mechanic that has players connect their phone to the game by visiting a web page and entering an onscreen code. The phone then acts as a controller for the game, allowing players to hold the phone and punch the air in order to virtually beat up the onscreen characters. 
The game was released shortly after left wing hysteria over MILO’s events reached its peak resulting in riots at UC Berkeley, shutting down MILO’s speech at the college. Berkeley college professor Robert Reich baselessly suggested that the event was a false flag attack organised by MILO or Breitbart News. 
Despite no evidence to support such a conspiracy theory and the report that one of the groups behind the protests was allegedly funded by George Soros, the smear has been repeated on the UC Berkeley blog, left-wing site Slate, and in Newsweek.
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