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Thursday, February 09, 2017

Why I STILL THINK we are headed for 4 parties and soon

The Democratic Party Side of Dissolution

Nancy Pelosi (I can’t work with President Bush) and Maxine Waters (Putin drives deep into Korea).. DEMENTIA AND DELUSION ..age catches up.
John Lewis LOSES his mind delcaring the opening shot of a REAL CIVIL WAR in his declaration of Trump’s evil illegitimacy, and 35% of Dems in congress AGREE, amid CONTINUED accusations (leaders) that Trump et al are white supremacists and Jew haters
Leaders insisting if you won’t force a baker by federal law to make a contract to bake a cake, you hate gays, EVEN IF YOU VOTE FOR THEIR MARRIAGE.
Schumer, Ellison, and Warren plan SEGREGATION by ideology following Robert Byrd’s model of MASSIVE RESISTANCE. They are LITERALLY standing at the door between the elected govt and TOMORROW.
In the ‘center’ …Hillary Clinton imitating the garden restaurant scene in Cabaret (‘the future belongs to  …wimmin’) while popping her (Atavan??) eyes wide open reading the ingredients of Maypo as it pertains to wimmin’, and the lalalala – FIRST WOMAN PRESIDENT CROWD whoops dee doo.
And underlying this is the belief that our limited resources must be shared, and the sharing is best decided by them.
Meanwhile, Joe Manchin, and others just like him are scratching their heads wondering what to do in the party of Henry Jackson, Hubert Humphrey, and Harry Truman.

The Republican Party Side of Dissolution

Still congratulating themselves for gutting the Tea Party initiatives of 2010 in 2012 which got us Obama II, which got us here. (How’s your new house, Lois?)
Carbon Tax? Are you people OUT OF YOUR MINDS?
Money from Soros? Are you people OUT OF YOUR MINDS?
Delays over Obamacare replacement.
Delays and fighting over taxes.
Waiting on the wall.
Failure to do what it takes to punch thru the cabinet.
Failure to recognize WHAT THE PEOPLE CHOSE
Failure to recognize WE DON’T NEED THEM
Failure to support the executive on the ugly needs of ENDING the possibility of importing terror via immigration. I don’t hear a goddamned thing from McConnell or Ryan on this.
‘Conservatives’ still telling us that free trade is better
‘Conservatives’ still telling us that abortion at the moment of conception is murder because of their faith
‘Conservatives’ still telling us that god hates gays

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

President elect Trump did a lot between election and Jan. 20, but after that I guess he got caught in the system already ...

Friday, February 10, 2017 5:28:00 am  

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