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Thursday, April 13, 2017

A reporter for Haaretz does everything possible to obscure more relevant issues

Yossi Klein, a writer for leftist Haaretz, sunk to sickening lows when he claimed the national-religious community in Israel is worse than terrorists and Islamofascists:
Education Minister Naftali Bennett responded Wednesday to an article published in the Haaretz newspaper in which writer Yossi Klein accused the national-religious public. of being worse than terrorist murderers.

"When you think that Haaretz has reached its peak of shame, it always manages to surprise with a new low," Bennett tweeted in his Twitter account.

Minister Ayelet Shaked also responded to the article and wrote, "Yossi Klein, I pity you and the Haaretz newspaper for providing such a platform."

In an op-ed titled "More Dangerous than Hezbollah," whose title was later changed by the editors to "Our so-called Righteous Elite" Klein writes that "the national religious are dangerous, more dangerous than Hezbollah, more than drivers ramming their cars into people and girls with scissors. The Arabs can be killed, they can not." The newspaper changed the word "killed" to "neutralized" later on.

He continues with inciteful words, writing:, "What do they want? To take control of the state and cleanse it of Arabs, if asked, they will deny it ... They know that it is too early to be so obvious. Do not believe their denials. Their religious nationalism is extreme nationalism, enveloped in a pious reverence. It permeates the education system, is getting stronger in the army and affects the Supreme Court. They are already on their way to us, another moment and they break down the door."
So, how do people who aren't going around stabbing and shooting make a far greater danger than those who do, and follow a religion called Islam that gets them there? Klein's viewpoint is repellent, and it sure is fascinating how, even if the Haredis aren't inherently bad, he obviously doesn't see the conduct of the insular clans as a concern. The public we often call "national religious" usually work for a living, in contrast to any and all Haredis who go by socialist welfare living.

And this is just one more reason why nobody should buy such an obsolete newspaper. They really scraped bottom with what Klein wrote.
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