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Wednesday, April 19, 2017

France: Two Muslims Arrested For Plotting to Bomb Marine LePen

From the Express:
The pair, who police said were seized in the southern port city a few moments apart from each other, were radicalised French nationals aged 24 and 30, the Interior minister, Matthias Fekl, said. 
The Paris prosecutor Francois Molins has said the Islamic State flag and jihadist propaganda were found in the home of one of the suspects of the foiled election attack. 
Mr Fekl told a news conference: "These two radicalised men, born in 1987 and 1993, of French nationality, intended to commit in the very short-term - by that I mean in the coming days - an attack on French soil." 
He aded that "a definite attack had been headed off." It's thought that their target was scandal-hit presidential hopeful Francois Fillon, according to reports by AFP and Liberation newspaper. 
His security officers were warned on Friday of "proven risks" on the right-wing candidate. 
According to police, the two terror suspects were preparing an "imminent" attack. Guns and bomb materials were found in a raid, a source close to the inquiry told AFP. The two suspects appeared to have turned to radical Islam during a term in prison.
The media seems to be attempting to hide the fact that Marine LePen was one of the targets, if not the primary target:
Photos of the men were given last week to the security teams of two of the election’s leading contenders, the far-right leader Marine Le Pen and independent centrist Emmanuel Macron, their campaigns said. 
“The photos were passed to my security service from Thursday,” Le Pen, who is scheduled to hold the last big rally of her campaign in Marseille this week – told Agence France-Presse.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...

UKDailyMail: NYPD says it is now investigating the Hudson River death of a pioneering African American judge as 'suspicious' even though she was initially thought to have committed suicide

The body of State Court of Appeals Judge Sheila Abdus-Salaam was retrieved fully clothed from the Hudson by the NYPD harbor unit on Wednesday.

Wednesday, April 19, 2017 3:52:00 pm  

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